English Names for Girls: 200 English names to choose from!

Do you already know what name to choose for your daughter? Have you thought about giving it an English name? Get inspired by the 200 most popular English girl names. We detail the meaning of each name. What name do you keep?

Choosing the baby’s name, whether it’s a boy’s or a girl’s, is not an easy task. Many parents are very clear about it, but this choice raises many doubts for others because the name can even mark their personality. Nowadays, naming the child is even more complicated, since there are many options and the names are no longer limited only to Spanish territory. For example, many parents choose foreign names for their children, such as English names, Japanese, Italians, Arabs, Basques or Greeks and, specifically, English names for children are some of the most successful. Therefore, if what you are looking for is an English name for a girl, here we offer you a list of 200 girl names in English with their meaning. Surely you will find one that you like!

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Top English Names for Girls

Girl Names That Start With A

Abby: Fun, beautiful and always ready to smile.

Ada: Elegant and reserved, but incredibly beautiful.

Adele: Sweet and kind, but with a certain naughty air.

Agnes: Mysterious and exotic. Agnes is a kind girl that people want to meet.

Alexa: Flirty and naughty, very fun-loving.

Amelie: A little shy and passive.

Angel: Angelic in appearance, although with a complex personality.

Aurore: It refers to the beginning of the day and is a girl with her own light.

Girl Names That Start With B

Bambi: Extremely sexy and very sensual.

Beatrice: Very responsible, although very funny when you get to know her.

Blair: Agile and very pretty list.

Blake: He likes to break the rules and be guided by his instincts.

Bonnie: Cheerful and smiling girl.

Brooke: Ingenious and very lucid.

Bryony: Quiet and hard working.

Buffy: Strong, beautiful and fun.

Girl Names That Start With C

Cadence: A very sweet girl who likes to go unnoticed.

Callie: Bright and bubbly, she is a very sociable girl.

Candy: Living up to her name, she is a very sweet and somewhat naughty girl.

Cat: “Cat” in English, the girls who bear this name are cunning and savvy.

Celestine: Dreamy, romantic and flirty.

Celia: Innocent and very smart.

Chanel: Cute, happy and with a special gift for elegance.

Charis: Charismatic and sensual, but with a somewhat mysterious side.

Charlize: Cheerful, reserved and very intelligent.

Chastity: Liberal, fun and very determined.

Clarise: You know what you want and you are fighting to get it.

Girl Names That Start With D

Daisy: Innocent and very beautiful, she is very loyal to her friends.

Dana: Serious, very thoughtful and with a sense of humour.

Daphne: Warm, very empathetic and caring.

Darcy: Liberal and little lover of following established rules.

Dede: Transgressive with the world around her.

Delila: Sporty and very dynamic.

Diane: Curious and unafraid of what they will say.

Girl Names That Start With E

Elina: She loves being the centre of attention.

Eliza: Reserved and very organized.

Emelda: Impress and fascinate the people around you.

Emmaline: Strong and very tenacious in achieving what she wants in life.

Erin: Sweet and pretty, but a little simplistic.

Esme: With a good heart, your priority is to take care of your loved ones.

Evelyn: Beautiful, fun and smart.

Girl Names That Start With F

Faith: Incredulous and lover of living in the moment.

Felicity: It means “happiness” and she is a very sweet and happy girl.

Fern: Name that means “true love”.

Fleur: Beautiful as a flower and lover of life.

Flora: Sincere, practical and very tenacious.

Florence: Very good-natured and understanding.

Francesca: Exotic and very attractive.

Frankie: Fun and exciting with life, it’s the life of the party.

Freya: Charming and very sociable.

Girl Names That Start With G

Gabriel: Angelic face and with a strong personality.

Gaynor: Strong character and with fixed ideas.

Gia: Very beautiful and with a complex personality.

Gillian: Cute and very practical.

Ginger: Wild and lover of freedom.

Grace: Serene, homey and traditional.

Gretchen: Lover of trends and technologies.

Girl Names That Start With H

Harmony: It means “melody” and it has a voice as pretty as its face.

Harper: He loves to joke around with people.

Harriet: She seems very reserved, but she hides a wild side.

Hazel: Reserved and concerned with what they will say.

Heather: Very sure of herself.

Hester: Interesting girl, with a strong personality and a bit complex.

Hope: He seems innocent, but he has a rebellious side.

Hyacinth: Elegant and good public relations.

Girl Names That Start With I

Ida: Smart and insightful.

Imogen: Bohemia and nature lover.

India: Lover of travel and exotic cultures.

Irish: Elegant, reserved and very familiar.

Isobel: Very sociable, happy and somewhat stubborn.

Ivy: Beautiful and Faithfulness.

Girl Names That Start With J

Jade: It shines by itself and manages to transmit its light to those around it.

Jamie: Shy and reserved, but very empathetic.

Jasmine: Like jasmine, it is beautiful and elegant.

Jessa: Liberal and cosmopolitan.

Juno: Strong and very beautiful, she is a girl with character.

Girl Names That Start With K

Kara: Sportsman and lover of the outdoors.

Karly: Very sensual and with a tendency to melancholy.

Kayla: Sweet and fun, she is a sociable girl.

Keira: Incredibly beautiful and with a tendency to always do good work.

Kimberly: A little crazy and with a lot of energy.

Kora: Very generous with loved ones and family spirit.

Kristen: Loves animals and nature.

Kylie: Nice but a little shy.

Girl Names That Start With L

Lacey: She likes to have everything under control.

Laila: He always seeks to do good, although sometimes he is wrong.

Lara: Ambitious, powerful and somewhat possessive.

Laurie: Very dreamy; believe in true love and fairy tales.

Lena: Smart, pretty and successful.

Leonore: Adorable and very sweet, it is easy to fall in love with her.

Lexi: Very dynamic and participatory.

Lilith: Sincere, kind-hearted and a friend of her friends.

Lilly: She likes to flirt and is very affectionate.

Lola: Romantic, intuitive and very clever.

Girl Names That Start With M

Mackenzie: Insightful, smart, and very responsible.

Macy: Loyal to her friends and dreamy.

Maddie: Sensitive, loving and happy.

Malory: Self- confident and very sensual.

Margot: Very honest and loyal.

Masie: Sweet, kind and smart.

Meadow: He likes to have fun and live in the moment.

Melody: It means “melody” and is variable in character and with plenty of light of its own.

Morgan: Lover of somewhat masculine hobbies and very determined.

Girl Names That Start With N

Nala: Mysterious, romantic and very beautiful.

Naomi: Sweet, beautiful and very smart.

Nancy: Funny and charming, but she hides behind a mask.

Nell: Elegant, tenacious and fighter.

Nora: Strong personality, determined and convincing.

Girl Names That Start With O

Olive: Protective and hard-working, although a little crazy.

Oona: She loves to travel and meet new people.

Opal: Admired by those who surround him and very active.

Girl Names That Start With P

Paige: Charming and sociable, she is more fun than she thinks.

Patience: Strong and complex personality, she is attracted to helping people with problems.

Payton: He lets himself be carried away by people and must watch out for the bad company.

Peace: It means “peace” and she is a calm, calm and patient girl.

Pearl: Demanding and very beautiful, it means “pearl”.

Penny: Cute and sexy, she cares a lot about her appearance.

Phoenix: Able to reinvent itself.

Piper: She is easily impressed and is very flirtatious.

Pixie: Cheerful, dynamic and very energetic.

Poppy: It means “poppy” and is a sensitive and bohemian girl.

Primrose: Incredibly pretty and very romantic.

Prue: Shy and introverted but very empathetic.

Girl Names That Start With Q

Queenie: With a tendency to believe that it is the centre of the world.

Quinn: Very beautiful, but a little shallow.

Girl Names That Start With R

Rachel: Lover of nature and sensitive to the world around her.

Raine: Spontaneous and very beautiful, capable of bringing the boys upside down.

Raven: Fascinating, but mysterious and somewhat complex.

Stripe: Proud and a little stubborn.

Regina: Cheerful and lover of the good life.

Renee: Sensual and fun.

Remy: Very shy, calm and reserved.

River: With a changing character, but with fixed ideas.

Rose: Of fiery temperament, but kind and loving.

Rosemary: Strong and somewhat complex personality.

Roxy: Coquettish and very smug.

Ruby: A true gem. Someone really special.

Girl Names That Start With S

Saffron: Sweet, delicate and somewhat fragile.

Sahara: Determined and fighter; he likes to do things his way.

Saige: He likes to take care of his loved ones.

Samantha: Feminine, flirty and very traditional.

Sarah: Simple, practical and happy.

Sasha: Of fixed ideas and with a brave spirit.

Scarlett: Attractive, sensual and intelligent.

Selena: Exotic looking and bohemian tastes.

September: Make friends easily.

Serena: Placid, benevolent, thoughtful and kind.

Shelby: Very active and fun-loving.

Skye: Sweet, nice and friends with her friends.

Sophia: Popular and somewhat self-centred, outgoing and outgoing.

Star: It means “star” and always manages to get what it wants.

Suki: Little lover of order and organization. Let yourself go for the moment.

Girl Names That Start With T

Tabitha: Romantic, dreamy and somewhat fantasy.

Tamsin: Beautiful, fun and liberal.

Tara: With a lot of inner potentials and attractive in the eyes of men.

Tatum: A strong and beautiful woman who acts to make things happen.

Taylor: Superficial and intuitive, but very sweet.

Teagan: Creative and very talented.

Tessa: He likes to be different and is not satisfied with anything.

Tia: She tries to do things right, but she tends to be troublesome.

Tori: With a lot of her own light and the ability to fascinate those around her.

Trinity: Fun and engaging, but somewhat indecisive.

Trixy: Good-hearted and very empathetic, although not very bright.

Girl Names That Start With U

Uma: He is loved by his good looks and his great personality.

Ursula: Undeniably very beautiful and mysterious.

Girl Names That Start With V

Veda: Independent, smart and determined.

Velma: She is not afraid to show herself how she is and says what she thinks.

Venus: Doing honour to the Greek goddess of love, she is a beautiful, sweet and sensual girl.

Vera: She seems reserved but in reality, she is outgoing and sociable.

Verity: A little self-centred and selfish.

Veronica: Smart, curious, and fun.

Violet: Elegant, dreamy and with a somewhat bucolic appearance.

Virgine: Gullible, sweet and kind-hearted.

Girl Names That Start With W

Wallis: Independent and distant. She is somewhat lonely and few friends, but she is faithful to her own.

Willa: He likes to impress those around him and be the centre of attention.

Willow: She seems shy, but she is powerful and with character.

Winona: Beautiful, shy, reserved and somewhat lonely.

Winter: It means “winter” and is somewhat distant, reserved and very thoughtful.

Girl Names That Start With X

Xandra: Cute and fun, she’s always joking.

Xena: Worker and take arms.

Xia: Enjoy the good things in life.

Girl Names That Start With Y

Yazmin: Exotic, beautiful and mysterious like the jasmine flower.

Yelena: Sociable, outgoing and very joking.

Yvaine: Smart, Pragmatic and Independent.

Yvette: Always very happy. His smile is contagious.

Yvonne: He says what he thinks and has very clear ideas.

Girl Names That Start With Z

Zada: Free spirit, lover of new experiences and life.

Zaheera: Adventurous, fearless and brave.

Zali: Exotic, cautious and sensitive.

Zara: Practical, intelligent and with fixed ideas.

Zaya: Fun-loving and somewhat irresponsible.

Zelda: Adventurer, traveller, and extrovert.

Zelina: Beautiful, practical and homey.

Zeva: With a lot of character and decision-making power.

Zoe: Stylish, urban and trend-loving.

Zola: Extremely organized.

Zora: Shy, reserved and somewhat introverted.

Zula: Lonely, calm and lover of tranquillity.

Zuri: Hard-working, a tenacious and very fighter.

What do you think of the names for a girl in English? Do you like anyone in particular? Can’t you agree with your partner on what name to choose for the baby? Please leave your comment at the end of this article.

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