51 Italian names for your baby that will make you fall in love

Are you expecting a baby and looking for an original name? We bring you some beautiful names to add to your list. They sound so sweet that they are sure to catch your eye.

If you have Italian roots, they remind you of a special trip or you just like the way they sound, we suggest 51 Italian baby names that will make you fall in love. Each one with its meaning.

Italian girl names

  • Alessandra: Italian form of Alejandra. It means “defender of humanity.”
  • Alessia: variant of Alessandra.
  • Alfonsina: Italian feminine form of Alfonso, it means “warrior prepared for combat”.
  • Antonella: means “woman of great value”.
  • Beatrice: means “the one who brings joy”
  • Bianca: means “white”.
  • Carina: means “the smallest and most beloved”.
  • Carmina: in Spanish Carmen, means “song”, “poem”
  • Chiara: means “clarity” and “brightness”.
  • Fiorella: means “small, delicate and very pretty flower”.
  • Francesca: It means “the one who has been liberated.”
  • Gabriella: It means “devoted to God”.
  • Gianna: It means “God is merciful”
  • Lia: means “bearer of good news”
  • Lorenza: name of Latin origin that means “crowned with laurels”.
  • Mariella: Italian diminutive of Maria
  • Marena: means “sea”.
  • Mellea: means “honey”.
  • Nicoletta: means “victorious people”.
  • Orazia: means “guardian of time”.
  • Pia: means “devoted, dedicated and committed woman”.
  • Stella: means “celestial star”.
  • Zinerva: means “fair” and “light-haired”.

Italian boy names

  • Alessandro: means “the defender”, “the protector”
  • Alonzo: Noble man, clever and courageous.
  • Adriano: Man with courage, brave and with a big heart.
  • Carlo: means “farmer”.
  • Dante: contraction of the medieval name “During”, it means “enduring, persevering”
  • Donato: means “given by God”.
  • Enzo: means “the lord of his home or his country”
  • Giovanni: variant of Juan, it means “God has taken pity”
  • Fabrizio: the one who works with his hands
  • Federico: A peaceful, calm, organized and orderly man.
  • Filippo: the friend of horses
  • Flavio: It means “blond”, “with golden hair”.
  • Francesco: in Spanish, Francisco, of Latin origin, means “free”
  • Franco: means “free man”
  • Geronimo: sacred name
  • Guido: means “wooded valley”.
  • Leonardo: as strong as a lion.
  • Lorenzo: It means “crowned with laurels.”
  • Luciano: means “bearer of light”.
  • Luigi: famous warrior
  • Massimo: in Spanish, “Máximo”, of Latin origin, means “the greatest”
  • Matteo: of Hebrew origin, it means “Gift of Yahweh”.
  • Maurizio: “dark skinned”
  • Orlando: the Italian equivalent of the French Roland (in Spanish, Roldán), means ‘famous for his battles’, ‘the one who represents the country’s sword’ or ‘the one who gives glory to the country’.
  • Piero: “little rock”
  • Romeo: It means “the one who pilgrims to Rome”
  • Santino: means “holy”
  • Valentino: means “the one who possesses great strength”

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