15 easy and terrifying Halloween makeups for kids

Surely you have already decided on her ‘terrifying’ costume , although it will not be complete without the necessary accessories and face painting.

With these easy and terrifying makeup ideas for Halloween you will make your child happy without having to be a freak with brushes. Because inside you, as a mother, there is a true artist, although she is yet to come out.

Safety first

These are some tricks from makeup professionals that will help you achieve the perfect result while protecting the delicate skin of your children. Because not all makeup is valid for painting children’s faces. Some cosmetics contain ingredients that can be especially aggressive for your skin, so experts advise following a series of recommendations:

  • The first thing, to acquire makeup in pharmacies, parapharmacies or specialized stores that give us quality and confidence. In addition, if the child has especially sensitive or atopic skin , it is advisable to consult a dermatologist in advance, who will tell us how to proceed.
  • Choose quality makeup, as children have sensitive skin. Better with a water base to be able to remove them with water and a pinch of soap.
  • Moisturize the child’s face first with a body lotion, as makeup contains waxes that can irritate the skin or itch.
  • To better spread it on the face, heat them for five seconds in the microwave. This way they will be hot and it will be easier for us to spread them on the face.
  • Do not throw away the makeup packaging, box or label, since in the event of any allergic reaction, the specialist can help you see and identify the component or components causing the reaction.

1) Make-up of Chucky, the devil doll

We cannot deny that the end result is truly terrifying and is one of those “possible” that is even terrifying with the mask on. You dare? This video explains step by step how to do it so that your little one can succeed at school.

2) Vampire makeup ‘suck blood’

Another pretty simple Halloween makeup. Only his eyes, the color of his face and the painted ‘hairstyle’ reflect the vampire, although with the mask only half face is seen. And if you want the fangs to show, nothing is as simple as painting them over a surgical mask. It will give real dread!

And this costume never goes out of style. Blood dripping from the corner of the lips, dark circles under the eyes, a lot of white … The mini vampire version is just as eye-catching. Do not forget to paint a white lock in the hair

3) Catrina Makeup

A version of the Mexican Catrina that girls will love. You can complement it with a flower headband and a long dress … and you have it done!

4) A very cool monster

The best thing about this makeup is that it combines with many costumes, so once you get the hang of it, you can use it on different occasions. And, as explained in the step by step, it is really simple.

5) Harley Quinn makeup

For some strange reason this fictional female character from DC Comics enchants many girls. Is your daughter one of those people with character and strong, like the adversary of the superhero Batman? If the answer is yes, this makeup idea with a few big eyes can come in handy.

6) Skull Makeup

A traditional and simple makeup. The essentials: black and white colors, insist on the eye sockets to accentuate the cadaverous appearance and draw terrifying teeth. The catrin has many followers beyond the Night of the Dead. A black robe and voila.

7) Mexican Catrina makeup

The Mexican skull is more colorful than the traditional one, perfect for our terrifying little ones. We need the red, green, yellow, blue, black and white tones for the base. Some makeup with glitter or liquid glitter is also allowed. There are many possibilities. Here are two for you to choose from.

8) Witch makeup

Green, or black, or purple, or white … Spiders and dark circles, some black teeth and a witch’s face are essential. There are a thousand possible combinations, almost one for each child.

9) Devil pumpkin makeup for kids

Not all pumpkins are used for garnish tonight. And if not, watch out for this makeup. Also, few costumes are as representative of Halloween as this one. You will only need a lot of orange paint, a little yellow and black. The rest of the costume, to taste: from a black or orange tunic, a cape …

10) Little devil makeup

The worst of hell cannot be absent in this party where fear is the protagonist. Essential: lots of red, horns, trident and a tail on the suit.

11) Terrifying Zombie Makeup

Here we bring you a tutorial with which you can make up your child like a real undead. It is one of the most popular makeup and that fascinates children.

12) Skeleton makeup

Another essential for Halloween night for which you will only need a white base, black paint and a fine brush to draw the teeth. Spooky!

13) Make-up of Miguel, of Coco

Similar to the previous one, and even something simpler in the mouth, you can try doing this makeup like the one Miguel wears, star of the Disney movie ‘Coco’.

14) Green Witch makeup

Here we have another version of a terrifying witch, but in this case the makeup has been done with green paint, which gives her a really scary look.

15) Frankestein Makeup

The most famous and terrifying monster that never goes out of style is Frankestein, the mythical character created by Mary Shelley . Here is a step-by-step tutorial to create it.

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