The 15 best evolutionary highchairs to accompany your baby’s growth

The 15 best evolutionary highchairs to accompany your baby's growth

The moment to start complementary feeding is a very important milestone in the life of the baby, which we parents live with great emotion. At lunchtime we must ensure a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and a clean and comfortable place. In addition, it is recommended that whenever possible we include the baby in family meals … Read more



Your baby is already 15 months old! 15-month-old children already have a “very loose” tongue and are able to make themselves understood with their babble and little words. With each passing day, their language evolves more and more, and they already master the “art” of walking with total stability. Want to learn more about the … Read more

Your Baby Is 12 Months Old


Your baby has already completed his first year of life! Congratulations! Often 12-month-old babies are called “children. ” Many of them already walk alone, or are about to do so, and their diet is practically like that of the elderly. From this moment on, issues related to the education and psychology of the child will … Read more

Your Baby is 11 Months Old


Has your baby been 11 months old? Surely, you will be in the first steps stage, or approaching it, keeping in mind that each child follows his own rhythm. Do you want to know if you can already eat everything? Or what if your teeth aren’t out yet? We explain everything you need to know … Read more

Your Baby is Already 10 Months Old


Your baby is already 10 months old! At this stage, it will take you to your first birthday. In no time, your baby can begin to take his first steps, or at least make his first attempts to stand up. Do you want to know all the keys to the development and growth of the … Read more

Your Baby is 9 Months Old


Has your baby turned nine months old? We are entering the last quarter before turning one! By nine months, your baby has already become an expert “tester” of new foods, and he likes them more and more! However, it is also becoming more stubborn, so you will have to use all your “mommy weapons” to … Read more

Your Baby is 8 Months Old


Your baby is eight months old, he is getting very old! Since the little one no longer feels that he is a whole with the mother figure, he may demonstrate an important “mamitis”, also called “separation anxiety”, which is totally normal at this age. We tell you how the development of eight-month-old babies is, from … Read more

Your Baby Is 7 Months Old


Your baby is already seven months old! The stage that will take you to your first year begins. If you need information about the development and growth of seven-month-old babies, you are in the right place: the times of the introduction of new foods, the care and well-being of the little one, the stimulation of … Read more

Your Baby Is 6 Months Old


Congratulations, your baby is six months old, half a year old! Do you want to know everything about the development and growth of six-month-old babies? We talk about the stages of psychophysical development, growth, the introduction of complementary feeding, the departure of the first teeth and the general evolution of six-month-old babies. Here you have … Read more

Your Baby is 5 Months Old


You already have a five-month-old baby! Your son is approaching the middle of the age by leaps and bounds, and it is a stage that you are going to enjoy very much, because, from now on, you are going to observe very important changes in the baby who, until almost nothing, seemed so small and … Read more

4 Month Old Baby Development


Your baby is four months! Do you have doubts about its development and growth? We explain the keys to the development of four-month-old babies: food, sleep, psychomotor progress, the growth milestones expected at this age and all issues related to the health, well-being and care of the little ones of four months. All the information … Read more

3 Month Old Baby Development, Activities, Weight, Sleep, Feeding and Toys


Your baby is three months, congratulations! Baby’s first three months have become an exciting time, where you’ve been able to see incredibly fast progress in no time. It seems incredible how much it has grown! All her senses have evolved a lot, the small inconveniences of the first weeks and months have already been overcome, … Read more

Your Baby is 2.5 Month Old


The two-and-a-half-month-old baby reacts to stimuli in an increasingly intense and noticeable way. Want to know how two-and-a-half-month-old babies develop, what are the developmental milestones they reach this age, and what are their care, feeding, and sleep needs? We explain what you need to know! Growth And Development Of Your 2 And A Half Month … Read more

Newborn development at 1-2 months


Your Baby Is 1.5 Months Old Your baby has already completed a month and a half of life and is increasingly awake and more responsive to external stimuli. Your mother is the mainstay of his life, so it is normal that he is with you most of the time, especially if you breastfeed on demand, … Read more