Boy names that are trending in 2022

Choosing the perfect name for our baby is one of the first tasks we set ourselves when we discover that we are going to be parents. Therefore, if you are going to be a mother or father of a child, these ideas of names that we propose will help you soon, from the most traditional to the most exclusive with their meaning. In addition, we include the latest trends and we will tell you what names celebrities have given their little offspring born in the last year.

Pay attention because we bring you a list of boy names that will be a trend in 2022. Get inspired and start making your list, among these names could be that of your son!

20 boy names that will continue to be a trend

The trend in names is changing over the years, but it does so very slowly, therefore the 20 names that have been given the most to children born in recent years will serve to inspire you. According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics, the boy names that parents choose the most for their children are (in order from oldest to youngest):

  • Hugo : of Germanic origin, means “intelligent”, “lucid”, “insightful”.
  • Martín : comes from the Latin form Martis, which means “Mars” or “consecrated to the god Mars”.
  • Lucas : of uncertain origin, it seems to come from the Hebrew and it would mean “hurricane”, or from the Latin, and it would be translated as “light”.
  • Mateo : means “gift of God”. It is also popular in the Catalan form, Mateu: Catalan form of Mateo.
  • Leo : . It derives from Latin and is a variant of Leon, and refers to the animal of the same name. It could be translated as “who is strong like a lion”.
  • Daniel : name of Hebrew origin that means “God is my judge”. In most English countries, this name is interpreted as Dannis, but the etymology is the same.
  • Alejandro : means “protector or victor of men”.
  • Pablo : of Latin origin, it means “small, humble”.
  • Álvaro : name of Germanic origin, derived from “alwar”, which means “one who is forewarned” or “one who is the defender of all”.
  • Adrián : name of Latin origin “hadrianus” that refers to the natural Roman family of Hadria (close to the Adriatic Sea). It means “he who comes from the sea” or “he who is close to the Adriatic Sea.”
  • Mario : of Hebrew origin, it is the masculine variant of Maria and means “loved by God”.
  • Enzo : of Italian origin, it means “the lord of his home or country”. It was barely known a few years ago, but today it is creeping into the list of the most popular.
  • Diego : name of Greek origin, evolution of the name Diago, which means “doctrine”.
  • Marcos : comes from Latin and means “hammer”, related to the god Mars.
  • Izan : It is the graphic adaptation to the English pronunciation of the biblical name, Ethan, which comes from the Hebrew “Êthän”, which means “perpetual, constant, permanent”.
  • Javier : name of Basque origin, a variant of Xavier, which means “the one who comes from the new house”.
  • Marco : this variant of Marcos variant of Marcos comes from Latin and means “Hammer” and is related to the god Mars.
  • Bruno : name of Germanic origin that means “shield or breastplate”. The powerful meaning of this name makes it more and more chosen.
  • Oliver : His popularity has risen by 60 percent in the last five years, and the number of children bearing that name continues to grow each year. Of English origin, it derives from the French name Olivier, it means “olive tree” and symbolizes wisdom and peace.
  • Miguel : of Hebrew origin, it means “who is like God?”.

20 boy names that will triumph in 2022

In addition to the Top 20 that we have mentioned above, there are other names that have been going strong among children and are climbing positions among the most used names in recent years, according to data from the INE. Short and sonorous names are in fashion , English or Italian with a lot of personality without forgetting the old Spanish classics.

  • Thiago : Of Hebrew origin, it is a variant of Santiago, which means “the one who changes.”
  • Antonio : name of Greek origin derived from the Antonius variant (in Latin), whose meaning is “he who faces his adversaries” or “brave”.
  • Marc : is the Catalan form of Marcos, and one of the most common names for babies born in Catalonia. However, it is perfect for all those looking for a very short and sonorous name, which is why in recent years it has become one of the favorites for children born throughout the national territory.
  • Carlos : of Germanic origin, it means “strong and virile man”.
  • Angel: it is a name of Greek origin (‘Ággelos’), which means “messenger”.
  • Juan : name of Hebrew origin that means “God is merciful”.
  • Gonzalo : means “one who is willing to fight.”
  • Gael : of Breton origin, it means “generosity, generous gentleman”.
  • Sergio : name of Latin origin, coming from the word “servo” which means “guardian, servant”.
  • Nicolás : of Greek origin, it means “victor”, “conqueror”.
  • Dylan : This name of Welsh origin means “sea”.
  • Gabriel : means “the strength and power of God”.
  • Jorge : name of Greek origin that means “the one who works the land”.
  • Jose : name of Hebrew origin variant of Yossef, whose meaning is “God will add”.
  • Adam : of Hebrew origin, it is the English version of Adam. It means “man”, but also “red”, “blood” and “made on earth”.
  • Liam : on the way to surpass 2,500 children with this name in Spain. It comes from Irish and means “firm protection”.
  • Eric : derives from the name Eiríkr, which comes from the first generation Old Norse. Its meaning is “sole ruler”.
  • Samuel : name of Hebrew origin that translates as “the chosen one by God”.
  • Darío : its origin is uncertain, although a Greek or Persian origin is usually attributed. Its meaning is “one who owns property”.
  • Héctor : of Greek origin, it means “well formed or educated person”.
  • Luca : Italian variant of Lucas. There are authors who assure that it comes from the name Lucio, of Latin origin, and would be translated as “light”. But others maintain that its origin is Hebrew and would be translated as “hurricane”.

Character names that set trends

Movies, series, personalities and singers. are some excuses that give ideas for the names of the babies that will be born soon.

  • Artemis : Name of the protagonist of the Disney movie “Artemis Fowl”, released this year and based on the acclaimed book by Eoin Colfer. A fantastic and bewitching adventure that follows the journey of Artemis Fowl, a twelve-year-old genius. It derives from Artemis, the goddess of Greek mythology, Apollo’s twin sister. The Greeks considered her the goddess of hunting and wild animals.
  • Riff : Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of the 1950s Broadway musical ‘West Side Story’ makes us look back and fall in love all over again with its main characters. At number one, Riff, the protagonist of a ‘Romeo and Juliet’ love story. In music, a riff is a phrase that is repeated often, a tune or pluck, usually of the guitar, that is repeated in parts of the song.
  • Bernardo : Another of the protagonists of ‘West Side Story. Of German origin, it comes from ‘berin-hard’: “strong bear, strong warrior like a bear”.
  • Sean : On October 31 we learned of the death of the actor who best played Agent 007 James Bond. But this Scottish-born Sir has gone down in film history through countless unforgettable films such as “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” or “The Untouchables of Eliot Ness”. His name of Irish origin is a variant of Juan, which means “God is merciful.”
  • Zidane : the name of one of the best French soccer players in history and today Real Madrid’s manager, he stomps among the children of the fans of the white club.
  • Viggo : the trilogy of “The Lord of the Rings” was released in Spain in 2001 at the rate of one movie a year. And since then, names have emerged that have begun to sound insistently: the most, that of one of the protagonists, the actor Viggo Mortensen, the actor who played Aragorn, one of the most beloved characters in the trilogy. This name of Scandinavian origin means “battle”.
  • Denver and Rio. They are the names of two of the young and handsome protagonists of ‘La Casa de Papel ?, the successful television series that has encouraged us to come up with city names for our children.
  • Robert : Actor Robert Pattison is not stopping. He fell in love with teenagers years ago with ‘Twilight’ and now he once again cajoles mothers and fathers by getting into the skin of the new ‘Batman’. It is the English voice of Roberto, of Germanic origin, which means “who shines for his fame”.
  • Pau : Small tribute from the parent followers of the group ‘Jarabe de Palo’. His interpreter Pau Donés, conquered our hearts and our ears to the rhythm of unforgettable songs like “La flaca” or “It depends”. His name, a Catalan variant of Pablo, means “small”, “humble”.
  • Parker – Marvel lovers can’t resist the temptation to call their son their favorite superhero. With the new installment of Superman, its protagonist Peter Parker becomes fashionable again. Of English origin, it means “guardian of the park”.
  • Maluma : The Colombian reggaeton singer does not stop reaping successes, with songs like “Felices los 4”, or “Corazón” and his name is already among the favorites for new babies, especially this year that he has released a new album. It sounds very good, although as the artist from Medellín has explained, it is invented, taking the initials of the names of his family.
  • Han and Luke : the invented names of the mythical protagonists of the first Star Wars saga never go out of style, and they continue to recur year after year.

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