11 sensory games to do at home with babies and children and stimulate their senses

Sensory games and toys offer babies and children a fun and different learning opportunity, helping them to better understand the world around them. This type of activity allows them to better understand their abilities and also promotes their cognitive development.

With objects and things that we have at home, we can create various activities for our children. We share 11 sensory game ideas to do at home with babies and children and stimulate their senses: hearing, smell, sight, touch and taste .

experimental painting

Let’s start with one of the activities that children like the most and that also allows them to develop their imagination and exploit their creativity: painting .

But now, we are going to give it a little twist to make this activity even more sensory : painting with hands, fingers and feet, with vegetables like cut potatoes to use as stamps, blowing paint bubbles, using ribbons to create lines on the paint, on end, testing not so traditional materials and tools.

sensory pathway

Many times when we think of sensory activities focused on touch, the first thing that comes to mind is hands, but making a sensory path for children to walk on and experience textures is also a great way to do it.

the mystery box

One way to stimulate certain senses in particular is by limiting others, such as sight. For this activity, we put a cardboard box in which they can only put their hands and guess what is inside just by touching it .

guess what it is

Similar to the mystery box, another way to stimulate other senses with your eyes closed is to play guess what it is. We can cover or cover the children’s eyes and give them to try, smell, listen and touch different things or objects, which of course, they will have to guess what they are.

sensory book

Sensory books, also known as quiet books, are books made with felt or textile and/or plush materials, and that include various shapes, colors and figures that children can manipulate with their hands .

The treasure basket

We have already told you about the treasure basket, a practical sensory activity to do with objects that we already have at home and that is recommended for babies and children of all ages, as it helps stimulate the senses through experimentation .


Another sensory activity that babies and children of all ages love are sandboxes, because in them they can experiment, build and create various shapes that help stimulate their imagination and their senses.

If you don’t have a park or beach nearby, you can easily make one to place on your patio, deck, or inside your home.

Sensory or experimentation table

Sensory or experimentation tables are one of the most popular resources to stimulate the senses of babies and children. We can make them with different themes: with different textures for them to play with, with seeds and cereals, with elements of nature such as sand, leaves and branches, or with activities for preschool children, such as drawing letters in the sand.

sensory bags

Another example of an easy and simple resource for sensory activities are plastic bags filled with water and/or gel, accompanied by different materials, for children to manipulate and experiment with.

Musical instruments

A very fun way to stimulate children is through music and sounds. With some materials that we already have at home, we can make musical sensory games: drums with cans and balloons, maracas with bottles or small plastic containers filled with seeds, or guitars with cardboard boxes and rubber bands.


And finally, the classic sensory resource of all life: play with clay . By itself it is a great activity to stimulate children’s senses, but if we also add other elements, we can further expand the creative experience.

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