Greek boy names: 100 Greek boy names to choose from!

Are you and your partner looking for a nice boy’s name?
Would you like to know what are the Greek names for children? Do you know the beautiful names of Greek gods? Get inspired by the 100 most popular Greek boy names!

There comes a time during pregnancy, a few weeks before the baby is born or, even when you have already given birth, that you must decide what name you will give your baby. There are couples who are very clear from the beginning, but for others, the task is not easy. Choosing the child’s name is very important, since it is forever, so you and your dad must like it. Nowadays, giving a name to the child is complicated, since the names are not limited only to Spanish territory. Many parents choose for their children foreign names, such as names English, Japanese, Italian, Basque and even Arabs and also rare and original names. Have you considered the option of choosing a Greek name for your child? Do you know what are the most popular Greek boy names? Today, they are in fashion and many, with thousands of years of history, are related to gods and heroes of antiquity. We offer you a list of 100 names in Greek for children with their meaning. Surely you will find one that you like!

Greek Boy Names that start with A

Achilles: Name that honours the mythical hero of La Iliada, the epic poem of Homer that narrates the Trojan War.

Adonis: Name that refers to a young man from Greek mythology who was born with such supreme beauty that Aphrodite herself, goddess of love, fell madly in love with him.

Adrian: It means “wealth” and describes a powerful and greedy man.

Alessandro: It means “protector of humanity” and was a common name among kings in ancient Greece.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With B

Basil: It means “king” and defines a powerful and ambitious man.

Belen: Name that means “arrow” and that is related to the warlike abilities.

Bemus: Calm, peaceful man and good merchant.

Greek Baby Names starting with C

Caesar: It means “hair” and refers to the famous Julius Caesar, dictator of ancient Rome.

Calix: It means “beautiful”.

Christopher: Man with a great ability to guide the rest on the right track.

Cicero: Concerning the famous historian of ancient Greece.

Claus: It means “the victory of the people”.

Cole: It derives from Claus and has the same meaning.

Constantine: Name that means “constant” and defines a brave and fighting man.

Corban: It means “gift dedicated to God”.

Cy: Proud, egocentric man and with powers of the ruler.

Greek Boy Names that start with D

Damen: It means “divine power”, a man with powers to see things lucidly.

Darius: Name that designates a boy who wants to make a fortune.

Deacon: Means “servant” and “messenger”.

Demetrius: Related to Demetris, goddess of agriculture, means “lover of the earth”.

Dennis: It refers to a man with a wild and somewhat primitive instinct.

Deo: It means “like God”.

Dru: It means “vision”, the one who sees everything clearly.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With E

Egan: Name related to the myth of fire, which defines a boy with his own light.

Eros: He was the god of love according to Greek mythology, the little winged angel, also known as Cupid.

Estevan: It means “crown”.

Eugene: It is a curious name that means “born with a star”; that is to say, a man born with luck.

Evan: It means “young warrior” and describes a man with fighting skills.

Ezio: It means “eagle”.

Greek Boy Names that start with F

Faust: It means “fortunate” and refers to the myth of Faust, who sold his soul to the devil in exchange for unlimited knowledge and pleasures.

Felipe: Name that means “he who loves horses” and that is related to the love of nature and living beings.

Flavian: It means “blond”.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With G

George: It means “farmer” and defines a boy lover of the field, protector and hard worker.

Giles: Its literal translation would be “young goat” and it describes a crazy boy who wants to live intensely.

Gregory: Cautious, vigilant and very protective man.

Griffin: The literal translation is “mythological beast”.

Greek Boy Names that start with H

Hercules: Honoring the famous hero of Greek mythology, it means “exceptionally strong”.

Homer: It means “promise” and was the name of the famous Greek poet, creator of the epic poems The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Greek Boy Names that start with I

Icarus: Name referring to the legendary figure from Greek mythology who tried to escape from the island of Crete, where he was being held, by means of waxwings that melted with the sun.

Isidore: It means “that he has the gift of Isis”. Isis was the queen of the gods in Egyptian mythology.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With J

Jace: It means “healer” and describes an intuitive and wise man.

Jerry: Name that means “saint”, the person who does good beyond worldly limits.

Jorges: Variant of George, which means “farmer”.

Julian: Concerning juvenile; Jovial and fun-loving man.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With K

Kal: It refers to the “most beautiful”, a man blessed with the gift of beauty.

Karan: It means “pure”; with a good heart and a noble soul.

Keelan: Name that means “thin” or “skinny”.

Kosmos: It is related to an order, the opposite of chaos, and currently also designates the universe.

Kristo: It means “carrier”.

Kyril: Noble, elegant and stately man.

Greek Baby Names starting with L

Lacey: Courageous, brave and honourable man.

Layland: It means “protector of men”.

Leo: Regarding lion, a strong, brave, wild and adventurous man.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With M

Mackenzie: Boy wanting to explore the world around him.

Magus: It means “magician”.

Matthew: It means “dedicated to God” and is related to the origin of Christianity.

Maximus: It means “the greatest” and describes a man with courage, brave and victorious.

Miles: A merciful man with a good heart.

Moe: It means “saved” or “well-protected”.

Greek Boy Names that start with N

Neo: It refers to something new, innovative, that has just emerged.

Nicholas: It means “victorious people”.

Nicos: It means “victory of the people”.

Niles: It also refers to the “victory of the people”.

Nyke: It means “speed”. Currently, it is the name of a famous sports brand, which has used it in honour of its meaning.

Greek Baby Names starting with O

Obelius: Strong man, with courage and eagerness to fight.

Odell: Related to odes, very popular in ancient Greece.

Odysseus: It means “full of anger”.

Orien: It means “the hunter”.

Orrin: It means “mountain”.

Othello: Sharp, insightful and very skilful man.

Otis: Popular man, who is loved by people.

Owen: It means “well-born.”

Greek Boy Names that start with P

Pancras: A powerful, ambitious and somewhat self-centred man.

Pearce: It literally means “rock” or “stone”.

Philip: It means “horse lover” and describes a man very close to nature.

Pheonix: It is related to a mystical bird.

Proteus: It means “variable”, a person with unclear ideas and variable behaviour.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With Q

Quinn: Literally means “born the fifth”.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With R

Rastus: Loving, loving and dedicated man.

Risto: It literally means “he who knows how to listen”.

Greek Baby Names starting with S

Sander: It means “protector”.

Santos: Man with a big heart who does good to others.

Sirius: A man of extraordinary personality, well-liked by all.

Spiro: It means “spiral”.

Stavros: It means “crowned”.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With T

Tadd: Man with a lot of courage, brave and without fear of anything.

Tassos: Thoughtful, rational and strong man.

Theo: It means “divine gift”.

Timon: It means “worthy”.

Titan: Refers to the race of powerful gods who ruled during the legendary golden age, according to Greek mythology.

Tomaso: Dual man, ambiguous and somewhat complex.

Tyrone: It means “king”.

Greek Baby Names That Begin With U

Ulysses: Literally means “anger”. Ulysses was a legendary hero from Greek mythology, the protagonist of The Odyssey.

Uranus: Name of the sky god according to Greek mythology.

Urion: It means “from heaven”.

Greek Boy Names that start with V

Vanko: It means “gift of the gods”.

Vessels: Concerning a man of blood or royal lineage.

Vitalis: It means “life” and describes a happy man, with a lot of energy and a desire to live.

Greek Baby Names starting with X

Xander: Literally, it means “protector”.

Xanthus: It means “river of the gods”; something sacred and mystical.

What do you think of the names for a boy in Greek? Do you like anyone in particular? Perhaps one related to a Greek god or hero? Can’t you agree with your partner on what name to choose for the baby? Please leave your comment at the end of this article.

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