100 Popular Arabic Baby Girl Names and Their Meanings


Are you expecting a girl and have you thought about giving her an original name? Have you thought that Arabic names are very original and that they have a special sound? If you like Arabic names, discover our complete list with 100 Arabic girl names and their meaning. Many parents, married to always hearing the … Read more

Anion Gap Blood Test

Anion Gap Blood Test

What is Anion Gap Test? An anion gap blood test is a way to check the levels of acid in your blood. The anion gap is a value that’s calculated using the results of an electrolyte blood test. The test is based on the results of another blood test called an electrolyte panel. Electrolytes are … Read more

Greek boy names: 100 Greek boy names to choose from!


Are you and your partner looking for a nice boy’s name? Would you like to know what are the Greek names for children? Do you know the beautiful names of Greek gods? Get inspired by the 100 most popular Greek boy names! There comes a time during pregnancy, a few weeks before the baby is … Read more

खाँसी की दवाएँ

Cough Medicines खाँसी की दवाएँ को आमतौर पर खाँसी का उपचार करने के लिए खरीदा जाता है, जो तब उत्पन्न होता है जब आपके ऊपरी श्वसन पथ में संक्रमण (यूआरटीआई) होता है। खाँसी की दवाओं को अक्सर सूखी खाँसी और छाती की खाँसी में वर्गीकृत किया जाता हैं। ऐसा माना जाता है कि खाँसी की … Read more

डिफ्लैज़ॅकोर्ट टैबलेटकैलकॉर्ट – Deflazacort Tablets

कैलकॉर्ट – Calcort डेफ्लाज्कॉर्ट दवाइयों के एक वर्ग के अंतर्गत आता है जिसे कॉर्टिकोस्टेरॉइड कहा जाता है (अधिक सामान्यतः रूप से स्टेरॉयड कहा जाता है)। आपका फार्मासिस्ट आपको एक नीला ‘स्टेरॉयड ट्रिटमेंट कार्ड’ देगा। इसे हमेशा अपने साथ रखें। नाश्ते में पानी के साथ डिफ्लैज़ॅकोर्ट लें । यदि आपको किसी अन्य चिकित्सा उपचार की आवश्यकता … Read more

दर्द और सूजन के लिए एसिक्लोफेनाक – Aceclofenac

प्रेसेर्वेस – Preservex एसिक्लोफेनाक एक दवा है जिसे गैर-स्टेरायडल एंटी-इन्फ्लैमटोरी दवा कहा जाता है। इसे ‘एनएसएडी’ के रूप में भी जाना जाता है। एसिक्लोफेनाक लेने से पहले, यदि आपको एलर्जी है या आप कोई अन्य एंटी-इन्फ्लैमटोरी दर्दनाशक दवा लेते हैं, अपने डॉक्टर को बताएं| सुबह और शाम को एक-एक टैबलेट लें। भोजन के दौरान, या … Read more

पैरासिटामोल – Paracetamol

लपोल, डिसप्रोल, हैडेक्स, पैनाडोल – Calpol, Disprol, Hedex, Panadol पेरासिटामोल दर्द से राहत देता है। यह शरीर के तापमान में वृद्धि (बुखार) को भी कम करता है। यदि आवश्यक हो तो आप प्रत्येक 4-6 घंटे में पेरासिटामोल की खुराक ले सकते हैं, लेकिन 24 घंटे की अवधि में चार से अधिक खुराक नहीं लें। पेरासिटामोल … Read more

Greek Warrior Names Male

Top 10 Heroes of Greek Mythology All the greats, from Achilles to Theseus! Brief biographies of the top 10 heroes from Greek mythology, including details of their exploits, the literary works they appeared in, and more. Perfect for use as a study guide or quick reference. The term “hero” is perhaps overused today, but these … Read more

Boy names that start with the letter F

101 boy names that start with the letter F

If you are expecting a baby, surely you are already thinking about the possible names from which you can choose to name him. In some families they choose to continue the tradition of bearing the same name, while in others they look for something new and different. An option to give a little fun when … Read more

Everything You Want to Know About Rainbow Kiss


No, it’s not exactly the latest trend in lip makeup… Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “rainbow kiss” is a makeup trend, a passion for skittles or even some summer cocktail. But you will be surprised to know that, in reality, we are talking about something totally different: … Read more

Can You Get Pregnant From Fingering?

I’ve never had sex but my boyfriend fingers me. Can you get pregnant from fingering? – Sofia* Is pregnancy possible? Fingering alone cannot lead to pregnancy. Sperm must make contact with your vagina for pregnancy to be a possibility. Typical fingering does not introduce sperm into the vagina. However, it is possible to become pregnant … Read more

Best Gifts for Eight to Ten Year Olds

Best Gifts for Eight to Ten Year Olds

eight to nine years Electrocefa, electronic game Electrocefa by Cefa Toys is a very entertaining game for children to become experts in electronics. Contains more than 175 projects to discover the secrets of electricity. This game encourages imagination, learning and creativity. Miyo bead loom Craft loom so that children can create their own accessories in … Read more