How to treat swollen gum pain with home remedies

The inflamed gums may be due to various reasons. On the one hand, it can be something temporary that has a rapid action or due to gum disease or gingivitis that causes pain, inflammation to the appearance of blood.

It is convenient to see the cause well and apply the appropriate treatment so that the gums reduce their inflammation. Discover below the best home remedies to relieve pain caused by inflammation of the gums in a natural way.

Correct oral cleaning

It is important to know that good oral hygiene (cleaning our teeth thoroughly three times a day, after each meal) is the best way to avoid gum pain.

In the case of periodontitis then hygiene is no longer useful because the accumulation of plaque is important and must be treated with a quick action plan to prevent the tooth from suffering and ending up falling out.

Balanced diet

Cleaning is not enough, many oral problems arise from poor diet. So eating well and with foods that provide vitamins, minerals and fiber is essential for healthy and strong teeth.

Salt water mouth rinses

It is another remedy in the event that our teeth hurt due to inflammation but it is not due to a too serious cause. With the rinses with water and salt the inflammation usually diminishes. Salt acts as a natural antiseptic and antibacterial.

Aloe Vera

This plant is a good remedy for skin, mouth, digestive problems and many other conditions. Among its properties, it stands out that it is anti-inflammatory and healing, so it can relieve pain. In this case, it is enough to rub a small piece of aloe vera gel on the inflamed gums several times a day and thus we will notice relief in this part of the mouth that is really sensitive.

Sodium bicarbonate

In the same way as aloe vera, baking soda offers a solution to many health-related problems. A paste of the product must be made mixed with water and then applied or rubbed on the affected gum.


Many fruits clean our mouths, but especially the apple becomes an excellent oral hygiene because it provides antioxidants and eliminates food residues and bacteria.

First of all, the dentist is the one who will give us the right remedy for our tooth pain and will determine if it is more or less serious.

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