“If Babies Had Teeth” Hilarious (And Slightly Disturbing) Edited Photos Of Newborn Babies

We all know that babies’ teeth appear as they develop, and the teething process begins with the eruption of the first tooth, which usually erupts between the sixth and eighth month of life . But have you ever thought about what babies would look like if they were already born with teeth?

A baby photographer decided to find out and make us all laugh and impress by editing some photos she has taken of newborns, to show us what babies would look like if they had teeth from birth .

Amy Haehl is the owner of Coffee Creek Photography Studio, specializing in wedding and baby photography. His photographs usually capture that innocence and delicacy typical of newborns, showing us how beautiful they are during that short stage .

However, he recently decided to do a little experiment and put a fun spin on the pictures he’s taken , and he solved a question that perhaps some of us have asked ourselves at some point: what would babies look like if they were born with teeth?

The photos quickly went viral because it’s hilarious to see what baby photos would look like if they were born with full teeth , though we have to admit that while they’ve been amusing to us, they’ve also impressed us (and according to some comments, slightly disturbed).

In addition to making us laugh, these photographs have made us realize something: the “cuteness” element would be lost if babies were born with full dentures. It’s good that babies are born without teeth and they sprout little by little as they grow.

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