Have you been invited to a christening? Eleven original ideas to give a baby

We are in the middle of a month of social events, so it is possible that you have been invited to the christening of a baby . Generally, a gift is given for the newborn, a personalized gift or a memory of that special moment for the family.

We give you eleven original gift ideas to give a baby on the day of his christening . We hope you like them.

First doll + personalized pacifier

In Tutete you can find a very useful gift that will also be a nice souvenir: a doll made of 100% 100% cotton and a pacifier, both personalized with the baby’s name. There are also other pack options, both for girls and boys. This model costs 36 euros .

My first cutlery

If you want a traditional gift that lasts a long time, a good idea is a pack of two Pedro Durán silver cutlery engraved with a bear. Its price: 49.60 euros in El Corte Inglés .

Personalized tooth box

An original gift that you will not use yet but will serve to give the Mouse Perez his teeth is a silver box personalized with the name of the boy or girl. Its price: 18.90 euros in The Newborn

Frame for photos and footprints

A memory that parents can keep for a lifetime is a frame with photos of the baby and his hand and foot prints from when he was little. You get it for 18.99 euros on Amazon

Your name in wood

In addition to being decorative, a wooden sign with the baby’s name is a super original gift that will be a sure hit. It measures 35 cm and you can choose the color. Keep in mind that you need a few days to order it. Its price is 19.50 euros on Amazon .

Suavinex Baby Spa Basket

A super practical gift. Basket with hygiene products for the baby composed of: syndet gel-shampoo (without soap), natural sponge, moisturizing massage lotion, diaper cream, Baby Cologne cologne, brush, comb, wet wipes and scissors. Suavinex . Your price 54.95 euros

Your first tableware

For when he starts eating on his own. Dinnerware set from the Danish brand Done by Deer consisting of: non-slip bowl, non-slip plate, contour cup and set of spoon and fork in gray and blue. Its price, 29.99 euros in El Corte Inglés . Also in version for girls.

Hair set

So that they are always cute, silver comb, brush and mirror set for the baby. Its price is 24.95 euros in El Corte Inglés

Activity mat

Putting the baby to play on the floor is very beneficial for its development. You will need a children’s play mat like this one from the Tiny Love brand that you can find for 42.49 euros at El Corte Inglés .

Custom box

Personalized table with the baby’s birth data to hang in the baby’s room. Its price 17 euros on Amazon

Rattle + teether

The Giraffe Sophie is one of the best-selling baby toys. It is a teether that in this gift set comes accompanied by a rattle from the same collection. Its price is 36 euros in El Corte Inglés .

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