Newborn development at 1-2 months

Your Baby Is 1.5 Months Old

Your baby has already completed a month and a half of life and is increasingly awake and more responsive to external stimuli.

Your mother is the mainstay of his life, so it is normal that he is with you most of the time, especially if you breastfeed on demand, as specialists advise.

Haven’t you got rid of infant colic? Calm down, you should know that it is a passing stage. If you are concerned about this or any other topic related to one and a half-month-old babies, we are here to help you!

Growth And Development Of Your 1 And A Half Month Old Baby

Your child is on the way to two months and is more receptive to external stimuli. How can you assess his progress and help him?

  • You can play small games to stimulate his senses and promote muscle relaxation, in addition to continuing with the physical contact that he likes so much.
  • Although you still need a lot of help, your baby is already trying to support his head by himself and has also started to keep an eye on moving objects.
  • Your child will also begin to react to the sounds around him. Music often dazzles babies so young, and there are even several studies that show that music influences babies’ nervous systems and can help them sleep and calm their anxiety.

Generally speaking, babies grow about 4 centimetres the first month and about 3.5 centimetres the second month.

One of the main concerns of parents is knowing if the little one is gaining weight and height normally. And you, are you worried about this issue?

  • To assess their growth, paediatricians use charts (growth curves) that allow the evolution, weight and height of the child to be followed.
  • Also keep in mind that there are small variations depending on whether the baby is a boy or a girl and that girls usually measure and weigh a little less.
  • In any case, it is not necessary to obsess over these values, which are merely indicative, but rather to pay attention to the fact that the curve described throughout the months is regular and that growth does not stop, which would require looking for the cause.

That said, do you want to check what weight and height percentile your baby is in? Here is our practical growth chart.

Feeding Your 1 And A Half Month Old Baby

How does breastfeeding continue? Do you continue breastfeeding your child or have you opted for artificial feeding?

  • It is scientifically proven that breast milk is the best food you can give your baby. However, there are many mothers who, for voluntary reasons or not, decide to go to the bottle.
  • If you are breastfeeding, experts recommend not to alternate with the bottle before six weeks to avoid “nipple confusion” and it is that, since sucking from a bottle requires less effort, it is easy for the baby to get used to the bottle and end up rejecting the chest.
  • You must make sure that, throughout the day, drink the necessary amount of milk. A trick to check that you are feeding well is to watch that you wet about six diapers during the 24 hours, which will indicate that you have ingested enough liquid.

REMEMBER! Although breast milk is the best and most complete food you can offer your baby, you should not feel guilty if you are unable or unwilling to breastfeed your child.

Your baby’s dream of 1 month and a half

At this age, the baby still sleeps much of the day and night. Although you may still feel tired and somewhat outnumbered by events, you should know that:

  • Although most of them usually wake up once or several times during the night to claim their drink or bottle, some little ones already sleep through the night.
  • Although sometimes you feel tired or frustrated, you should stay calm and respond to their needs as quickly and quietly as possible, something that dad can also do if you have opted for the bottle.
  • If he doesn’t wake up alone, you don’t need to wake him up to eat. He alone knows how to regulate himself very well.

ADVICE! One of the most frequent causes of waking up the baby during the first three months, in addition to hunger, are infant colic and discomfort in the tummy. Be patient!

Tips And Well-being Of Your 1 And A Half Month Old Baby

To play and interact with your child, it is important that he is relaxed (not hungry or sleepy) and that he is willing to play with you. On the other hand, if you notice that you are tired or do not feel like interacting, it is preferable to leave it for another time.

At this age, you will have already gone for the first walks with the child. Are you worried that he’s never warm and protected enough? You should know that, in many cases, it is an unwarranted concern. In any case, you should take into account the following:

  • By themselves, drafts and cold do not cause colds or illnesses typical of the winter months. On the contrary, these diseases are transmitted through contact with other infected people. In winter, the baby should wear a wool blanket, a hat and gloves.
  • However, in summer, you should not put wool shoes or shirts in contact with the skin, which would only cause discomfort and sweat without taking into account the risk of causing skin irritation.
  • To control if the child is hot or cold, you only have to touch his head and neck from time to time: his cheeks should feel warm to the touch and his hands and feet should be cold, but not too cold either.
  • Dress him with different layers, to add or remove some when necessary, in addition to maintaining the temperature of the room between 16 and 20ÂșC at night is sufficient. During the day, it can take the same amount of top as you, plus an extra layer.

Have you seen spots of loose, dry skin on your baby’s scalp? It is cradle cap, something very common in babies of a few weeks. To relieve the itching and discomfort it produces, you can massage it with olive oil at night and wash it with mild baby shampoo. Then brush off the loose crusts, but don’t try to remove the others; they will fall.

ATTENTION! Moms and dads tend to bundle babies up too much. Advice; if you are not cold, it is very likely that your baby is not cold either. You just have to shelter him a little more when you are outside and it is cold since the little one is not on the move like you.

What a 1 and a half-month-old baby does

In this period, almost all of the child’s reactions remain instinctive. However, around a month and a half, we can start gently stimulating him. In this way, you can gradually awaken their sensitivity. Do you want some examples? Try these two!

  • A sensation shot. The moment of taking is the richest in sensations. It is when all his senses are stimulated (sight, taste, touch, smell) and the child feels all his needs satisfied.
  • Mom’s whispers and songs. At this time, the little one likes to be sung and talked to. Above all, she loves her mother’s voice. Therefore, to stimulate him, while the mother is breastfeeding or bottle-feeding, it is important to direct his eyes towards the little one, to attract his attention and involve him as well.

This game of gazes is essential for his vision and also for the child’s mental and affective development. While you look at him, whisper sweet words and sing to him.

How to stimulate your 1 and a half-month-old baby

Stimulating your baby with music while interacting with him is wonderful and has many benefits. Positive feelings will have very beneficial effects on your happiness!

Hearing is one of the best senses to stimulate your baby at this stage! Above all, if it is done with closeness and love.

What are the main benefits of stimulating the baby’s ear?

  • The affective stimulations of musical language are more effective and generate a greater number of neurotransmitters.
  • With effective stimulation, there is an improvement in brain behaviour when there are positive affective contributions in learning processes.

Shall we try a sensory massage session?

Each sensory stimulation exercise is designed so that your baby understands the changes that occur between the notes, in addition to reinforcing the maternal-filial bond. Throughout the musical stimulation sessions, the little one will memorize the melodic and rhythmic patterns, improving his linguistic and learning capacity.

It is essential to emphasize that the benefits of sensory stimulation with music are obtained with the repetition of the auditions.

Experience for this session:

  • Take advantage of the Ear massage routine to educate your ear and boost your ability to learn by listening to exercise sessions.
  • To fully enjoy this experience, it is important that the baby is calm. Lay him down in a comfortable place (bed, sofa, changing table) to do the exercises.
  • After the bath, in the changing table in the morning or before putting on the pyjamas. Do not put creampie directly on the baby, sometimes it can be cold! You can warm it by rubbing your hands.

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