Do pesticides alter semen quality?

50% of couples who attend assisted reproduction centers have a diagnosis of male infertility, which can be associated with different pathologies, but the most common is seminal quality.

The reasons that affect the semen quality are the age of the male, the lifestyle and various contaminants. In the case of pollutants, where we could include pesticides, they pose a toxicity through which these compounds act as hormonal disruptors, being able to alter both the production of fertility hormones (testosterone, LH, FSH …) and the state of oxide-reduction that could lead to impairments in terms of concentration, mobility or even DNA. It is important not to automatically associate the use of pesticides with infertility, since the effects would come from continued exposures to the appropriate toxins.

Therefore, we must be aware of the importance of the male in reproductive processes and try to avoid being exposed to contaminants that can alter sperm production.

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