Chinese pregnancy calendar

Although I am quite skeptical about this kind of thing, I checked out of curiosity in the Chinese pregnancy calendar the sex of my daughter and that of some known babies and… it coincides!

So if you are desperately looking for a boy or a girl, you don’t lose anything by taking a look at the table of the Chinese pregnancy calendar . It is based on how old the woman is at the time of conception and the month in which the baby will be conceived.

Chinese pregnancy calendar

Of course, the Chinese pregnancy calendar does not have a scientific foundation. It comes from an ancient Chinese legend that assures that it was buried in the royal tumbra of the Ching distance more than 700 years ago, it was used to predict the sex of the baby that had not yet been born and is currently in the Beijing Institute of Science.

This calendar has been tested by thousands of women who affirm its effectiveness since it seems to be correct in 99% of cases. My recommendation for skeptics is that you do the test, it costs nothing, and tell me if it gives you a result or not.

How is the Chinese calendar used?

The Chinese calendar can only be used by women between the ages of 18 and 45. To use the Chinese pregnancy calendar you have to match your age (or the age at which you had your baby, if you want to check) in the right column and the moment of conception to know if it is a child or girl.

For boys the symbol is an O and it is blue, for girls the symbol is an A and it is pink.

To entertain you for a bit, this is the Chinese pregnancy calendar.

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