How to organize a special baby shower to welcome your baby and 19 ideas to decorate it

Are you going to be a mother soon? Would you like to celebrate it in a big way to share your joy with family and friends? Well, a good option is to sign up for the baby shower trend or, what is the same, the birth party.

We do not know if Meghan Merkle will leave a fortune to celebrate the birth of her next baby, as she already did for her firstborn Archie, but you can do it without going bankrupt. We tell you how to organize your baby shower and decorate it with very special details.

What is a baby shower?

Neither more nor less than a party that celebrates the arrival of the baby. It is usually done when there is little left to be born (normally after seven months of pregnancy ), but any time is good, even after the birth of the little one.

It is usually organized by the friends of the pregnant woman, but it is increasingly common for it to start as an initiative of the mother-to-be, especially in Spain, where this very American tradition is not yet deeply rooted.

Where did the idea of the baby shower come from?

It may seem to us that it is a relatively recent custom, but the truth is that it already existed in ancient times: it was the way in which the pregnant woman received advice and wisdom from the most expert mothers in the community.

  • It is known that the women of the Egyptian, Roman and Greek empires celebrated the arrival of a baby by offering gifts to the mother. It was a family meeting that took place after the birth, since then there was a lot of mortality in pregnancy and childbirth.

As then everything that had to do with childcare was the responsibility of the mothers, only women met at these meetings, a tradition that has lasted until today, although it is also true that more and more men are joining the baby shower.

The women gave the new baby clothes made by themselves, useful in its first months of life (blankets, shoes and clothes), but also food to help the new parents.

  • In the eighteenth century it was a way for important families to present their new member in society. The party used to be celebrated ten days after the birth of the baby, since before, both the child and the mother spent their days in a room away from the rest to protect the health of the newborn.
  • In the 19th century, at the height of the Victorian era , it was frowned upon to show pregnancy, so the mother would gather her friends around a tea table already with the baby in her arms.
  • After World War II it became very popular in the United States as a way to help parents.

This party has been imported to other countries, especially Latin American, although the custom spreads all over the world: ‘diaper party’ in Argentina, ‘basket tea’ in Costa Rica, ‘Cha de bebe’ in Brazil…

In China, for example, the baby shower is celebrated when the baby is four weeks old . It is a way to celebrate the success of the pregnancy and to welcome the baby. The followers of the Hindu religion, however, organize it during the pregnancy, and not after.

Nine keys to succeed with your birth party

1. The guests

Although traditionally it was a party only for friends of the mother, where diapers, bottles and other baby care were discussed, now everyone attends. The truth is that there is a tendency for parents to also participate in this baby shower. After all, he is also the father of the child, isn’t he?

2. Invitations

The friends who organize the baby shower (or the parents themselves) usually invite about 20-25 very close people.

Today there is a tendency to design a virtual invitation with the place, day, time and theme of the party, and send it via email, at least three weeks in advance. Although if you want to be more traditional, you can order them from a printer and put them in the mailbox. But it does not usually compensate for the expense, since there are very few guests.

If the organizers are the parents themselves, it is closer to make handwritten cards and deliver them by hand to the guests, to show that they are special.

3. The venue for the baby shower

It is clear that everything will depend on the budget. You can do it in a big way, in a luxury hotel like the Duchess of Sussex (unlikely), opt for a reservation in a more familiar restaurant, or even do it at home if there are few guests.

In fact, in the United States it is very common for each guest to bring a dish prepared by them (‘potluck’ parties), so you can also opt for this alternative. The important thing is to show your friends that you want to share your happiness with them, because they are very special. And for that you don’t need big waste.

4. Food: what can not be missing


The most traditional thing is to set up a buffet table and each one serves what they want. It does not need to include designer dishes, far from it.

What the baby shower should have is a sweet table or ‘candy bar’, which has jellies, cupcakes and a special cake with the baby’s name if it is already known. You can make it yourself or order it from specialized sites. There are real cuties!

And of course don’t forget the drinks to toast the next member of the family and that has to include some non-alcoholic option for the mother-to-be.

5. Games designed specifically for this baby shower

Since men have joined the baby shower celebration, the party has become more fun.

The games related to motherhood and the baby are one of the most anticipated moments in all baby showers and all the guests participate in them, including, of course, the future parents.

The ideas can come from the organizers, although suggestions from all the guests are welcome. An advance:

  • Simulate a pregnancy. Guests can put a balloon on their belly and try to lace up some trainers or even play Twister. Mom doesn’t need the balloon, of course. And whoever breaks the fewest balloons wins.
  • Guess riddle. Prepare a list of questions about the mom-to-be and ask the guests to give their answers. They are then compared with the mother’s actual responses.
  • Like a baby. Try taking a bottle without using your hands. The one who gets it first wins.
  • How big is the future mom’s belly? It is very common to have to cut as much toilet paper roll as diameter is believed to have your belly. It is clear that whoever comes closest wins.
  • Boy or girl? Parents can reveal their child’s gender or name at their welcome party. They can ask their friends to write their options on a piece of paper and find out at the same time. Or even that possibilities of naming the parents arose, when nothing has been decided yet.
  • A memory for the future baby. Each guest can write a dedication for the newborn on a bodysuit or write wishes for the little one and keep them in a box. Mom won’t read them until she has her baby in her arms.

6. Gifts

Of course they are not mandatory, although they are still a tradition. Of course, whoever organizes the party can promote a ‘birth list’, with gifts already chosen (as in the wedding lists) and that are already available in many specialized establishments .

But it is still customary to leave the choice to the guests, since one detail is enough : the important thing is their attendance. The normal thing is to discover them at the party itself.

What the hostess can also do is give a souvenir detail of the party , such as an allegorical figure, a little box with candies inside, a ‘fake’ pacifier with the baby’s name… and with a small card or engraving that reminds the day.

7. The photos

It is important to decide who is going to be in charge of immortalizing the most endearing and fun moments of the party. Although you can hire a professional photographer, surely among the attendees there is someone who has a good hand with the camera and can take care of the photos. Remember that that day you have to enjoy, not be camera in hand!

8. The decoration of a baby shower: 19 simple ideas to get it right

We have left this point for the end, because without a doubt it is one of the fundamental points of the party. It will depend on the available space (since it is not the same to do it in a garden as in the living room of the house, which also does not stand out precisely for its size.

A tip: the simpler the decoration, the more elegant and the better it will work. Don’t forget to include some ‘baby-themed’ details (pacifiers, bottles, bears…), to give a fun touch to the festive atmosphere. Let’s look at each basic element separately.

The choice of color

It is common for the color of the decorations and the motifs to allude to the sex of the baby (if known) and even include balloons or hanging decorations with their name. But it is better to get rid of gender stereotypes and opt for the tones that most attract you .

Why not a bright yellow or purple? But neutral tones that do not define the sex of your baby are also very elegant, especially if you still do not know what it will be: pastel greens, cream…

  • This one in gold and white is spectacular. You can take the idea and reduce quantity (and budget).

The balloons

Something that cannot be missing. With them we can decorate the walls, the central table, the sweet or dessert table, and create a lot of curious details.

See what more original “sculptures” can be made with balloons…

We love this one from event planner Moira Creyes .


Either made by ourselves or purchased. Of hearts, cakes, bears, pompoms or the theme that we have chosen.


They are also welcome at any baby shower. To name the baby or simply decorate, if we have not yet decided what we are going to call it.

You can choose them made of wood, plastic, paper, balloons… The possibilities are very wide.

  • Made of aluminum foil , like the ones in this complete kit for only 9.99 euros to celebrate your baby shower.

candy bar

The table of sweets and drinks are “almost” mandatory at a baby shower. If you want everything to be from a movie, you can decorate the table and its contents in the tones of the rest of the details.

Now that the weather is nice, why not ride it outside?

But also the same idea, inside the house. ..


They all serve us, they are all very good, but if they are also decorated ad hoc for the occasion, the party guests will be left with their mouths open.

Learn to make them yourself.

Or simply order them and have them sent to your home. There are companies, like Happy Cupcakes from Madrid, that make fun sweets like these.

The cake

Decorated specifically for the occasion, they are another of the most attractive elements of the party.

You can customize it as you want , to the mom’s taste.

Or throw yourself to prepare it with your little hands.

One last piece of advice: if you feel like sharing your joy at the birth of your child with your friends, but you don’t have the time (or desire) to organize a baby shower or ask your loved ones to take care of it, you can always hire a baby shower planner. events for you to just enjoy, just like Meghan Markle did at the baby shower for her first child, Archie.

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