More than 50 classic, modern and original adventure novels, essential for children and adolescents

The love of books is something that we should instill in our children since they are little , and foster it as they grow. Because reading not only has multiple benefits for their comprehensive development , but it is also a wonderful leisure activity that favors their creativity, imagination and arouses their curiosity.

For this reason, among the gifts that children will receive this holiday season, a book should not be missing , and in Babies and More we have recommended various titles that we have been dividing by theme. Today it is the turn of adventures and fantasy : are you ready to dream of fantastic worlds and lives on the edge?

Classic and/or adapted adventure novels

We begin our selection by recommending some of the classic adventure novels that we like the most. I wish they could all be there, but the selection would be endless! So we have kept the ones that marked us the most as children.

Because surely all, or at least some of these books, also fell into your hands as a child or teenager , and it is even likely that they were recommended by your parents or grandparents, who also read it in their day. And it is that these novels will never go out of style, and have transported children of several generations to a world of adventures.

The Odyssey and the Iliad

Both of Homer’s classics (8th century BC) are considered the origins of adventure novels , and essential reading for children and adolescents. ” The Iliad ” recounts the Trojan War, while ” The Odyssey ” recounts Ulysses’ struggle to return home to Ithaca after the war.

Both classics have been adapted by numerous publishers to bring their reading closer to the little ones. In this way, on Amazon we can find, for example, “The Odyssey told to children” and “Iliad told to children” , both from the Edebè publishing house and masterfully adapted to introduce children to these epic novels.

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe is one of the most famous works of the English writer Daniel Defoe, published in 1719 and considered one of the quintessential adventure novels . It tells the story of an English castaway who spends 28 years on a remote desert island. There he must survive, adapt to a strange land and deal with the cannibals that inhabit the nearby islands.

The novel has had multiple film adaptations, as well as versions of literature adapted to younger audiences. Some also contain illustrations that help children and young people to delve fully into the adventure of this essential classic.

You can find it on Amazon for 8.06 euros .

Gulliver’s Travels

This novel, written in 1726 by the Irish author Jonathan Swift, is considered one of the most important classics of world literature . It tells the story of a traveler, Dr. Lemuel Gulliver, whose adventures are represented throughout the book in four different trips.

A book full of irony, humor and an agile narrative rhythm that catches the reader’s attention from the first moment, and has been adapted by several publishers. You can buy this one from Vicens Vives on Amazon for 12.78 euros .

Jules Verne novels

Jules Verne’s books are one of the essential youth classics when we talk about adventure novels . Not in vain, its author is considered the father of science fiction.

” Five Weeks in a Balloon ” (1863), ” Journey to the Center of the Earth ” (1864), ” From the Earth to the Moon ” (1865), ” Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea ” (1870), ” Around the The World in 80 Days ” (1872) and ” The Mysterious Island ” (1874) are some of the titles in the adventure saga “Extraordinary Voyages” that the French author wrote between 1828 and 1905.

In addition to the classic versions that we have just left you, there have also been many adaptations of Jules Verne’s novels for children . The Susaeta publishing house through its collection, “The Pleasure of Reading”, has versioned some of these novels for first readers, such as “Journey to the Center of the Earth”, which you can find on Amazon for 3.75 euros .

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This novel, written by the British author Lewis Carroll, was published in 1865 and very soon became a reference in fantasy literature , reaching great popularity among both children and adults.

The work tells the story of a girl named Alicia, who, guided by the White Rabbit, enters Wonderland where she will meet fantastic characters with whom she will live eccentric and varied adventures.

There have been many versions of this great classic of literature. Some, like this one from Edelvives, include a series of illustrations, fold-out pages and original letters from the author. Others, such as Anaya’s version of the “Classics to measure” collection , have been adapted to a younger audience.

The island of the treasure

The classic novel “Treasure Island” was written in 1883 by Scottish author, Robert Louis, and published in serial format for “Young Folk” magazine. Very soon, the adventures of its charismatic protagonists became a success of the time and there were several adaptations that were made.

The younger audience also has illustrated adaptations, which catch the reader from the first pages with the action of the plot and the mastery of the original work. This one that we propose can be purchased on Amazon for 8.22 euros .

The Three Musketeers

This mythical adventure novel written in 1844 by the author Alexandre Dumas tells the story of the young d’Artagnan, who travels to Paris with the purpose of becoming the king’s musketeer. There he will end up joining the musketeers Athos, Porthos and Aramis, in the service of Louis XIII.

The novel has had numerous adaptations, both literary and cinematographic, including a cartoon series that aired on television in the 1980s .

On Amazon we can find both the original novel and wonderful adaptations for children , such as the one from the Anaya publishing house, belonging to its “Custom Classics” collection.

Sherlock Holmes

The Sherlock Holmes character was created in 1887 by the British author Arthur Conan Doyle, who in total wrote four novels and 56 stories about this enigmatic London detective and his assistant, Dr. Watson.

The adventures and stories of Sherlock Holmes became very popular, and were later made into movies and television in the form of movies and series (some animated) inspired by the famous character.

Among his novels, ” The Study in Scarlet ” stands out, which was the first in which the character of Sherlock Holmes appeared. And among the collections of his stories, we highlight ” The Sherlock Holmes File “, which is a set of stories narrated by Dr. Watson.

But we can also find great children’s adaptations of the famous detective , such as ” The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes ” (on Amazon for 6.76 euros), or the Sherlock Holmes saga made up of ” The Blue Carbuncle “, ” Silver Star ” and ” The League of Redheads “, which are part of the “Classics for children” collection and that you can also buy on Amazon for 4.15 euros each.

Tom Sawyer’s adventures

This novel, written by the American author Mark Twain and published between 1876 and 1878, recounts the summer adventures of a boy and his inseparable friend, who grow up in a small town on the banks of the Mississippi. Currently, it is considered a masterpiece of literature, and one of the adventure classics that children and young people should not miss .

At Amazon we can find the original classic or versions adapted for the little ones , such as Anaya’s, within its “Custom Classics” collection.

The wonderful wizard of Oz

This novel of children’s literature was written by the North American author Lyman Frank Baum and published in 1900. It is currently one of the most published books both in the United States and in Europe .

The work narrates the adventures of a girl named Dorothy Gale in the land of Oz, where she will meet various characters with whom she will live endless adventures. Such was the success that the novel reaped, that the film adaptation was not long in coming, as well as different literary adaptations for the first readers.

You can buy this literary classic published by Alfaguara on Amazon for 12.30 euros , or opt for the children’s adaptation of Anaya for 10.64 euros.

The five

The Adventures of The Five is the most famous series of books written by Enid Blyton, throughout the 1940s, 50s and 60s. The collection is made up of 21 titles that narrate the adventures of a gang of four friends and a dog , who are always willing to investigate any mystery.

Among the 21 titles we suggest, ” The five and the treasure of the island ” (which was the first of the saga, written in 1942) and “The five, together again” (the last of the saga written in 1963). You can find both books on Amazon for 11.30 euros.

This collection is especially aimed at children over ten years of age, but there is also another series of short stories, suitable for younger children , made up of a total of eight titles. Among them, we propose “The five, autumnal adventure” that you can also buy on Amazon for 10.35 euros.

The Lord of the rings

And although “The Lord of the Rings” is not a classic novel like the previous ones (because it was published between 1954 and 1955), we did not want to stop including it in our review, because its reading has marked millions of people around the world. , regardless of their age.

This epic fantasy and adventure work written by the British JRR Tolkien , was conceived as a single story, but finally, the novel had to be divided into three parts for editorial reasons. ” The Fellowship of the Ring “, ” The Two Towers ” and ” The Return of the King ” narrate the journey of the main character, Frodo Baggins, to destroy the One Ring and the consequent war that the enemy will cause to recover it.

Many discovered “The Lord of the Rings” thanks to the cinema , but the truth is that the novels captivate from the first moment due to the brilliance with which they are written and the fantastic adventures that all their characters live .

The endless story

This work by the German Michael Ende, is another of the great novels of literature translated into more than 36 languages and made into a film on several occasions. It was published for the first time in 1979, so like the previous title, this is not a classic as such, but rather a “new classic of children’s literature”, as it has been cataloged by experts.

The novel, which has two clearly differentiated parts, features Bastian, a boy who finds a book that talks about a land called Fantasia, a place where darkness is destroying everything…

You can buy this classic of literature on Amazon, for 15.15 euros .

Most current adventure novels

Currently there are several authors of children’s and youth novels who are carving out a niche for themselves in the most recent history of adventure literature. We have highlighted some of them in this selection:

Geronimo Stilson

The collection of books by Gerónimo Stilson, specially designed for children between the ages of six and 12 , was created by the Italian writer Elisabetta Dami, and narrates the adventures of a journalist mouse, who is involved in numerous cases in the purest Sherlock Holmes style. .

There are countless titles of comics and books written about this famous detective, which have already been translated into 35 different languages. But a new book by Geronimo Stilson is always eagerly awaited by young readers who are fans of this saga, who never cease to be surprised by his adventures.

The book that we propose is one of many in this fantastic collection, which also incorporates a magical touch with the smell of chocolate in its pages. Available on Amazon for 18.95 euros.

Harry Potter

The Harry Potter novels, written by British author JKRowling, recount the adventures of a young wizard and his friends during their years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The release of the first novel, ” Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone ” took place in 1997, and since then six more novels have been published. The seventh and last, ” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ” was released in 2007 to great success. All of the books have been translated into more than 65 different languages, and have been listed as the best-selling book series in history .

Its success is such that the novels have been made into movies and there is a whole universe of personalized objects, toys and other merchandising around this fantastic saga.

the strangers of time

The saga of “Los Futbolísimos” has long been a rage among children and has become a true publishing phenomenon that has even been made into a movie in a funny comedy . But now its author, Roberto Santiago, is also launching with a great collection of adventure books that captivate from the first page , and that have received excellent reviews.

The “Forasteros del tiempo” books feature the Balbuena family, residents of a Madrid neighborhood who have the power to travel the world through a black hole. The saga is currently made up of 11 titles, and all can be purchased on Amazon for 11.35 euros .


The trilogy of “The Guardians” has become a literary phenomenon among children and adolescents , due to the agility of its plot, the adventures that its characters live and the fantasy that its books give off.

“The Museum of Thieves” is the first title in this saga edited by Anaya, followed by “The City of Lies” and “The Path of the Beasts” . Its pages narrate the adventures of Goldie, a girl who lives in the tyrannical city of Alhaja, where courage is a sin, and audacity, a crime.

The series has been written by the Australian author Lian Tanner, and has won several awards and critical acclaim, including the “Australian Best Book of the Year Award” in 2010 for “The Thieves’ Museum”.

the worlds of ink

The “Ink Worlds” saga is made up of three books written by the German author Cornelia Funke, and began to be published in 2003, achieving great success among young audiences.

“Inkheart” is the first work in this trilogy, and tells the story of Meggie and her mother, who are surrounded by strange and evil creatures that come to life when they read aloud a copy of a highly sought after book…

The second book in the trilogy is “Blood of ink” , for which the author won the award for best book of the year 2005 at the Disney Adventures Book Awards, and the third is “Death of ink” , which was also a great success. .

Guardians of the Citadel

It is a trilogy of fantastic adventures written by the author Laura Gallego, and of which, for the time being, only two titles have been published: ” Axlin’s Bestiary ” and ” Xein’s Secret “, recently published. The third title, “Rox’s Mission” will be published next year.

The novels narrate the adventures of Axlin, a girl who decides to investigate monsters and capture her discoveries in a book that can serve as a guide and protection for the people of her village.

The titles of the trilogy published so far have garnered excellent reviews and awards , and its author (whom many of us remember for the brilliant work “Finis Mundi” by Barco de Vapor) is one of the current references in children’s literature.

Original adventure novels

And we did not want to finish our review without mentioning some titles that, due to their original approach and the way they are narrated, are very entertaining for children, and a wonderful way to introduce them to the literary genre of adventures.

Mission History

The saga of books that make up the “Mission History” collection integrates the reader into the plot of the novel, posing various enigmas that they will have to solve to advance in the story . A very original and fun way to combine reading with knowledge, so that children learn about history.

Currently, there are four titles published by Planeta that are part of this collection: ” The Tomb of Terror ” (about Ancient Egypt), ” The Minotaur’s Labyrinth ” (set in Ancient Greece), ” Adventure in Rome ” (about the Roman Empire), and ” Assault on the Castle ” (with the Middle Ages as the background setting). All books can be purchased on Amazon for 7.55 euros.

choose your own adventure

The “Choose Your Own Adventure” books were published in Spain throughout the 1980s and 1990s, achieving great success among younger audiences and selling millions of copies worldwide . Recently, the SM publishing house has been reissuing several of its most successful titles.

These books are narrated in the second person in such a way that the reader is immediately trapped by the story, of which he feels the protagonist. Throughout the plot, you will have to choose one path or another based on the alternatives presented and how you would act in real life.

“The Escape” , “Lost in the Amazon” , “Danger in the House” , “Return to Atlantis” or “The Abominable Snowman” are just some of the titles that we can acquire.

We hope that these recommendations have been useful to you when choosing an adventure story for your children. As we said at the beginning, we have left many works pending to mention , both classic and current, but the universe of children’s and youth literature is so extensive that it is impossible to cover everything.

In any case, if you want to contribute your grain of sand with some recommendation, feel free to leave us your contribution in the comments. Happy reading!

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