53 unisex baby names

Increasingly, parents are choosing unisex names for their children. There are those who choose it even before knowing the sex of the baby, those who prefer not to impose a gender identity on their children related to a boy or girl name, and of course, also those who choose a unisex name simply because they like how it sounds. or its meaning.

Unisex names are neutral names or names that are used interchangeably by men and women in different countries. If you prefer a name that is neither a boy nor a girl, we leave you 53 unisex names for the baby that will inspire you.

Types of unisex names

As you can see in the list below, there are different types of unisex names. What we could call genuine are those that are applicable to men and women in the same language, such as Trinidad or Cruz, although some countries or regions may be more predominant for one of the sexes, such as Guadalupe.

On the other hand, there are the names that are unisex in different languages, that is, they coincide in form but not in gender, as is the case of Andrea, masculine in Italian but feminine in Spanish. There are also what sound the same but are written differently like Gabrielle in French, but Gabriel, masculine, in Spanish.

Especially in countries where there is no specific legislation for the registration of names, it has become fashionable to put names that, although they are masculine, are used by women or vice versa. This is the case of names in English like Charlie or Jess. To curl the curl more, there are brand names or strangers things like Instagram filters that parents are inspired to name their babies. Many of them are applicable interchangeably for both sexes.

53 unisex baby names

  • Aike : of English origin, it means “oak or made of oak”
  • Aimar or Aymar : Germanic origin, means “strong house”
  • Alex : of Greek origin, diminutive of Alejandro / a, means “the defender”
  • Alexis : of Greek origin, diminutive of Alejandro / a, means “the defender”
  • Andrea : of Greek origin, it means “courage and beauty”
  • Andy : of Hebrew origin, it means “brave and beautiful”
  • Aran : Basque name that means “valley”
  • Ariel : of Hebrew origin, its meaning is “lion of God” or “altar of God”.
  • Akira : of Japanese origin, it means “bright”
  • Artis : of Scottish origin, it means “bear” or “bear”
  • Asunción : of Latin origin, its meaning is “to assume, to attract”. Most often feminine, but also used for children.
  • Blue : of Persian origin, like the color of the sky
  • Cameron : of Scottish origin, it means “crooked nose”
  • Charlie : of Germanic origin, it means “strong”
  • Concepción : of Latin origin, related to the Marian invocation of the Immaculate Conception. Gender of the name: 87% feminine and 13% masculine.
  • Cris : diminutive used for both the masculine name Cristian and the feminine name Cristiana or Cristina.
  • Cross : of Latin origin, name in honor of the cross of Jesus.
  • Denis : of Greek origin, derived from Dionysius
  • Eider : Basque name that means “beautiful”
  • Emo : comes from “emotional” which means emotional. The gender of the name is 14% feminine and 86% masculine
  • Francis : derived from Francisco or Francisca.
  • Gael : of Breton origin, it means “powerful”, mainly masculine but also used for a girl
  • Guadalupe : of Arabic origin, it means “river of the wolf.” It is generally used for women, but it can also be for men
  • Harper : of Anglo-Saxon origin, it means “the one who plays the harp”
  • Jade : of Spanish origin, which means “stone of the side” and although it is more used in women, there are also children called Jade.
  • Jessie or Jess : of Anglo-Saxon origin, it is used as a diminutive of Jesus.
  • Joss : derived from the Old German name Josse, which means “champion.” Normally feminine, but it can also be a masculine name.
  • Lamar : comes from Latin and means “From the sea”. The gender of the name is 2% feminine and 98% masculine.
  • Lucian : comes from Latin and is derived from the name Luciano / a, it means “born in the light of day”
  • Luján : of Latin origin, Marian invocation of Our Lady of Luján. The gender of the name is 50% feminine and 50% masculine
  • Marlon : of Latin origin, derived from Marion, a variant of Maria which in turn comes from the Hebrew Miriam
  • Milan : of Hindu origin, whose meaning is “union”.
  • Montserrat : originally, Montserrat was a masculine name and the feminine one was Montserrada (“mountain sawed”)
  • Morgan : of Welsh origin and means “shining ocean”
  • Nain : of Arabic origin, it means “of great beauty”
  • Naphtali : Hebrew name, which means “to whom God helps in his fight”
  • Noah or Noa : of Hebrew origin, it means “rest” or “peace”
  • Noel : of French origin means “Christmas”. Children born on December 25 were traditionally called that.
  • Paris : of Greek origin, its meaning is “lover”
  • Pau : of Latin origin, a variant of Pablo in Catalan and Paz in feminine.
  • Peace : from Latin “Pax” means “tranquility, tranquility”
  • René : of Latin origin, it means “Born again”
  • Reyes : Name allusive to the feast of the Epiphany. More common in women, but it is also used in men
  • Robin : of English origin, diminutive of Roberto or Roberta
  • Rosario : it is generally for women, but there are countries where it is also used for men
  • Trinidad : of Latin origin, Christian name, evocative and allusive of the religious mystery of the Holy Trinity
  • Tyler : comes from the surname Taylor which means tile maker
  • Tabernacle : of Latin origin, it means sacred place
  • Santana : Its meaning is From Santo and Ana
  • Sasha : of Greek origin, it means “protector”
  • Yael : of Hebrew origin, it means “mountain goat”
  • Yeray : of Canarian origin, it means “the largest and strongest of the tribe”
  • Zuri : Basque name, means “white”

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