Irish girl and boy names for your baby

Irish girl names

  • Adara: means “beauty”
  • Aíne: means “glory, splendor”
  • Alana or Alannah: means “girl”
  • Alona: means “dear girl”
  • Amy:means: “beloved”
  • Anna:Variant of the Hebrew name Channah, meaning “grace” or “favor.”
  • Arlene:means “promise”
  • Brianna:means daughter of the nobility, girl of the nobility, princess, noble, strong.
  • Caitlin:variant of Catalina
  • Face:means “friend”
  • Ciara:means “brunette”.Variants Kiara, Kiera, Kyra, Keera
  • Deidre: means “melancholy”
  • Enya:means “little fire”
  • Erin:modified form of the goddess Éire who inhabited and gave Ireland its name
  • Fiona:means “white”
  • Maire or Moira: Irish variant of Mary, means “beloved of God, exalted, eminent”
  • Nessa: means “ambitious”
  • Nora:means “honor”
  • Sinéad:means Joan
  • Tara or Teamhair– is the most legendary hill in Ireland.

Irish boy names

  • Aidan:means “fire”
  • Brendan:means “prince”
  • Brian: means “noble, royal, tall, strong”
  • Callum:means “dove”
  • Cyan:means “legendary”
  • Cillian– was the name of an Irish saint who is the patron saint of several Irish localities
  • Colin:can mean cub or little bear
  • Conan:means “little warrior”
  • Connor:comes from the Irish ‘Conchúr’, which is short for ‘Conchubhar’ which means ‘dog lover’
  • Cormac: means “pure son”
  • Darren:means “little oak”
  • Declan:means “full of kindness”
  • Dugan:means “black, dark, brown skinned”
  • Finbar: means “fair-haired”
  • Kevin: means nice, kind, noble
  • Liam– Biblical name, variant of William, means “strong protector”
  • Lorcan: means “little brave”
  • Oscar: means “friend of the deer”
  • Rowan: means little redhead
  • Rory: means “red-haired king”
  • Ronan: means “little seal”
  • Ryan: means little king
  • Sullivan: means “little dark-eyed”

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