Future dads have them too: six symptoms of pregnancy in men

The changes of pregnancy not only affect the woman, but in some cases, also her partner. Future dads may feel the same symptoms that their pregnant women have , a phenomenon known as the Covada Syndrome , a term from the French “couvade” (to incubate).

There is no physical cause, but the empathy and emotional connection that is established with the couple sometimes causes, from the moment they find out about the pregnancy, that they too begin to feel changes. We will discuss six pregnancy symptoms suffered by men . If you have any more, we invite you to add it to the list.


It is normal for the man to experience anxiety pictures , due to the proximity of his fatherhood. Insomnia, fatigue, power surges and stress are not exclusive symptoms of women. The man also shares concerns about his wife’s pregnancy.

They feel uneasy about the development of the pregnancy, the medical tests , they worry if they will be ready for the delivery and if they will do well when the baby is born. In these cases, the more involved the man is in the pregnancy process, the more confidence he can have in himself and transmit it to his partner.

Morning sickness

Parents can also suffer from the annoying morning sickness that affects pregnant women during the first months of pregnancy.

There are several studies that have dealt with this without finding a compelling reason. In women, it is the increase in estrogens, in men it is believed to be linked to the anxiety we talked about before, as well as changes in diet, since it is common for men to eat more to relieve stress.

Weight gain

It is not only the pregnant woman’s belly that is growing, but also that of her partner . The scale reveals a weight gain that increases as the pregnancy progresses. It is believed that the man gains around six kilos during his wife’s pregnancy.

Also due to anxiety that causes changes in diet. The most likely culprit is cortisol, dubbed the “stress hormone,” which is secreted in higher volumes during periods of anxiety. Cortisol regulates insulin and blood sugar levels so you can feel hungry when in fact there isn’t.

Like the woman, it is convenient for the man to also control the weight gain during pregnancy and take better care of his diet.

Humor changes

Men also experience a roller coaster of emotions during pregnancy, especially during the first few weeks.

He feels concerned about the proximity of his fatherhood and suffers from all kinds of emotions. You can go from happy to sad, calm to anxious, or sweet to irritable in a very short period of time.

Changes in sex drive

Sex life is also affected in pregnancy . In some men, the libido decides to go on a trip until after childbirth, while others experience sex with greater intensity during these months.

The physical changes experienced by the mother may motivate some, but demotivate others. Many are afraid of hurting the baby when having sex (calm, it is impossible to harm the baby), so take advantage of sex during pregnancy because it can be a very pleasant experience for all three .

Aches and pains

Some men become more “fussy” than usual about aches and pains. Typical discomforts of pregnant women such as back pain, sciatica, headache or cramps are also suffered by it.

Researchers do not find a physical cause for these pains, which in the case of women is caused by the action of hormones. What is believed is that it is due to a mechanism of identification with the partner or in some cases, subconscious feelings of competence, since although he does not carry a baby inside, he is also close to becoming a father.

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