Fun and easy animal crafts to do with kids

One of the many screen-free activities that we can enjoy with our children is doing crafts. With it, in addition to having a fun time, we can learn and develop various skills , such as exercising fine motor skills, reviewing colors or working with new or different techniques and materials.

To have a very creative day, we propose 27 easy and fun animal crafts to do with children , where you will find birds, mammals, insects and much more, divided by materials.

with paint

Chicks with footprints

We start our list with this beautiful craft from A Little Pinch of Perfect , in which we can make a chick with cardboard or colored paper and hand and foot prints with paint.

chick stamps

Another way to make crafts using paint is with stamps, like this idea from Crafty Morning , in which with the help of a cork and a little paper we can make a beautiful craft.

With paper or cardboard


We could not leave out of our list a material with infinite possibilities: paper or cardboard. With it, we can make these curious little ladybugs, which they show us in Easy Peasy and Fun .

flamingo puppet

How about these brilliant flamingo puppets? We have seen them in I heart crafty things .


We have seen this original paper bunny craft at Easy Peasy and Fun , and we liked it because of its ease and because it only requires paper, scissors and glue.


If we have some tissue paper at home, we can follow the instructions in Glued to my Crafts and make a colorful fish by cutting the paper into small squares and gluing it onto a paper plate or white cardstock.

Black cat

Another option with this material is to make a fun and cute black cat with black cardboard like the one they share in Fireflies and Mud Pies .


At mmmcrafts we found this clever puppy craft: a card that makes his ears wiggle!


A giraffe puppet! In I heart arts and crafts they teach us how to make one using paper, paint and a bit of thread or wool.

With recycled materials

little turtles

Of course, we could not leave out of our animal crafts those that we can make with recycled materials. At Emma Owl , they show us how we can make little turtles out of egg cartons.


At One little project we have found this cute little craft: penguins made from egg cartons. We just cut, add some paint, cardboard or paper and voila.


Another craft that we can do by recycling this material, are the cute chicks that we propose in Typically Simple .


At I Heart Crafty Things we find this beautiful craft of some nice and colorful owls made with cans and plastic bottle caps.


This team of fire-breathing dragons is so much fun! Kids will love blowing the flames out of his mouth. In addition, they tell us in One Little Project that they are very easy to make using the toilet paper tube as a base .


In Easy Peasy and Fun they share with us this peacock craft, which consists of recycling the toilet paper tube and adding other simple shapes in colored paper.

Little bee

This curious little bee was also made with a toilet paper tube and some colored paper, but we can also make it with paint and more cardboard. We have seen her in Easy Peasy and Fun .

little foxes

Another cute craft that we can do with this material is that of these little foxes, which we have seen in Easy Peasy and Fun .


Also in Easy Peasy and Fun we find a craft with the toilet paper tube, inspired by the best friend of many children: puppies.


Another option to create with the toilet paper tube are these adorable penguins, which we can make by following the instructions in Easy Peasy and Fun .

with disposable

little crabs

How about these cute little crabs from Crafts by Amanda ? They are made with disposable cups, pipe cleaners and plastic eyes (if we don’t have them, we can make them with black and white paper or cardboard).


Also using disposable cups, whether Styrofoam or cardboard, we can make some interesting animals, like this cute tiger. In Kids Activities they show us how to do it, as well as other examples of animals.


In I heart crafty things we find this craft of some colorful owls, made with paint, glue and paper plates.


Also with a paper or cardboard plate, we can make a smiling striped tiger, like the one we have seen in No time for flash cards .

monkey or ape

Or how about this fun and curious little monkey that we can also create with paper or cardboard plates? We found it in Easy Peasy and Fun .


In I heart crafty things they show us how using a paper bag and cardboard or paper plates, we can make this original hippopotamus craft.


Another food that we can use as a stamp is potatoes, and in I heart arts and crafts we find how to use them as the base to make cute panda bears.

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