Body types: Ectomorph, mesomorph or endomorph

There are different types of body. Thinner, thicker, with less back, with a rectangular shape… Depending on the type we have, we can apply a correct diet and also what exercise is indicated.

We can differentiate between three somatic body types: Endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph.


It is usually quite thick, and with a tendency to be overweight and accumulate fat. This type must control and extreme their diet in addition to being able to do aerobic exercise, especially to reduce the fat that accumulates in the body.

The endomorph tends to gain more strength easily and can gain muscle quickly. As advice, this body should reduce carbohydrates and it is normal to drink more fluids than normal, especially water.


Unlike the previous one, the ectomorphic body is much thinner with long limbs and low weight, normally. Also unlike the endomorph, they tend to have an accelerated metabolism.

They will not gain muscles easily, although they must do various types of exercises to be stronger due to their fragile appearance and rather small shoulders.

People with this body type tend to eat small amounts of food and include red meat and eggs in their diet. Thus, they will avoid carbohydrates and should also drink a lot of water.

They can do strength exercises in the gym, accompanied by arms, legs and pectorals. In any case, the personal trainer, after seeing the body type, will know which are the best physical exercises so as not to make mistakes.


At first glance they have more pectorals than the previous ones, but not as thick and strong as the endomorph. It corresponds to a hybrid between the endomorph and the ectomorph. They tend to have a regular metabolism and do not need to follow a strict diet. Even so, they tend to gain muscle and strength quite easily.

They have an athletic appearance, good posture, thick skin, and it is good that they do controlled cardiovascular exercise, as well as strength. Although, as we say, they will not have too much difficulty in gaining strength, flexibility, muscle… their diet is normal, that is, they must follow a healthy diet and they can eat a little of everything, always leaving aside the increase in fat and sugar.

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