Children's Name97 names of Arabic origin for boys and girls for your baby

97 names of Arabic origin for boys and girls for your baby

Tradition or innovation? Meaning or loudness? When choosing a name for the baby, each family will have their priorities. Perhaps what you are looking for are names of Arabic origin for the baby, and we are talking about this today, with a list of almost one hundred Arabic names for boys and girls, with their meaning.

We will see that there are some better known and others that sound little to us, but most of them are very suggestive and with a precious meaning or with a special sound.

Arabic boy names

  • Abdel: fair, worshiper.
  • Adib: educated, cultured.
  • Adil: fair.
  • Ahmad / Ahmed: the most fervent worshiper.
  • Akram: very generous.
  • Amin: faithful.
  • Annas: friend, close.
  • Antara: heroic.
  • Assim: that guarantees and protects, that can be approached by adversity and evil.
  • Orange blossom: bright.
  • Bahir: dazzling, smart.
  • Bilal: that satisfies the thirst.
  • Dalil / Dalal: nice man.
  • Farid: unique, incomparable, without equal.
  • Habib: dear.
  • Hafid: that preserves, that protects.
  • Haid: that returns to God.
  • Haidar: lion.
  • Hakim: wise.
  • Halim: gentle, gentle, patient.
  • Hamza: lion.
  • Hasan: good.
  • Ibrahim: Abraham (father of the people or father of the multitudes).
  • Jalal: glory, greatness.
  • Jalil: great, who venerates.
  • Jamal: beauty.
  • Jamil: nice.
  • Kamal: beauty, perfection.
  • Karim: generous, noble.
  • Khalil: good friend.
  • Madani: civilized, urban, modern.
  • Malek: who has in his hands.
  • Malih: who has a beautiful face.
  • Moad: under the protection of god.
  • Nader / Nadir: rare and exceptional.
  • Nadim: friendly, entertaining.
  • Naim: comfort, tranquility; one of the gardens of Paradise; delicious candy.
  • Nasra: victory.
  • Nassim: light breeze, zephyr.
  • Omar: father of the Prophet; destined for long and fruitful prosperity.
  • Rayan: favored by god.
  • Reda: satisfaction.
  • Samir – someone to spend the evening with having a nice conversation, mate.
  • Talal: pleasant, admirable; rain.
  • Walid: newborn.
  • Yassir: prosperous, tolerant.
  • Yusuf: José.
  • Zaid: abundance.

Arabic girl names

  • Abir: fragrance.
  • Abla: perfectly formed.
  • Adila: equal, fair.
  • Amal: hopes, aspirations.
  • Amira / Emira: princess, sovereign.
  • Azahara: luminous, beautiful person like a flower.
  • Badra: full moon.
  • Basima: smiling.
  • Delilah: test guide.
  • Dounia: down here, world.
  • Farah: joy, joviality.
  • Fariha: tall, pretty, joviality.
  • Fatima: weaned girl.
  • Habiba: dear, beloved.
  • Halima: gentle, gentle, patient.
  • Hamida. praiseworthy, praiseworthy.
  • Hanane: mercy.
  • Houda: right direction.
  • Ikram: honor, hospitality, generosity.
  • Jalila / Jelila: majestic, having a high rank.
  • Janna / Jenna: paradise, heavenly garden.
  • Kalila: good friend.
  • Karima: invaluable.
  • Latifa: gentle, kind.
  • Maissa: funny.
  • Malak: angel.
  • Malika: queen.
  • Marjane: coral.
  • Nabila: noble, intelligent.
  • Nadra: gold or silver package.
  • Naouar: flower.
  • Nayla: the one with the big eyes.
  • Olaya: close to god.
  • Rada: beautiful and virtuous.
  • Radia / Radiya: satisfied.
  • Rania: intensity.
  • Sabira: patient.
  • Salima. save from evil.
  • Salma: peace.
  • Samira: the one who tells stories at night.
  • Soraya: star, constellation, princess (Persian).
  • Yamina: right hand, happy, lucky.
  • Yasamina / Yasmina / Yasmine: jasmine.
  • Yassira: prosperous, tolerant.
  • Zaida / Zahida: the one that grows.
  • Zaira / Zahira: bright and enchanting colors, born among the stars, bright, luminous.
  • Zara / Zahra: flower, star, bright dawn.
  • Zoraida: captivating, funny woman.

We hope that among this list of names of Arabic origin for the baby there is the one that you like and you will tell us if you know other names of this origin or which one sounds better for your children.


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