33 short and original girl names

Choosing the name of our baby is one of the first strong decisions that we must make as parents and it is definitely not something that we should take lightly.

If you are expecting a girl and you are looking for a different name to those that are in fashion, you will surely love one of the 33 short and original names for girls that we share with you today.

Why choose a short name

There are a number of reasons why some parents choose a short name for their children. Among them, it may be that the first surname is very long, so they want to complement it with a short name and thus prevent filling in a form from becoming something tedious by having long names and surnames.

Perhaps they prefer a short name because it is easier to learn and is not complex at the time of writing. Whatever the reason, short names are usually memorable.

33 short and original names for girl

  • Ada: short form of Adelaida, which means Germanic origin and means “of noble lineage”.
  • Anya: Russian diminutive of Anna, which means “the one with grace and compassion.”
  • Avis: it was a popular name during the Middle Ages, associated with the Latin “avis”, which means “birds”.
  • Ayla : of Turkish origin, it means “moonlight”
  • Cala: of Arab origin, it means “castle, fortress”.
  • Cara: Italian name of Latin origin, it means “dear, beloved”.
  • Clío: of Greek origin, it means “praise, sing”. In Greek mythology she is the muse of history and heroic poetry.
  • Dánae: also of Greek origin, it is derived from the word “danós”, which means “arid, dry”. In Greek mythology Danae was princess of Argos and mother of Perseus with Zeus.
  • Dara: of Hebrew origin, it means “pearl of wisdom”.
  • Eira: of Gaelic origin, it means “snow”.
  • Gala: short form of Galina, Russian name of Greek origin that means “calm”.
  • Ilse: German and Dutch diminutive of Elisabeth, which means “My God is an oath”.
  • Agnes: of Greek origin, it means “caste”.
  • Iris: in Greek mythology, she was the goddess of the rainbow, whose function was to transmit messages to the gods.
  • Juno: In Roman mythology Juno was the wife of Jupiter, the Queen of the heavens and goddess of motherhood. It protected marriage and women.
  • Kala: means “art, virtue, grace” in Sanskrit. In Hawaii it is used as a variant of “Sara”, which is of Hebrew origin and means “lady”.
  • Lara: this name has two possible etymologies. One indicates that it is a Russian diminutive of the name Larisa. The other indicates that it comes from Roman mythology and it was the name of one of the water nymphs.
  • Léa: French name that means “strong, brave”.
  • Light: means “the one that brings the light.”
  • Lys: means “lily”.
  • Maya: means “illusion” in Sanskrit. In the Buddhist tradition, this is the name of the Buddha’s mother.
  • Mine: means “fish”.
  • Nain : of Arabic origin, it means “of great beauty”
  • Nakia: Of Arabic origin, it means “pure”.
  • Nia: Of Gaelic origin, it means “lustrous”.
  • Noa: Of Hebrew origin, it means “delight”.
  • Olena: Of Greek origin, it means “ray of the sun” or “bright light”.
  • Rita: short form of Margarita, which means “pearl”.
  • Tara: means “place where the kings met”.
  • Ula: Russian diminutive of Úrsula, which means “little bear”.
  • Vera: from the Latin “verus”, which means “true”.
  • Yara: of Tupi origin, it means “lady”.
  • Zuri: Basque name, means “white”.

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