Baby names: 25 biblical names for girls

When it comes time to find a name for their baby, many parents turn to the Bible. If you are expecting a girl, we share 25 names of women from the Old Testament.

  • Abigail: wife of King David. Abigail’s name means “father’s joy”.
  • Ada: wife of Lannec, fifth generation descendant of Cain. Her name means “beauty”.
  • Ana: variant of Hannah, name of Elcaná’s wife. It means “charm and grace”.
  • Delilah: the woman who fell in love with the hero Samson, and who would later betray him. Her name means “debilitating”.
  • Deborah: She was a prophetess and the fourth person to serve as Israel’s judge before the monarchy. Its name means “bee”.
  • Dina: She was the daughter of Lía, one of Jacob’s wives. Its name means “justice” or “fair”.
  • Egla: wife of King David. Its name means “rotate”.
  • Eva: the first woman. His name means “life”.
  • Hannah: wife of Elcana. It means “charm and grace”.
  • Jael: is the heroine who kills Sisera to save Israel from the troops of Jabin, king of Canaan. Its name means “mountain goat”.
  • Lia: Jacob’s wife. Her name means “tired” in Hebrew.
  • Mara: is the name that Naomi adopted after the death of her husband and children. It means “bitter”.
  • Michal: King David’s first wife. His name means “Who is like God?” In Spanish it would be Micaela.
  • Miriam: sister of Moisés. Its name means “bitter sea” or “tears of the sea”, although it is believed that it could also be “the fecund”.
  • Noema: daughter of Lannec, fifth generation descendant of Cain. Its name in Greek means “thought”.
  • Naomi: it was Ruth’s mother-in-law. Her name means “lovable” or “nice”.
  • Penina: wife of Elcaná. Its name means “pearl”.
  • Rachel: Jacob’s wife. His name means “sheep” in Hebrew.
  • Rebekah: wife of Isaac, son of Abraham. It is a name of Biblical origin, which is believed to mean “connection, the one that creates bonds” or “captivating”.
  • Ruth: Naomi’s daughter-in-law, who refused to abandon her and cared for her as if she were her own mother. Ruth’s name means “friendship” or “companion.”
  • Sarah: Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. In Hebrew the name “Sara” is used to designate a woman of high rank and is sometimes translated as “princess”.
  • Sarai: Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. It was Sarah’s first name, before God changed it by granting her to have a child at age 90.
  • Zippora: wife of Moses. His name means “bird” in Hebrew.
  • Yael: variant of Jael.
  • Zila: Lannec’s wife, a fifth-generation descendant of Cain. Its name means “shadow”.

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