19 gifts to surprise at a baby shower

The “baby showers” are parties that are celebrated in the last stage of the pregnancy to welcome the baby. Although it is an American tradition, it is also beginning to sound in our country, and more and more future moms are deciding to organize this party with the aim of spending time with friends.

If you have been invited to a “baby shower” and you do not know what to give, pay attention to the ideas that we suggest . There are gifts for all types of budgets (ordered in ascending order), so it will be easier for you to find the one that best suits your economy. You are sure to be right with your choice!

Milestone Cards for Baby’s First Year of Life

The first time the baby says mom or dad , his first Christmas , his first steps, his first tooth … All the baby’s milestones can be recorded on these cards , made of thick paper and decorated with striking colors and drawings.

Dads will love to keep them forever with the exact date of the moment, as well as photographing their baby with the card in their hands as a memory of the first day they made any of the 40 special milestones that are collected.

Personalized pacifier holder

The pacifier will probably become part of the baby’s life for a while , so we suggest you give a personalized pacifier holder with the newborn’s name .

This pacifier holder is made of food grade silicone, so that the baby can bite it without risk and it can also be easily cleaned. It admits up to eight letters, and they adapt the design according to the length of the name, without ever exceeding the length dictated by European safety regulations .

Choose the color you like the most and order it

Portable changing table

The first thing to keep in the baby’s stroller bag when we leave home is a changing table and hygiene products, so we suggest you give this complete portable changing table to carry all the diaper changing utensils in a comfortable and compact way .

We have loved this model in the shape of a briefcase, which includes a practical compartment for storing diapers, wipes and creams . Comfortable and machine washable.

Photo album and keepsake box

How many photos and memories of the baby are saved in its first year of life? With this precious gift that we propose, parents will be able to store endless snapshots and memories to see them whenever they want.

It is a photo album that is accompanied by four boxes to store small treasures such as their first pacifiers, a lock of hair, bibs, the hospital hat … A practical and decorative pack that parents can complete little by little as your baby grows.

Baby care set

Cutting or filing the baby’s nails , clearing his nose when it is congested, combing or cleaning his gums and teeth, it will be easier if the parents have everything at hand stored in a practical briefcase.

This Philips Avent brand case includes everything you need for baby care, plus a digital thermometer.

Birth chart

What mother would not like to keep the first moments of her baby’s life forever? With this beautiful birth chart, parents can save such emotional details as hospital bracelets, or stamp the footprint and handprint of their newborn baby in clay .

The composition is very easy to make, and once done, you can hang it on the wall of the baby’s room. You can order it on Amazon for 27.90 euros .

First tableware

If you are thinking of a gift that the baby can use later and also for a long time, we propose this set of crockery and cutlery for when he begins to eat alone . It contains sliding plates, ergonomic cutlery and a removable transition glass that the child can easily hold thanks to its adapted handles.

It is from the Chicco march, and you can buy it on Amazon for 29 euros.

Basket of personalized products

If parents have already chosen a name for their baby , try surprising them with a beautiful batch of personalized and embroidered products. In MabyBox they prepare a box with a muslin, a dou-dou or object of attachment , a framed poster with the meaning of the baby’s name, a set of diapers and a bib.

The textile products are made of 100% cotton and you can choose between blue or pink.

Soft toy with light and relaxing sounds

Although for the newborn there is nothing better than the arms of mom and dad to feel safe and protected, as they grow older parents may want to use technology to help them sleep or reassure their baby.

With this soft toy the child will feel calm , thanks to the colored stars that are projected on the ceiling and the relaxing songs that it emits. You can buy it on Amazon for 34.97 euros .

Mom / dad and baby experience

NJoy experience boxes are an ideal option for parents to fully enjoy with their baby doing a common activity that they will always remember : swimming, motor skills, early stimulation, music, farms, yoga, massage … There are many options for to choose!

The pack costs 49.00 euros and can be purchased through the web.

Baby wrap

There is no more beautiful experience than ergonomic carrying , so we are sure that with this gift you will be successful, and will delight future parents . There are several lightweight baby carriers that are perfect for the newborn, but this time we suggest you opt for a soft elastic scarf, easy to use with pre-knotting and made with natural materials that take care of the baby’s delicate skin.

This one that we show you is from the Boba Wrap brand, and can be used from birth.

Stroller bag

You do not have to leave the house with a baby without having previously stored everything you may need while you are away, so this gift that we propose is, without a doubt, essential for future parents.

It is a beautiful travel bag that we have seen on Amazon for 53.99 euros . It is comfortable, spacious, practical and waterproof. Ideal to hang in the cart or even for the mother to take to the hospital when she gives birth.

Lot of books on parenting

Parenting books are one of the main supports of parents , especially new ones. In the market there are endless essential titles that should not be missing in the library of some recent parents, and that will undoubtedly be a wonderful and much appreciated gift.

We suggest you give a pack of three books that cover various aspects of raising the baby. It is very difficult to select just three titles, but we have chosen the following:

  • Eat, love, suck, by Carlos Gonz├ílez

With this single book, pediatrician Carlos Gonz├ílez brings together three of his best-known books: “My child doesn’t eat me”, “Kiss me a lot” and “A gift for life.” All of them address the keys to carry out a natural upbringing and respond to problems related to breastfeeding, the subsequent solid feeding and care in the first stages of the baby’s life.

  • Sleep without tears

In this book, the subject of childhood sleep (a great problem for many parents) is treated as an evolutionary process that must be respected, attended and accompanied, calling into question current training methods to teach sleep .

  • Child’s brain

This masterful book, written by psychiatrist Daniel J. Siegel and early childhood education expert Tina Payne Bryson, demystifies childhood crises and conflicts, explaining new scientific knowledge about how the child’s brain is made and how it develops. An essential reading to understand many of the behaviors of our children.

Available on Amazon in soft covers for 21.37 euros .

Multifunctional cushion

If the mother is going to breastfeed her baby, this nursing pillow is sure to be of great help, especially during the first days. But in addition, the cushion can be used as a changing table or functional blanket to lay the baby down while we are with him.

We can buy it on Amazon for 39 euros , and choose between two different shades with a beautiful elephant print.

Play blanket

Once the baby begins to support his head, it is good and necessary that he spend a little time a day on his stomach , always under the supervision of an adult. In this sense, this activity blanket is perfect , given its soft texture and padded finish.

As the baby grows, he will discover the different activities that are included, and thus favoring his cognitive and psychomotor development. Available on Amazon for 42.35 euros.

Diaper cake

If there is something that a baby will need from day one, it is diapers and hygiene supplies , but few people think about it when making a gift, despite the fact that diapers represent a significant expense for families.

For this reason, we suggest you surprise future parents with a spectacular cake made with 45 diapers from the Dodot brand , several Mustela products to care for their skin, and a cuddly bear that will become the baby’s first stuffed animal.

You can buy it on Amazon for 59.95 euros.

Co-sleeping crib

During the first months of the baby’s life, in which nocturnal awakenings are so common, co-sleeping becomes an excellent solution for the rest of the whole family and the tranquility of the newborn.

That is why we are sure that future parents will appreciate that among the gifts there is a co-sleeping crib that benefits breastfeeding, calms the baby and provides security at bedtime.

This one from the Star Ibaby brand is available on Amazon for 129.90 euros . It is compatible with all types of beds, allowing various height adjustment positions, as well as the possibility of reclining it to help the baby in case of nasal congestion or reflux .

Photoshoot New Born

The artistic photos to the newborn are booming, and more and more families who hire these sessions to immortalize your baby in his first days of life.

These photos stand out for getting relatively complicated positions of the sleeping babies, with little clothing and a lot of light. The result is beautiful and inspires a lot of tenderness, and will undoubtedly be a keepsake that parents will love to show off.

If you want to give a New Born photo session as a gift , find out in your city about the professionals specialized in this area, as not just any will serve as they must be respectful and have experience in dealing with newborns.

Prices vary depending on the type of photography chosen and the duration of the session, but they usually range between 200 and 300 euros .

Car seat

The child restraint systems are necessary and important for the child ‘s safe trip on the road, and should be used from birth until it reaches 135 cm . In addition, the ideal is for the child to travel in reverse for as long as possible , and at least up to four years of age .

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