Best Pregnancy Pillow 2020

What is a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is a pillow specially designed for during and after pregnancy. Not only does this pillow give a lot of support and a good position while sleeping, but it can also help after breastfeeding in a good position and to give your baby extra support. If you’re wondering from when you start using pregnancy pillows, the answer is simple: throughout your pregnancy and the first few months after that.

But how to use a pregnancy pillow? This is entirely up to you. You can use the pillow to support your legs and hips, but also your upper body. It depends on your physical complaints where you put the pillow. You can also use it while breastfeeding.

How do you use a pregnancy pillow during breastfeeding?

Wrap it around your waist so that you have back support and put the baby on one of the ends on your lap. This way, both mom and baby have sufficient support.

The Importance of Pregnancy Pillows

1. Better night’s sleep

If you often turn around in your sleep or normally fall asleep on your stomach, sleep can sometimes be disturbed during the later months of pregnancy. Maternity pillows are ideal for this. The different shapes offer support to your stomach and can be placed under your head or clamped between your legs. This keeps your body in a comfortable position where one can lie down for a long time thanks to the extra support of the pregnancy pillow.

2. Back support

Your back will get hurt during your pregnancy. After all, suddenly carry extra weight for months. Back has the task of supporting it all, and sometimes it starts to feel that effort at the end of the day. A pregnancy pillow is nice to support. Depending on the shape of the cushion, one can wrap it around on the sofa so that it provides just that extra support in exactly the right place.

3. Nursing pillow

The pillow can be a great help even after pregnancy. Depending on the type of pillow you purchase, you can also use it as a feeding pillow. A nursing pillow is used to lay on your lap when you are breastfeeding the baby. Your child lay on it and is at just the right height. This way you don’t have to keep your arms in an uncomfortable position or constantly support your baby.

Sleeping postures during pregnancy

The most recommended position is to sleep on your side, since there are different studies that advise against sleeping on your back, and stomach on your stomach is very unlikely. There are even studies that recommend sleeping on the left side, such as the one carried out in Auckland, New Zealand, which ensures that women who sleep on the left side the last night of their pregnancy cut the risk of gestational death by half compared to the ones that slept on the right side.

Also, health professionals recommend the left side because the liver is on the right side of the abdomen, sleeping on the left side helps prevent the uterus from leaning on that large organ. Anyway, it is best to ask the gynaecologist.

How to sleep with the Pregnancy Pillow

  • Pillow on legs

    Sleeping in a lateral position is what is usually most comfortable to fall asleep. If you put a pillow between your legs or under them, you will be better and will favour your circulation.

  • Sideways

    Pregnant women generally feel more relief when they sleep on their side. You can put pillows in the lumbar area to relieve back pain that can appear when sleeping in this position.

  • Left side

    Sleeping on the left side makes it easier for blood to get to the placenta and will make you less uncomfortable at night.

  • With feet elevated

    Relieves swelling of legs and feet. It also prevents the appearance of varicose veins, cramps and punctures in the legs.

  • With the trunk raised

    When you have heartburn, runny nose, choking sensation or palpitations when lying down, it is recommended to use several cushions to support your back.

  • Face up

    One position to avoid if you want to sleep well during pregnancy is to lie on your back. You will hold little in that position since the volume of the gut makes breathing difficult.

  • Raised head

    Having difficulties in breathing and feeling congestion is very common during pregnancy. Sleeping with your head elevated and your trunk slightly incorporated helps to alleviate this sensation and to rest better.

The benefits of pillows for pregnant women

The rest and the equipment used for sleeping are essential for your well-being and that of your baby.

  • They provide a perfect fit to the back, belly, hips and legs when the mother lies down.
  • They are designed to fully adapt to the shape of the pregnant woman’s body
  • Reduces the possibility of moving around too much in bed
  • Relieves pelvic, hip and back pain.
  • They are specially contoured to help mothers prevent heartburn stomach and back problems
  • They are compact so as not to take up too much space.
  • Washing them is as easy as putting them in the washing machine.
  • It helps to sleep.
  • Avoid bad postures and provide better support and reduce body aches.
  • Helps to obtain a correct position during the lactation period.
  • Relax your muscles.
  • Lowers heartburn and water retention levels.
  • It helps to elevate the feet and improve blood circulation.
  • Avoid sudden movements and unexpected turns.
  • Supports babies.

They are perfect for sleeping, relaxing and even breastfeeding the baby, as they provide great support and reduce arm and shoulder cramps.

Other benefits of the pregnancy pillows are:

It improves blood circulation. Sleeping on your side stimulates blood circulation which is very important during your pregnancy .. many women sometimes have trouble sleeping on their side and with a growing belly, it is even more difficult. The maternity pillow is a great solution for these moments. It offers you the opportunity to lie on your side in a comfortable and pleasant way. You certainly fall asleep without any effort.

A pregnancy pillow can also reduce stress. You are pregnant and the necessary concerns and thoughts also come to mind. You start to stress, you cannot fall asleep well because you cannot find the right posture. You are afraid that all that turning in bed will put some pressure on your stomach. Well. Thanks to the pregnancy pillow, you now have less stress because the pillow gives you the opportunity to sleep peacefully. You don’t have to worry about the belly during your night’s sleep. You can then lie down and relax and you no longer have to stress. Because stress is absolutely not good during pregnancy. The pillow helps you not to lie in the wrong positions. The cushion ensures that you have more freedom of movement.

Even the physiotherapists recommend a pregnancy pillow for pregnant belly sleepers. Because of the pregnancy that is no longer possible and the pillow helps with this.

The maternity pillow is a very big outcome after childbirth. You can sit comfortably and comfortably on it. Certainly a great outcome shortly after delivery. The pain is still good and such a pregnancy pillow offers a very good solution. It can also be used as a barrier. You will think the barrier for what. The pillow can prevent your baby from rolling over the bed. With the pillow, you can safely do some other things because your baby is safe with the pillow and no chance of rolling. Babies are fast and you don’t have enough eyes. So the pillow is a very good solution. You can also wrap the pregnancy pillow around you and place your baby on it to feed it. It can be breastfeeding or bottle feeding later. It is safe and comfortable.

Types of pillows for pregnant women

Currently, you can find a wide variety of prenatal pillows, with different styles, shapes, materials and fillers to choose from according to your tastes and needs.

  • Wedge Pillow

    This type of pillow is characterized by being triangle or crescent-shaped and made of foam rubber. Its function is to provide support to the bulky belly when you sleep on your side. The advantage of these is that they are small and you can easily store them. They can even be used after pregnancy. They are small and easy to transport. But due to its small size, you will also have to use a common head pillow. They are used to support the head or back while sitting or reclining.

    The unique design of a ‘Wedge’ is versatile and so small that you can easily take it with you at home or when travelling. The wedge gives you the correct abdominal support to reduce swelling and back strain or a good hip position by keeping the knees apart. These pregnancy pillows use memory foam that can help relieve sciatic nerve pain.

    The advantages and disadvantages of a wedge cushion at a glance:


    • + An affordable/cheap nursing pillow.
    • + Takes up little space.


    • – Provides support for only a small part of your body.
    • – Still need a loose pillow.
  • PHARMEDOC – Pregnancy Pillow U Shape

    U-shaped pillows are the most versatile, which is why they are called multipurpose pillows. They are pillows that serve both pregnancy and when the baby is already born. They allow you to sleep on your side comfortably, avoiding sudden turns and the baby can be left inside the U, while comfortably sitting (always under surveillance). They can be used as a backrest to give the bottle as a chair. Also if you fold the arms in half you get very comfortable chair arms.

    The U-shaped pillow is the best pillow if you sleep on your back, as it offers complete support. Although this position, as we will see later, is not highly recommended, especially in the third quarter.

    The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is one of the best pregnancy pillows to find a good lying position. After all, the pregnancy belly can get in the way and even after giving birth you want to be in the best position to breastfeed your child. Because when do you start using the pregnancy pillow? Actually during your entire pregnancy and afterwards, so you should have as much comfort as possible.

    A U pillow, as the name implies, has the shape of the letter U and can be used in many different ways. For example, you can choose to place the solid side underneath, so that you can place it between your legs. You can also place the dense side at your head and thus offer more support to your neck.

    You place the sides on both your stomach and your back. This provides sufficient support on all sides of your body so that you get a good lying position and can enjoy a good night’s sleep again.

    • + A good pregnancy pillow for relaxation exercises
    • + Is comfortable on the pillow
    • + U-shape pregnancy pillow
    • – The removable cover is extra hygienic
  • PHARMEDOC – C Shape Pregnancy Pillow

    C-shaped pillows are usually the most preferred by most pregnant women. They are designed so that you sleep on your side and have support in your head, under your belly and between your legs, the strategic places for your good rest. Full-length pillows give you support where you need it most, but their size like U-shaped pillows can be uncomfortable.

    They are smaller pillows than U-pillows. They are mainly used to sleep on your side and comfortably support the belly. The curvature of the C is between the legs and the end supports the gut. They are excellent for relieving pelvic tension and reducing water retention in the legs and ankles.

    The C pillows have a slightly different way of using. You can clamp one side between your legs, while you put the other side under your head. The rest of the pregnancy pillow ensures that the natural shape of your body is followed so that your belly can be supported.

    This is also the ideal pillow for breastfeeding. You can put it in front of you so that the baby can take a comfortable position and is at the right height. This can save a lot of difficult movements and you immediately have a soft surface for your child. This also provides extra safety, so that you can continue with nutrition with confidence.

    The pros and cons of a total body pregnancy pillow at a glance:


    • + Provides the most support for toddlers.
    • + A pillow is no longer necessary.
    • + Provides support to all body parts that need it.


    • – Bulky.
    • -Most expensive nursing pillow.
  • J-shaped pillow

    The head is placed in the most curved shape of the pillow. Its similar use is to the “U” shaped pillow, but smaller. Therefore, it is appropriate for medium beds.

    Although the C-shape and J-shape pregnancy pillows are quite similar, there is a small difference. The C cushion does not really have a direction, the top and bottom are often identical. With the U-shape the head is always placed at the bottom of the U, with the C both sides can be used to support the head and knees. A J shape clearly has a top and bottom. The J shape is actually half a U for people who feel uncomfortable with a pillow on either side.

  • L-shaped pillow

    They are pillows exclusively for women who sleep on their side. They are little used, so there is less on the market.

  • Half-moon cushion

    They are cushions that are used mainly to breastfeed. Helps to obtain a correct position during the lactation period, placing the pillow under the baby so that the weight falls on the pillow.

  • Straight and elongated pillows

    They are very similar to C-shaped ones, as their elongated shape also works to support your entire body. Its main feature is that they are more manageable and are very useful so that you can find a comfortable posture in bed at bedtime.

  • Common or regular pillows

    Some mothers prefer to try to sleep with the pillows they already have at home, and it is that everything will depend on strategically placing them in the points where you need the most support.

When sleeping on your side, blood flow is not cut and oxygenation remains adequate for both mother and baby. Experts assure that the ideal is to sleep on the left side of the body.

The only problem with this type of pillow is that due to its large size it becomes very difficult to handle, in addition to taking up a lot of space in the bed.

The advantage of not investing in a maternity pillow is that you can use any pillow you find at home and you can continue to use them after pregnancy, only they can be uncomfortable, as they easily get uncomfortable every time you move.

What you should pay attention to when purchasing a pregnancy pillow


As you have already read above, different shapes and sizes of maternity pillows are available. Which one you ultimately choose depends entirely on your preference. Do you have problems with your back? Then a U-shaped pillow might be nice for some extra support. When you only need abdominal support, a wedge pillow is best. A C-shaped pillow is the best choice if you also want to use the pillow as a feeding pillow and a full-length pillow if you like to be able to hold something at night.


The cushions are of course made of different materials. When a cushion cover is not included, it is a good idea to keep an eye on what fabric this cushion is made of. For example, some people find terry cloth a very pleasant fabric to lie against and some horrible. The safest choice is to opt for a cotton pillow. Since most sheets are also made of cotton, you can assume that this fabric will not be a problem.


The filling determines how flexible and ‘cuddly’ the pillow will be. For example, if you choose a seed filling, the cushion will be a bit heavier, but very flexible. With a cotton filling, the cushion becomes less flexible. This, of course, depends on the amount of cotton wool with which the pillow is filled. However, the pillow is a bit lighter and easier to carry.

  • Styrofoam balls

    Styrofoam balls are in the cheaper nutrition pillows. They quickly take the shape of your body. However, the balls stick together after a lot of use and are charged statically. The nursing pillow, therefore, loses its shape and support faster.

    The balls also make noise when you move. Maybe not so useful if you finally want to sleep well…

  • Polyester filling

    Polyester filling is a woolly substance that is often used in regular pillows. The filling provides good support and feels soft. Another advantage: it makes no sound! So that is a good night’s sleep. That is if you don’t wake up from sweating. Polyester breathes less well than other types of filling.

  • Micro pearls

    The word says it all: this is a filling of very small balls filled with air (no, not real saltwater pearls, unfortunately). If you want, you can drag the pillow anywhere. The pearls are very light!

    The balls also provide good support. They are less dented than styrofoam. The cushion thus retains its shape. This way you can still use it nicely after giving birth.

    Also important: the nursing pillow makes almost no noise!

  • Memory foam

    Memory foam is also known as slow foam. When you dent the foam, it takes its old shape after five seconds. Ideal if you get into your bed at night. The nursing pillow is as good as new.

    Memory foam is very firm and gives less pressure on certain body parts. An ideal filling for good support of your pregnant body.

    The only drawback: the filling can hardly lose heat. Some manufacturers solve this by tearing the foam. This way you can still lose your heat. So no sweating!

Hope you get an idea of ​​what kind of pillow you want to buy.

Removable cover

Not all pregnancy pillows come with a removable cover. For daily or frequent use, it is, of course, nice if you can wash the cover. In that case, it is, therefore, advisable to purchase a pregnancy pillow with removable cover.

How to wash a pillow for pregnancy?

Before washing the pillow, always read the manufacturer’s label to avoid mistakes. The best thing is that they have removable covers (almost all have it), so you can safely put it in the washing machine without a problem.

Each manufacturer offers its own instructions for washing the pillow.

Some fillings take more work than usual. Natural feathers cannot be put in the washing machine, so it is very important to have a good cover. Artificial feathers can be put in a delicate program in cold water. Memory foam pillows cannot be put in the washing machine either because they lose their properties. The latex ones are washed by hand and with a short period of time to soak. The most versatile when it comes to washing the synthetic fillers that can be washed by hand or by machine.

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