What causes baby acne

What causes baby acne

When we think of the skin of a newborn we do not imagine that pimples can appear on the baby. There is always talk of a soft, rosy skin… but on many occasions the skin of our little one can present many imperfections and pimples. There are some baby bumps that may need some specific … Read more

Acetone in Children: Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment


Acetone is the symptom of an eating disorder that can accompany some diseases. What are its causes, what treatments does it require and how do you know if the child suffers from it? In children, complex sugar reserves, which provide long-lasting energy, are depleted more quickly than in adults. As an alternative source of energy, … Read more

Genital Injury – Female


Problems derived from the vagina in women are often more common than desirable. Why do punctures occur in the vagina? If you feel pricking in the vagina, this can be a symptom of vaginal inflammation or vaginitis, which is very common, but must be treated. This condition is caused by an infection, a bacterial imbalance, … Read more

Anemia and Pregnancy: Recognize it and treat it


Learn about the causes, symptoms, treatments, and possible consequences (for both mother and fetus) of anaemia during pregnancy, a condition that occurs in 40% of pregnancies. Meat, eggs, fish, cereals and legumes are essential components of the pregnant woman’s diet. They are rich in iron, a mineral necessary for the synthesis of haemoglobin, the protein … Read more

Folic acid in Pregnancy and Foods Containing it


Folic acid is an essential vitamin for the development of the baby, before and during pregnancy. Why is it so important during pregnancy and what foods are rich in folic acid? In pregnancy, folic acid, or vitamin B12, is very important. Its consumption is essential in the diet of the pregnant woman and the woman … Read more

Coronavirus Anxiety in Pregnancy: How to Control


Even under normal conditions, pregnancy and childbirth can raise some doubts and concerns, which are exacerbated in this difficult situation. We answer the most frequently asked questions, with the help of specialists, about Coronavirus anxiety. Answers for pregnant women’s doubts about anxiety that the health crisis in the Covid-19. In pregnancy, the woman is in … Read more

Hemorrhoids (Piles) – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, Types and Treatments


What are Hemorrhoids Hemorrhoids, also spelled as haemorrhoids, is a normal structure of the human anatomy whose function is to pad the anal canal and help maintain continence. Hemorrhoidal disease occurs when these hemorrhoidal structures, colloquially known as piles, become congested, inflamed, and move or prolapse out of the anal canal. It is a very … Read more