In which women are the preservation of ovarian tissue indicated?

The freezing of ovarian tissue is part of the fertility preservation techniques that are currently available for those women who, in the face of cancer or surgical treatments, may put their reproductive capacity at risk.

The procedure consists of the surgical extraction of the most superficial layer of one of the ovaries, and the conservation in liquid nitrogen with cellular protective media. Once the oncological or surgical process is over, that ovarian fragment will be placed back in the place from which it was removed.

At the present time, the speed in the programming of ovarian stimulation cycles to obtain oocytes for cryopreservation means that the preservation of ovarian tissue is relegated to those cases in which oncological / surgical treatment must be applied immediately, when patients are girls who have not yet had their first menstruation or in those patients with pathologies in which ovarian stimulation to obtain oocytes is contraindicated.

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