15 fun games you can’t miss at your next baby shower

The ‘baby shower’ is a party to celebrate the birth of a baby and is usually held at the end of pregnancy. Traditionally only women attended who gave gifts to the expectant mother for the baby while having tea or eating.

Today is for men and women (because the father also participates) and includes games inspired by motherhood . In fact, they are the most anticipated moment of the party. Here are 15 proposals with which you will surely succeed at your next baby shower.

What is this poop made of?

Name that Poo
It may seem a bit disgusting, but it is a classic. It’s about choosing six different flavors of chocolate, melting it one by one in the microwave, and spreading them on six different diapers. The guests have to guess the flavor of each one. They can sniff, suck, smell … The winner is the one with the best guess.

Pacifier fishing

The players must put a toothpick in their mouth (chopsticks are good) and without using their hands they must try to take as many pacifiers as possible from a table. The winner will be the one who catches the highest number in the allotted time.

The baby’s first portrait

Baby's first portrait

You only need cards and markers. Each guest holds a card to their forehead and without looking they draw what they think the baby will be like. The parents will choose the best (and also the worst) drawings.



Easier than in reality because the dolls do not move or cry and, in addition, the diapers are clean. So to include some excitement in the test, participants will have to do it blindfolded. Laughter is guaranteed.

Feed dad

This game requires pairs. With her eyes covered, the mother has to feed her father, without staining himself. It will be more complicated and fun, if there is music and a maximum time to do it. The couple that finishes eating first wins. What faces!

How tall is Mom’s belly?

Get some skeins of wool and ask the guests to cut a piece with the length they think corresponds to the circumference of the future mother’s belly. The one who comes closest wins!

Gift Bingo

Guests are given a blank bingo board (or paper), and asked to fill in the boxes with the items they think the expectant mother will receive. When the pregnant woman begins to open the gifts and they guess one, they mark it. Whoever manages to cross five boxes in a row is the winner. You can do it yourself or buy the cards on Amazon.

Baby sitter


You have to write the letters that make up the word ‘baby’ twice and put each paper in a balloon. Then you drop them and blow them up to mix them up. The players have to take the balloons and sit on them to explode them until they find the four letters necessary to form the word.

Message on diaper

Message on diaper

Ask your guests to write a message for the parents on a diaper package. It is forbidden to read them until it is time to put it on the baby. You have to give them freedom to put what they want (funny or cute).

Twister for ‘pregnant’

It is about playing this fun game but with an extra difficulty: the participants have to simulate the future mother, placing a pillow or a balloon on her belly. Whoever manages to stand up wins. Do not forget to record the game so that later you can laugh watching it after the baby shower.

Forbidden to name the baby

It is not about not talking about the future newborn, but rather about avoiding the word that describes it: baby.

Put clothespins in a bucket and each guest has to pick up five clothespins when entering the baby shower. Every time you hear someone else name the word ‘baby’, pick up a clothespin. The winner is the one with the most at the end. If you don’t have tweezers, you can choose any other object (candies, chickpeas …).

Fashion diaper

Give the players a box of newborn diapers and challenge them to put as many diapers on their body as possible within the time you set. The design is free and encompasses the entire body. The winner is … whoever gets to wear more diapers!

Guess what you eat

Guess what you eat

Another classic. You have to prepare several different types of purees and put them in different numbered jars. In pairs, ‘the mother’ will have to give her ‘babies’ to prove that they cannot touch or see. The winner is the person who can guess the most foods after checking which ingredients each number includes in a previously written list.

Bottle race

Fill the bottles with soda, water, juice … (whatever comes to mind) and give one to each player. They will have to take the bottle and the one who finishes it faster will win. Better still if they have their arms behind their backs and cannot hold the bottle.

Can’t tie your shoes?

Something so simple, it becomes very complicated when there is a huge belly involved. It is about men better understanding the difficulties that a future mother goes through. They should put a balloon under the shirt and try to tie the laces of their sports shoes without popping the balloon.

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