Can women with Turner syndrome get pregnant naturally?

Turner syndrome is one of the most common chromosomal abnormalities in humans, and represents a major cause of early menopause. It is caused by the total or partial loss of one of the X chromosomes (normally women have 2 X chromosomes).

The vast majority of women with Turner syndrome will be sterile due to ovarian failure. However, there is a small percentage of women (around 5%) who will be able to achieve natural pregnancies. It will be more likely if you have had spontaneous menses or if you have a mosaic Turner syndrome (when some cells have one X chromosome and other two X chromosomes).

Some adolescent women or Turner mosaics will have sufficient ovarian function to respond to ovarian stimulation and will be able to vitrify oocytes to become mothers later or undergo in vitro fertilization. However, the vast majority of women with this chromosomal alteration will have to resort to egg donation.

Furthermore, in these women there is an increased risk of aortic dissection during pregnancy and postpartum, so a complete medical evaluation will be necessary before seeking pregnancy, paying special attention to cardiovascular and renal function.

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