25 names of Greek and Roman gods for boys

When it comes to choosing a baby’s name, there are many sources of inspiration and history is undoubtedly one of them. We have many options such as names from Ancient Rome, as well as names inspired by places or cities or by the sun and the moon. This time we bring you inspiration from the hand of female characters from Greek and Roman mythology.

Names of Greek and Roman gods

Ares : Greek god of war. Equivalent to the Roman god Mars.
Apollo – one of the most powerful gods of classical antiquity, one of the Olympian gods. God of male beauty and the arts, especially music. He is also the god of the sun, prophecy, and medicine.
Asclepius : Roman god of medicine and healing.
Bacchus : Roman god of wine, celebration, and ecstasy. Equivalent to Dionysus.
Cupid : Roman god of loving desire.
Dionysus : Greek god of theater, parties, wine and excesses.
Eros : Greek god of love, also revered as a god of fertility.
Phoebus : Roman god of the Arts, Beauty and Light. Equivalent of Apollo.
Forcis : one of the Greek gods of the sea.
Hades : Greek god of the underworld and of the dead in Olympic mythology.
Hephaestus : Greek god of fire.
Hercules : Roman god of strength. Equivalent to the Greek god Heracles.
Hermes : Greek god of commerce. Equivalent to Mercury.
Helios : in Greek mythology, personification of the sun.
Mars : Roman god of war. From here come names like Marco (originated in turn from the adjective marticus), which means “consecrated to Mars”, Mariano, “who belongs to Mars”.
Mercury : Roman god of commerce and rhetoric
Morpheus : Greek god of dreams.
Neptune : Roman god of the sea. Equivalent of Poseidon.
Perseus : names of a demigod, son of Zeus.
Poseidon : Greek god of the sea.
Silvano : god of the steppes, shepherds and flocks, of the wild mountains.
Theseus : son of Poseidon, first hero of Athens.
Odysseus : not a god, but Odysseus or Ulysses was one of the legendary heroes of Greek mythology
Vulcan : Roman god of fire and forge.
Zeus : Greek god of lightning and king of all gods.

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