Experts affirm that bathing in the sea is safe, since the water is not contaminated by Covid-19

Will a swim in the sea be safe this summer in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic? Experts assure that the seawater is free of the virus and that it is a man who transports it there. Bathing in the open sea and in areas not adjacent to sewage is safe.

When we think of summer, obviously, long baths in the sea, sunbathing on the beach come to mind.

However, this year, with the coronavirus health crisis, going to the beach will be different and we will have to adapt. But will it be safe to swim in the sea? Will diving in the water be possible?

Some experts, Affirm’s that bathing in the sea is safe, since seawater is free of Covid-19 and, in any case, it is the man the one who brings it there. In summer, it will be possible to swim safely on the beach, however, taking certain precautions.

The safest thing will be to take a bath in the open sea or do it in areas of the coast that are not close to the sewage outlets. Alfredo Rossi, doctor and director of health of the Italian National Salvation Society, explains it: “The virus is only critically present in marine areas close to wastewater because these waters contain faecal remains and there they do viruses and bacteria are present.”

The salinity of the sea, unfavourable for the Covid-19

A study carried out by the Higher Institute of Health detected the presence of Covid-19 in some water samples collected in sewage networks. However, these remains located in wastewater are not dangerous for contagion.

Currently, studies are underway on how bathing in the sea could be carried out in the summer if finally allowed by governments. You can swim without fear, because “in the water, viral transmission from a carrier to a healthy individual does not occur through the water itself.”

The virus is transmitted through exhaled air and human contact, something that could be dangerous if the two swimmers or people who are currently in the water are too close. While it is true that an infected person could release the virus while swimming, the virus is unlikely to survive, as its viral load would spread rapidly, also thanks to the action of currents, ultraviolet rays and the salinity of the water, which creates an unfavourable environment for the virus.

Do you think that in summer we can go to the beach and swim in the sea? If the government allows it and it is considered safe, will you do it? Or do you prefer to be cautious and you are somewhat afraid that there are many people on the beach and the contagion increases?

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