101 pretty girl names that will be trending in 2022

Are you going to be a mother or father of a girl soon and are you looking for the perfect name for your baby ? We give you some ideas of girl names that you will like, from the most traditional to the most exclusive with their meaning, the latest trends, and we will also tell you the names that celebrities have given their little offspring born in the last year.

Attentive because just as we have the list of boy names that will be a trend , we bring you a list of 101 girl names that will be a trend in 2022 . Get inspired and start making your list, among these names could be that of your daughter!

20 popular girl names that will continue to be trending

The trend in names is changing over the years, but it does so very slowly, therefore the 20 names that have been given the most to girls born in recent years will serve to inspire you. According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics , the girl names that parents choose the most for their daughters are (in order):

  • Lucia : of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “She who bears the light” or “She who is born from the light”, referring to girls who are born at dawn.
  • Sofia : of Greek origin and its meaning is “wisdom” or “the one who possesses wisdom”.
  • Martina : feminine form of Martín, of Latin origin and means “consecrated or related to the god Mars”.
  • Mary : of Hebrew origin “maryam”, its meaning is “the chosen one”, “the one loved by God”.
  • Julia : of Latin origin “Iulus” / “Iulia”, name with which the members of the Roman family Julia were identified. It means “consecrated to Jupiter”.
  • Paula : Latin origin “Paulus” and variant of Paola. It means “The minor”, “The little one” or “That one of small size”.
  • Valeria : of Latin origin and its meaning is “healthy and courageous”.
  • Emma : of Germanic origin, it means “Big”, “Strong”, “Immense”, “Powerful”.
  • Daniela : of Hebrew origin, whose meaning is “She who God is her judge” or “Justice of God.”
  • Carla : of Germanic origin, its meaning is “powerful”, “the one that is strong”.
  • Alba : of Latin origin, and means “Aurora”, “Dawn”, “white and shining”, “that which was born with the first light of dawn”.
  • Noa : a new name that has crept into the top 20, being the revelation name in recent years. It is used for both boy and girl. It is of Hebrew origin, it means “delight”.
  • Alma : the average age of the girls who wear it is 7.1 years, which indicates that it is one of the “newer” names on the list of the most popular. It is of Latin origin, it means “Kind”, “Gentle”, “All spirituality”. Pasión Vega or Alejandro Sanz chose this name for their girls.
  • Sara : of Hebrew origin and its meaning is “Princess”, “lady”, “sovereign”.
  • Carmen : a traditional name that keeps ringing. Of Hebrew origin, it means “Garden of God”. It is the most frequent woman’s name in Spain .
  • Vega : it is a trending name in recent years. Of Christian religious origin, due to the Marian invocation of the Virgen de la Vega, venerated in many places in Spain. It also has a meaning related to the universe . It is the fifth brightest star in the night sky and has been extensively investigated, even being listed as the most important star in the sky after the Sun.
  • Lara – Ranks among the most popular names for girls. It has two possible etymologies. One indicates that it is a Russian diminutive of the name Larisa. The other indicates that it comes from Roman mythology and it was the name of one of the water nymphs.
  • Mine : it is a name that continues to set a trend in recent years. It is of Hebrew origin, short for Maria.
  • Valentina : of Latin origin, it means “courageous”, “vigorous”, “Who has health”.
  • Olivia : of Latin origin, it means “the one who brings peace”.

51 trendy girl names for 2022

On the other hand, there are names that have been going strong in recent years and parents increasingly choose them for their little offspring. We review the names that are setting the trend among the smallest.
  • April : It is of Latin origin, and comes from “aprilis” name of the month of April.
  • Ada : short form of Adelaida, which means Germanic origin and means “of noble lineage”.
  • Adriana : Roman name for girl that comes from Hadrianus, an aristocratic family from Ancient Rome. It means “born in the city of the sea”.
  • Aitana : name of Basque origin that means “glory”.
  • Aldara : name of Greek origin that means “winged gift”.
  • Alexia : variant of Alessa, of Greek origin, means “defender”.
  • Amanda: means “loved by God” or “the one who should be loved”.
  • Amina : of Arabic origin, it means “loyal”, “believer”.
  • Bianca : Italian name , means “white”.
  • Camila : of Latin origin, it means “she who is in front of God” or “she who presents sacrifices”.
  • Cara: name of Italian origin that means “beloved”.
  • Carlota: feminine diminutive of Carlos, which means “free man”.
  • Cataleya – is among the most popular new names among girls with an average age of 2.3 years. It is the name of a flower in the orchid family.
  • Chiara: Italian variant of Clara, meaning “clarity” and “brilliance.”
  • Chloe: is another of the fashionable names for girls. It is of Greek origin, and means “grass” or “green shoots”.
  • Elena: of Greek origin, it means “resplendent”.
  • Elia: of Greek origin, it means “the one that shines like the sun”.
  • She: of English origin, diminutive of Hellen / Ellen, which means “light” or “torch”.
  • Fiona: of Celtic origin, it means “white, immaculate”.
  • Gala : of Latin origin, refers to those born in Gaul.
  • India : the average age of girls who wear it is 4.3 years. It derives from the Sanskrit “indus”, which means river.
  • Ingrid: of Scandinavian origin, it means “beautiful”.
  • Iria: Galician name that means ‘fertile land’.
  • Irina: French name, means “peace”.
  • Kara: has its origin in Norse mythology and its meaning is interpreted as “friend, dear.”
  • Laia : It is the diminutive in Catalan of Eulalia, a name of Greek origin that means “to speak well”.
  • Lena: short form of Elena, means “radiant, luminous, fire”.
  • Lía : a modern and original name for a girl that is gaining popularity and is among the top 50 names most chosen by parents in Spain. Name of Hebrew origin that means “bearer of good news”.
  • Lilia: of Latin origin, it means “lily”.
  • Lola : if decades ago Dolores was one of the most popular names, today its diminutive is. It refers to the pain of the virgin when her son was crucified
  • Luna : of Latin origin. Name of the satellite planet of the Earth.
  • Mafalda: we have known her through Quino’s cartoons and we fell in love with her. It is a name of Germanic origin, which derives from Matilde and means “she who is strong in battle.”
  • Masha: Russian variant of Maria, which means “loved by God.”
  • Matilda : name is of Germanic origin means “warrior, strong and courageous”.
  • Maya: means “illusion” in Sanskrit. In the Buddhist tradition, this is the name of the Buddha’s mother.
  • Mila : of Slavic origin, abbreviated form of Ludmila and Miloslava. Also diminutive of Camilla, Kamilla and Milena.
  • Milena: name derived from Mary, of Hebrew origin, “the chosen one”, “the one loved by God”, and Elena from the Greek “torch”.
  • Nahia or Naia: it is a modern name that could be derived from the Greek root “flow”, like Nais or “naiad”, Greek nymphs of streams and freshwater springs.
  • Nia: Of Gaelic origin, it means “lustrous”.
  • Olympia: the Greeks called Olympia to the place where they held their competitions, it is believed that it comes from ‘lamp’, to shine.
  • Ona : Follow the preference for short names . Of Irish origin, it means “elegant”.
  • Oriana: of Latin origin, it means “golden”.
  • Regina : feminine of rex (king), means “queen”, “celestial queen”.
  • Rita: short form of Margarita, which means “pearl”.
  • Sabina: of Latin origin, it means “from the country of the Sabines”. The abduction of the Sabine women is one of the most famous episodes of the origin of Rome.
  • Salma : of Arab origin, probably comes from salima, “to be safe”.
  • Saya: name of Japanese origin , it means “fast arrow”.
  • Triana : comes from Arabic, where it is written Atrayana. Its meaning is ‘beyond the river’ and it is also a well-known neighborhood in Seville.
  • Vera : Its popularity has increased more than one hundred percent in the last five years. From the Latin “verus”, which means “true”.
  • Zaria: of Russian origin, it means “dawn”.
  • Zoe : is undoubtedly one of the most popular short names for girls, climbing positions in recent years. Of Greek origin, it means “to give life”.

Names inspired by history, art, nature

When it comes to choosing a baby’s name, there are many sources of inspiration, and undoubtedly history, art and nature are some of them.

  • Ainara: means “swallow” in Basque.
  • Amira: name of Arabic origin, means “princess, sovereign”
  • Athena : Greek goddess protector of the Athenians. Greek goddess of Wisdom, of war, science, justice, crafts or skill and of civilization.
  • Celia : name inspired by Ancient Rome , it means, “the one who came from heaven”.
  • Cleopatra: she was the last queen of Ancient Egypt and with her the Ptolemaic dynasty and the Hellenistic era of Egypt also ended. Her love for Marco Antonio occupies entire chapters in the chronicle of humanity.
  • Clío: of Greek origin, it means “praise, sing”. In Greek mythology she is the muse of history and heroic poetry.
  • Daphne: name of Greek origin, it means “laurel”.
  • Emerald : of Latin origin, it comes from “Smeragda”, which means “one who has hope” and “one who radiates purity.” Name of the blue-green color.
  • Gaia: of Greek origin, in mythology she was the mother goddess of the earth.
  • Jasmine : of Arabic origin, its meaning is “beautiful like the flower that bears its name”.
  • Minerva : Roman goddess of wisdom, the thinker. Equivalent to Athena.
  • Marina : name of Latin origin whose meaning is “the woman who comes from the sea” or “born in the sea”.
  • Lina: of Arabic origin, it means “tender”.
  • Selene : one of the three Greek goddesses of the Moon.
  • Sun : of Latin origin, it is the star and the sun god.

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