Nine names of heroes of Greek mythology for your baby

If you are expecting a baby and looking for boy names, you could take inspiration from the classic story. We propose nine names of mythological heroes .


Achilles was one of the most recognized heroes of the Trojan War and the greatest warrior of the Greeks. Young, beautiful and often blinded by pride and fury, Achilles was born mortal, but his mother was the goddess Thetis and to make him invulnerable she bathed him in the waters of the Styx, the pool of the realm of the dead. However, when he did this, he submerged it by holding it by its heel, which never got wet, making it the only weak part of its body. Achilles, despite being notable in the Trojan War, is said to have died from that weakness, after taking a poisoned arrow to his heel. The name Achilles comes from the ancient Greek Ἀχιλλεύς ( Akhilleys ), which is a demonym for the Achelous River.


Phoenix was the son of the sovereigns of Boeotia and together with the centaur Chiron, he was the one who educated Achilles to be a remarkable warrior. He accompanied him as a counselor in the Trojan War and later it was with his son. The name Phoenix comes from the Greek Φοίνιξ ( Phoinix ), which in Greek mythology and the Talmud, was the name of a bird that emerged from the ashes.


Hector was a prince of Troy, the firstborn son of King Priam and his wife Hecuba. He was married to Andromache, daughter of the King of the Cilicians, with whom he had only one son, Astyanax. Known as the horse tamer, Hector was in charge of defending the city in the historic Trojan War, despite the fact that his beloved wife had asked him not to go, since he had to fulfill his duty as a prince and warrior. His contribution in this war was decisive, but despite his multiple attempts to defeat the enemy, he is finally killed by Achilles. The name Hector is believed to come from the Greek ἔχειν ( ejein ), roughly meaning “he who holds”.


Jason was the son of the king of Iolcos, but when he dies, his uncle steals his throne. Like the legendary Achilles, Jason grew up under the care of the centaur Chiron, who trained and educated him. To send him away, his uncle sent him on an impossible mission in the hope that he would never return: to get the Golden Fleece. Jason then embarked on his talking ship, the Argos, accompanied by the most courageous and brilliant men of Greece of his generation: Hercules, Castor, Pollux, Orpheus, Theseus and the legendary Atalanta, among others. When they arrived at their destination, the terrible and enigmatic Medea fell madly in love with him. Promising to marry her and take her to Greece, Medea used her knowledge of sorcery to help Jason obtain the golden ram’s skin. The adventures of Jason and the Argonauts became legend, a few years before the famous Trojan War broke out. The name Jason means “healing”.


Nestor was the wise king of Pylos, who also participated in the Trojan War with the Greeks. Not only did he rule and fight, but he was also an adviser, and one of the most respected for three generations. The name Nestor has two possible meanings: “he who is remembered” and “reaching the goal.”


Odysseus was the legendary king of the island of Ithaca and was characterized by his brilliance, cunning, and versatility. In his peaceful kingdom away from continental problems, he lived with his beloved wife Penelope. But when the Trojan War broke out, Odysseus was forced to participate in it because of a promise he had made many years before. It was he who devised the famous Trojan horse with which the Greeks entered the city and gave them victory. It took him 20 years to return to his home, first because of the 10 years of war and later because of the curse of the gods, but in the end, he managed to return to Penelope’s arms and recover his kingdom. The name Odysseus means “wrathful”. It is the Greek form of Ulysses.


Paris was the prince of Troy, son of King Priam and his wife Hecuba along with his brothers Hector and Cassandra. Known for his good looks, he is famous for being responsible for the tragic Trojan War, which broke out after he kidnapped (or ran away) with Helen, wife of King Menelaus. The name Paris means “the best succor”.


The son of Zeus and the mortal Danae, Perseus was a demi-god credited with founding Mycenae. Like Jason, Perseus was sent on a mission that seemed impossible, with the intention that he would not come back alive: to kill the terrible Medusa. With the help of gifts from Athena and some nymphs, Perseus managed to defeat Medusa by cutting off her head, as instructed. From the blood of Medusa, the legendary winged horse Pegasus was born. In one of his later adventures, Perseus rescued Andromeda, the daughter of King Cepheus, whom he later married and had five sons and one daughter. After his death, Athena took him to the heavens and turned him into a constellation. The name Perseus means “to destroy”.


Theseus was the son of Aegeus, king of Athens, and Etra, although it was believed that his father was actually Poseidon. Due to a conflict with Crete, the city of Athens was obliged to send a tribute year after year, consisting of a group of boys and maidens that were offered to the Minotaur. When he heard of this, Theseus volunteered for the next group, intent on defeating that terrible beast. Arriving in Crete, Theseus met the king’s daughter: Ariadne, who fell madly in love with him. Ariadne knew Theseus’ intention and, in love, offered to help him with the promise that he would later take her from Crete and make her his wife. Once the Minotaur was defeated, Theseus took Ariadne with him, but making a stopover on the island of Naxos for supplies, he abandoned her while she slept on the beach. Returning to Athens, Theseus forgot to change the black sails of his ship for white ones, so his father thought that Theseus had died and threw himself into the sea. Theseus became king of Athens and was the one who managed to unite the peoples that later formed the Athenian state. The name Theseus means “god”.

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