In some patients, egg donation is the only possibility of achieving pregnancy. Do you think there is currently a shortage of egg donors?

Lately there has been much debate in the media about the possible increase in donations of gametes, both eggs and sperm, due to the economic crisis. However, the reality is that we continue to have waiting lists of patients to enter our oocyte donation program.

Keep in mind that only 20% of women who consult for egg donation actually end up donating.

Semen donation is much simpler and there are sperm banks with more than enough samples to feed all the demand. We must also bear in mind that donor semen needs have been reduced by 80% since the introduction of ICSI or sperm microinjection, which is a technique that allows fertilizing an egg with a single sperm, so that even in patients men with severe seminal disorders we manage to fertilize them with their own sperm.

At present, the main indication for donor semen is for the treatment of women without a male partner.

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