5 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love

In this age of modern hieroglyphics, emojis help express what you can’t say. Texting has become expressive with emojis. There are emojis guys send when they love you. Often misinterpreted and multi-layered with meaning, this system of communication with emojis has helped introverts smoothly avoid conversation and extroverts illustrate their already overflowing rush of words.

These could be the kissing emoji, the heart emoji, the guy sends a blowing kiss emoji. The options are endless.

Emojis have made life colorful and painful at the same time, as your upended smiley might be construed as torture by hanging upside down instead of abstract expression of cuteness. Let us today explore this quizzical messaging technique by which some men might have professed their love and you completely missed out on that. Vice versa, men are alerted that using these emojis might mean you are sending out signals of pure adore without intending to. Let’s proceed, shall we. By the way, did you know a day is dedicated to these wonderful emojis?

5 Emojis Guys Send Their Girl When In Love

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There is no doubt that cute emoji written at the end of a quick sentence does a lot to lift your mood. Sometimes, guys use an emoji to start a conversation with a girl too. But then there is a difference between emojis guys send when they are being casual or friendly with you and emojis guys use when they love you.

Emojis guys use when they love you can help you decode their feelings. With just some careful observation, you can figure out if a guy likes you or is just being friendly with you.

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Guys use emojis to flirt, and at times they use emojis to make you feel romantic, happy and raring to go.

When a guy sends a blowing kiss emoji 😘 it brightens your mood and makes you feel romantic towards him. Here’s a list of emojis guys love to send when they are in love.

1. The throbbing heart emoji

The aashiq risqué 2.0 will go all out on you with the huge red bobbing heart ❤️. Know that he risks his masculinity by choosing to send that very red and very alive heart ❤️ your way, thus breaking the macho rules of not over-expressing himself. Yes, he is in love.

The throbbing heart emoji is everything love, guys use it to express romance and there is no way one can get it any other way.

We have no doubt that your heart beats as fast as the throbbing heart emoji’s ❤️when you receive it from a guy! That’s why the heart is one of the emojis guys send often to their girl.

A young college student once told us that her boyfriend was able to carry out full-length conversations without using any text at all. The more you get to know someone the easier it is to infer what they are saying through just emojis. The throbbing heart emoji ❤️ does help you say a lot. Guys do use this emoji often to express themselves.

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2. The kiss emoji is what the guys send their girl often

Well, this is one of the trickier smileys. If your boyfriend is sending you kissing smileys 😘 what could that mean? Through the blowing kiss emoji 😘 is he trying to express his sexual or his emotional desires? Having been enveloped in the “think with their penis” idiom, men are often misunderstood when using this smiley 😘.

The common response they receive is the shy monkey 🙊 covering his eyes or slap hands or lingerie emoticon. Wake up girls he is but writing you a Keats-ian verse through that singular smiley blowing a little heart off its lips. Yes, he could be in love and that is why he is sending you a blowing kiss emoji 😘. Till you get to the real kissing the blowing kiss emoji 😘works wonders. Another of those emojis guys send often.

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3. The brinjal emoji

The brinjal or eggplant 🍆 emoticon, often followed by a blushing smiley ☺️or sometimes by kissing variant (usually attempted by the more experienced kind), does not demean you to your gender role of cooking him an eggplant casserole.

This innocent emoji of eggplant 🍆 expresses his desire to make sweet sweet love to you. Yes, a guy sending you brinjal emoji is probably thinking of something kinky and yes, he is in love. (If followed by a peach emoji, know that he is silently hinting at an exciting experience and also trying to understand your inclination towards adventures in the bedroom.)

4. The couple emoji

This couple smiley 💑 is simple in the eyes of the inexperienced. Look closely before you conclude. The smiley depicts two people with a heart in between. Now, in the utopic world of emojis, the world of queer and the heterosexual ego coexist in perfect harmony, hence the male and female are differentiated ever so subtly.

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The multiple combinations of this couple emoji 💑 include a man and a woman, a man and a man, and a woman and a woman combination. Without close inspection, they look the same. This is an emoji a man often sends a woman when he is in love. But hey, do not conclude that the couple emoji 💑 indicates that he wants to marry you someday!

Hence my girl, what you might have so easily construed as his love for you could be his glorious moment of coming out to you. He likes what you like. Or more explicitly, who YOU like. Yes, he is in love. (Maybe with you, maybe with your crush.) Guys do love using the couple emoji some way or the other and these are emojis guys send to their love.

5. The bride

👰 This is how Tiffany and Tanishq might be losing business in their respective markets. The unemployed and the poorly paid or the majority of the population, cannot be pressurised into the act of spending money for a proposal anymore. No one can deny the innocent cuteness of bride emojis 👰.

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With their hypnotic unblinking eyes, they have convinced humanity that a bride smiley 👰 can even revive the heart of a puppy (filter) hater. So he drops the emoticon of the ring and then the bride 👰. The message is simple; he wants to marry you in the privacy of WhatsApp encryption. This is forever. Yes, he is in love.

In today’s world emojis convey a lot. From love to marriage to having babies everything can be said in emojis. And when a man wants to talk about love its truly cute the emojis that he chooses to send.

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