27 short dictations for kids to practice and improve their spelling

By dictating a text to them, we are not only helping our children to improve their spelling, but also to develop their writing and reading comprehension. It is an effective practice that does not take long and with perseverance and practice, great results are seen.

It is advisable to do it at an adequate pace, not too slow to avoid losing the sense of the text, nor at a fast pace that overwhelms them. At the end, it is best that they do a review of the faults themselves to learn from their mistakes.

We have selected 27 short dictations for children to practice and improve their spelling . They are intended for children from the third or fourth year of primary school, and we have classified them by spelling rules:

Dictation with the letters B and V

Vicente’s great-grandfather has kissed his beautiful granddaughter; I hadn’t seen her for twenty months. He has welcomed you into a very large room in the house, the library; in it we can see a large number of books in some very old furniture that she will surely inherit. It belongs to a club whose members are kind enough to listen to us when we had requested without us feeling self-conscious about that reception.

The bullfighter took refuge in the burladero while the singer sang a beautiful song. The abominable snowman is an invention of human fantasy. Biology can show that it doesn’t exist. In the realm of reason the life of such a being is impossible. The lucky ones got the lottery prize when they thought they would be out of luck.

Blas has very white arms. In the fields I grow vegetables that I use to make compotes. We make dumplings and add tasty white mushrooms. Can you change my rope to start the game?

My friend Bea loves to give kisses. As soon as he sees me, he gives me a big kiss on the whole cheek. And it says that kisses feed, so I must be very well fed. Although I would prefer sweet potatoes, bananas and all the vegetables to eat. Yes, they say that I am quite strange and very brave, because… I like lettuce! But it is very good.

After the alien invasion, people behaved very strangely. For a few minutes they were all very still, and when they began to move, they were walking very slowly. They hardly spoke, they only muttered: we are going to meet the envoy from the green planet.

Dictated with GE, GI and GR

Greta hit the tap. The ogre snarled at the screaming giant. Gloria fixes the rule that has been broken. The witch wears a white blouse. Bruno looks at the mist from the balcony.

In the origins of humanity, people protected themselves from the cold in natural shelters such as caves or grottos.

Every day at nine, a coach picks up tourists at the train station and heads to the cathedral of Gijón.

Dictation with GUE, GUI, GÜE

My aunt Águeda makes a very good pea stew. My friend Miguel likes legumes and fresh lettuce. A cat ate my treats. Dr. Gomez wears gloves to heal wounds.

Yesterday I went on an excursion. The canoeist saw several storks flying high. There are fruit and various puddings in the fridge. Bruno and Blanca read a book in the library. Bruno brought some flowers. Pedro irons the blouse. Miguel gave a bouquet of daisies to his grandmother Águeda. Miguel plays the guitar. Like figs and peas.

Dictation with CC

I present to you Reciclator, the new superhero that will surprise you. Their missions are very different. For example, fix a broken heater to avoid contamination. He perfectly manages the recycling processes of any material and is an expert in the protection of forests.

The voting for the election of the students to the School Council has already been held. The extraction of the ballots was carried out by a member of the management of the center. The chosen students felt great joy and satisfaction. They will propose the construction of the dining room and the installation of heating. They are planning to hold a writing contest on environmental protection. They will also organize a visit to the amusement park.

Dictation with the letters C and Q

Cati’s tooth hurts. Quique burned the food. My house is here. The musician plays very still. The carpet is very pale and pitted. This food burns too much.

Mom covers the purple ball, Susi the mushroom and Emilio the bear, the tomato. Adela eats chocolate with cheese. Quique kicks the ball. Elena has eight marbles. Paquita is a hippopotamus who appears in a story.

Carlos’s house is on Coronel Casado street, in Cuenca. My cousin Enrique brought me a cottage cheese cake as a gift. Carmen got mad at me because I dislocated my elbow while skiing.

Dictations using the letter H

What a mistake it is to write horror without “hache” and what a horror it is to write mistake with “hache.”

The hippo lives calmly under water. Will he be a good diver? That hypothesis has been advocated by various biologists for many years.

Dictated with the letter J

When the clock rings I put on my pajamas and pick up the toys. The goldfinch in my cage sings non-stop. In the village house there are lizards on the roof. Javier has a box with colored sheets.

Dictation with the letters C and Z

The three little pigs came home. They discovered the chickpea casserole empty and, thrown away, the breakfast cereals and juice. They climbed the ladder and found the unmade beds, the thrown shoes and socks, and a sleeping girl with goldilocks. His little heart was pounding. Behind the glass they could see blue lilies.

My mother’s name is Zulema. We live in Zamora in a country house, where we grow cherries, oranges, onions, potatoes, plums, carrots and pumpkins. When it is harvest time we carry a basket to bring the fruits and vegetables home and prepare a delicious dinner. I help my mother peel onions and she prepares a large pumpkin puree for us. For dessert we drink orange juice with sugar.

Dictations using the letter R

A bullfighter had a dog. The dog liked to chase mice. Ramón the mouse put pica-pica powder in his snout and the bullfighter’s dog Perico never again chased mice.

My dog Lula is very nice. Every morning he wags his tail at me, and when I take her out for a walk she likes to run and play with the ball. Now she is never bored, because she has just had four puppies, who are always around her. Each one is of a color: the first is black; the second, white; the third, cinnamon; and the last one, brown. That way you never confuse them and you always know who they are.

Rita is a friend of Raúl. The mouse gnaws on a broken branch. The frogs croak in the river. The branch of the rose bush is broken. Ramón’s racket is red. Rosa has a torn dress. Roberto broke Raquel’s watch.

Dictation with the letters Y and LL

Amaya and Reyes reacted quickly and called a meeting for breakfast. Cayetano intervened in a faint voice, emphasizing that we should give up. But Amaya reacted like lightning: she said she still believed in our idea and promised to win everyone’s support before the week ended. With her words Amaya had managed to drive away discouragement.

When we arrived at school today, bad news fell upon us: we had lost the support of our elders for the project we wanted to carry out. The time had come to admit that without their help we would not get very far. So we were faced with an important dilemma. We were already in the month of May and we had to suspend the tests or find a solution quickly.

The helmet is very heavy. Let me conclude that time is running out. Aim the shotgun well, because you’re going to miss. Perhaps there are no victims. Take the dictionary and read me what triplet and pill mean. Don’t sow the seeds yet. The cigarette butts should be deposited in the ashtrays. Nail the right lace. Pull the latch on the window.

Dictations to practice accentuation

In class I had to draw a triangle, a circle and a rectangle. The teacher congratulated me because I did very well. Then we had to build a model helicopter and when we finished, he let us play soccer.

Leaning against the ship’s mast, Jonas told him ancient magical stories, full of dolphins, pelicans, and volcano craters. When they weren’t talking, Angel listened to the sea.

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