Can trauma to the testicles cause oligozoospermia?

Oligozoospermia is the low concentration of sperm in the ejaculate. The causes of the failure in sperm production can be hormonal, alterations in the testicles or ejaculation problems. Among the alterations in the testicles, we find trauma to the testicles, which are related to male sterility.

A strong impact on the genitals can effectively cause infertility, but it is rare for trauma to coincide in both testicles at the same time. If one of the two testicles continues to function, it would not have to produce oligozoospermia and if it did it would not have to be severe.

In case of problems obtaining a pregnancy, we can recommend assisted reproduction techniques using sperm microinjection (ICSI) and in severe cases a testicular biopsy may be necessary.

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