Ideas to take photos on each birthday of your baby’s first year

For us as mothers and fathers, it is very nice to see our baby grow and witness how little by little he reaches new goals. The first year of the baby, each completed month is a great event that many of us like to preserve.

Something that is used a lot now with the existence of social networks, is to take a photo of your baby every time he turns one month and share it with your family and friends so they can see how much he has grown . If you are looking for inspiration for your baby’s next birthday photo, I share some ideas that you may like.

Say it with wooden blocks

The cubes or blocks of wood are among the first toys that your baby will realize that you can play and do experiments, like trying to build a high tower or hitting them together and make noises.

You can add them to the photo to show your baby’s age in a cute way as it is one of the representative early childhood toys.

Place it next to a friend

Is there anything cuter than seeing a baby with his favorite stuffed animal? In addition to being your faithful companion, it is something that will make you feel accompanied and safe during the photo session.

Another advantage of using a stuffed toy to take a photo of your baby each month is that with each photo you can see how your baby is growing in relation to the size of his friend .

Say it with flowers

Flowers are no longer just for gifts between lovers. Mothers and photographers are now using them to mark the age of their babies in photos.

If you are concerned about taking care of the environment and do not want to use the flowers only for one photo each month, you can choose to buy artificial flowers . The advantage is that they will never fade and will always be ready for the next month’s photo.

An alternative for flowers is to use the dried flowers that fall from trees in the fall. In this way you give the leaves a second chance at life and create a unique photo, since there will be no other combination of leaves like that .

Show off your achievements and fun facts

This type of photography has been in fashion in recent years and is also widely used for pregnancy photos where we see the belly grow month after month. It is about placing a blackboard where the most relevant or curious data about the baby’s development are noted.

In addition to his name and age, you can write down important and interesting things on them such as his tastes, the music he prefers, his favorite food, and the achievements he has made, such as sitting alone or his first smile.

Enjoy something sweet

If we celebrate each birthday with a cake, a birthday is also an excellent occasion. Each month within the first year of life is unique and very important as many things happen in a relatively short period of time .

This deserves to enjoy a delicious cake, which although in principle only the elderly will be able to taste it, when it is already in complementary feeding, the baby will also be able to enjoy a taste.

Here are some ideas for taking photos of your baby every month during the first year of life. Have you used any of them? Which ones would you add to the list? We would love to know your creative side.

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