How to find an Ob Gyn (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)

Having a good gynaecologist to guide and accompany us during pregnancy can greatly improve our experience. Conversely, having one that we don’t feel comfortable with can make those visits not as pleasant as we imagine.

So it is very important to have a good gynaecologist. Either because you have not yet chosen one or you have decided to change it, Here are some tips to find and choose the ideal gynaecologist to accompany you in your pregnancy.

Here are a few things to look for in a gynaecologist.

Search several options before choosing

Choosing a gynaecologist carefully is important since it is the health professional who will accompany and guide you throughout your pregnancy. If you already have one with which you feel comfortable, excellent! But if you do not have one yet or are not comfortable with the current one, you should pay special attention when doing your search.

There is a perfect gynaecologist for all women, so the first step I recommend is to look for various options so that you have the opportunity to choose properly and do a little research on each one.

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Do a little research about him or her

Currently, many doctors have their own social networks to be closer to their patients, or there are even directory-type portals available, where one can read the comments and ratings of other patients who have consulted with the doctors who are there.

Probably by doing a quick Google search, you will find some reference to him or her and that will give you a guide to the services they offer, as well as the opinions of those who have been their patients.

They have experience

While searching online, check out your gynaecologist’s credentials. You should be able to find the doctor’s biography on the same websites that offer reviews, as well as on your practice’s website.


  • where the doctor went to medical school and completed his residency
  • if they are certified
  • how many years have practised
  • which hospital (s) are they affiliated with
  • What are specialities
  • if they have had complaints, disciplinary actions or negligence lawsuits filed against them

Also, ask about the doctor’s speciality. Some may focus more on obstetrics, others on gynaecology. If you’re being evaluated for a particular condition, such as endometriosis, find out what kind of experience your doctor has to treat it.

Ask for references to friends or acquaintances

For me, this is a very important point. Although of course, the opinions of other people will help us to have an idea about the treatment and services they offer, the gynaecologist of your dreams could come through a referral from a friend or family member.

After the experience, consulted with some friends, who recommended to the gynaecologist and with whom one can find herself more than satisfied and above all, very comfortable.

They accept your insurance

Cost is an important consideration when choosing any doctor. If the gynaecologist is out of your network, you will have to pay out of pocket for your care, which can quickly add up. Check with your insurance plan at the beginning of your search to see which gynaecologists in your area are included in your network.

They share your values

The gynaecologist will advise you on topics like birth control and pregnancy, so try to find out how they see these topics from the beginning. This way, you don’t have to deal with an uncomfortable situation if they have an opposite point of view.

Seek to go with your beliefs and interests

Another aspect that you should take into account is finding a gynaecologist who is on the same page as you, that is, who agrees and supports you in decisions and defends your interests, as long as these are the best for you and your baby.

Although most gynaecologists who accompany you in pregnancy are more of a kind of guide, it is important that it allows you to make decisions, that you listen and give you the freedom to choose details of your delivery, such as allowing you to make a birth plan, among other things.

Have good bedside manners

A doctor with a courteous and contemptuous attitude at the bedside can make you lose confidence despite years of experience. You want a doctor who will listen to you and respect what you have to say. The best doctors do not order or preach to their patients: they engage in open two-way communication.

You feel comfortable with them

Finding a gynaecologist who supports you, listens to you and with whom you also feel comfortable asking absolutely everything, is like finding a gold mine or winning the lottery.

This is the doctor who will perform your gynaecological exam and ask you very personal questions about your reproductive health. You must be completely comfortable with this person for the relationship to work.

Gender can be an issue when it comes to choosing a gynaecologist. Some women prefer to be seen by a doctor of the same gender. Some cultural or religious background will direct a woman to a doctor. If you prefer a gynaecologist to attend you, keep it in mind at your choice. But also consider which provider will provide you with the highest level of care and who is available, convenient, and in-network.

A good gynaecologist is one with whom you feel comfortable, listen to you, take care of you and respect your decisions.

How did you choose your gynaecologist?

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