Seven signs that tell you to change gynecologist


The gynaecologist is a very important professional for the pregnant woman. He is neither more nor less the person to whom we entrust the monitoring of our pregnancy and the birth of our baby. It must be a doctor with whom the woman feels comfortable and safe. I do not doubt that gynaecologists are very … Read more

Tips to Choose the Right Gynecologist


Many women choose to give birth in private medicine not out of distrust of public medicine but to be sure that it will be the same gynaecologist who monitors their pregnancy who will attend to them during their delivery. This has, like everything, its good side and its bad side. And, having gone to the … Read more

Endometriosis – Stages, Symptoms & Treatment


Endometriosis mainly affects women of childbearing age, from 20 to 50 years old. It is important to diagnose it as soon as possible to avoid causing damage such as sterility. We explain everything you need to know about this pathology, its causes and its possible treatments. Endometriosis is a leading cause when you have trouble … Read more

Exercise and fertility: the benefits of practising sports


If your purpose is to be a mom, you should know that sports can be a great ally. According to some studies, moderate exercise without excesses has great advantages for the fertility of women. We all know that one of the factors that most influences when it comes to getting pregnant are the stress and … Read more

How to find an Ob Gyn (Obstetrician-Gynecologist)


Having a good gynaecologist to guide and accompany us during pregnancy can greatly improve our experience. Conversely, having one that we don’t feel comfortable with can make those visits not as pleasant as we imagine. So it is very important to have a good gynaecologist. Either because you have not yet chosen one or you … Read more

The frog test, the pregnancy test of the past


Nowadays, if a woman wants to know if she is pregnant, all she has to do is go to a pharmacy and get a pregnancy test. However, in the past, things were not so simple and other methods were used, some as peculiar as the so-called frog test. Have you heard of the frog test … Read more