47 Greek and Roman goddess names for girls

When it comes to choosing a baby’s name, there are many sources of inspiration and history is undoubtedly one of them. We have many options such as names from Ancient Rome, as well as names inspired by places or cities or by the sun and the moon. This time we bring you inspiration from the hand of female characters from Greek and Roman mythology.

Greek and Roman goddess names

Aphrodite : Greek goddess of love and beauty.
Artemis : eldest daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wild animals, the forest, virgin lands, births, virginity.
Asteria: Greek goddess of prophecies and oracles.
Athena : Greek goddess protector of the Athenians. Greek goddess of Wisdom, of war, science, justice, crafts or skill and of civilization.
Aura : Greek goddess of the breeze.
Aurora : Goddess of the dawn in Greek mythology.
Caritas : Greek goddess of beauty and grace.
Ceres : Roman goddess of crops.
Circe : Greek goddess of magic and sorcery.
Chlorine : Greek Goddess of Flowers
Delia : nickname for the Goddess Artemis, born on the island of Delos.
Demeter or Demeter : Greek goddess of the land and crops.
Diana : Roman goddess of the hunt. Its symbol is the bow. (Equivalent to Artemis)
Dione : Goddess of Greek mythology, woman of God.
Edesia : Roman goddess of delicacies.
Elpis: Greek goddess of hope
Enio : Greek goddess destroyer of cities.
Eris : daughter of Zeus and Hera, Greek goddess of conflict and dispute.
Phoebe : Greek nickname of the Goddess Artemis, means resplendent.
Feme : Greek goddess of fame, gossip and rumor.
Fortuna : Roman goddess of destiny.
Gaia : goddess of the Earth who is also known as “Mother Earth”.
Gea or Gaia : great goddess venerated by the ancient Greeks, she was the oldest goddess of all the Olympian gods, in Greek mythology she is the creator of the Universe. Goddess of the Earth also known as “Mother Earth”.
Harmony : Greek goddess of harmony and concord.
Hebe: Greek goddess of youth. It means youthful.
Hecate : goddess of Greek religion and mythology
Hera : Greek goddess protector of the family and marriage. Queen of Olympus.
Hestia : Greek goddess of architecture, sacred fire, the home, the domestic, the state and the family.
Idalia : nickname for the Greek Goddess Venus. It means “I saw the sun”.
Ilithia : Greek goddess of births and midwives.
Irene or Eirene : Roman goddess of peace and wealth.
Iris : Greek goddess of the rainbow and messenger of Olympus.
Juno : Roman goddess of motherhood. Equivalent to Hera in Greek mythology.
Leto : Along with her sister Asteria, they were revered as Greek goddesses of the night.
Lua : Roman goddess of atonement and forgiveness.
Minerva : Roman goddess of wisdom, the thinker. Equivalent to Athena.
Nemesis : Greek goddess of solidarity, revenge, balance and fortune.
Nike or Nice : Greek goddess of victory who is usually represented with two wings
Nix : Greek goddess of the night
Nusa : Greek goddesses who protected the fine arts.
Persephone : Greek goddess of the underworld.
Rhea : Greek goddess of nature, was also known as the “mother of the gods.”
Selene : one of the three Greek goddesses of the Moon.
Themis : Greek goddess of Law.
Tique : Greek goddess of destiny.
Venus: Roman goddess of beauty (equivalent to the Greek goddess Aphrodite).
Vesta : Roman goddess of architecture, sacred fire, the home, the domestic, the state and the family.

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