Practical and comfortable co-sleeping cribs to sleep with your baby

Babies need constant contact with their mom and dad. Being with them is a basic need for the newborn, and with great benefits for them . During the first months of life, when nighttime awakenings are so common, co-sleeping becomes an excellent solution for the whole family to rest .

The co – sleeping cots are comfortable and form, above all, safe to sleep with our children. Therefore, today we bring you a selection of cribs and cribs that you can place close to your bed and that will allow you to feel your baby at all times.

Baos co-sleeping crib
120 cm x 60 cm cradle, valid from birth to three years. The price includes a co-sleeping kit to be attached to the parents’ bed. It is a cradle adjustable in 10 heights, with folding side and reinforced beech wood base with very resistant sheets.

Shira co-sleeping crib

Cot valid from birth to three years. It has a co-sleeping kit to be attached to the double bed with up to 10 different heights. The side is easily removed for more comfortable baby care. Non-toxic paint and beech wood bed base.

Aloha co-sleeping crib

Cradle with three functions in one: valid from birth as a co-sleeping cradle, independent cradle when the baby is older and as a bed. As a co-sleeping cot, it is very practical and comfortable, as it can be adjusted up to 14 different heights, as well as folding down the side. The Aloha crib has dimensions of 60 cm x120 cm x 101cm. Includes mattress made of 240 gr Stretch fabric that stands out for its breathability.

Kinderkraft co-sleeping crib

Easy-to-assemble mini-cradle and coupling to different types of bed thanks to its long straps and its five heights. It has a stable reinforced steel frame, with additional protection against accidental folding. Includes mattress with a protective layer (90 x 52 cm), custom cotton sheet and transport bag. The mattress can be tilted slightly.

Ibaby Co-Sleeping Cradle 2020

The Ibaby co-sleeping minicot is compatible with all types of beds, allowing various height adjustment positions, as well as the possibility of reclining it to help the baby in case of nasal congestion or reflux .

It has two wheels with brakes and anti-slip feet, and has an anchoring system to the bed that is very comfortable and safe. Its measurements are 94 cm long x 56 cm wide and it is indicated until the baby reaches 10 kg, approximately.

Star Ibaby multiple positions

It is a white lacquered crib made of solid beech wood. It has four legs with wheels with brakes and removable side railing to be able to be attached to any type of bed.

Its measurements are 120 cm x 60 cm x 95 cm and it is sold with a viscoelastic mattress and fully removable and washable textiles. Inner protective cover in cotton and polyester, and outer cover combined with 500 gr stretch stretch fabric with treatment of bamboo oils and aloe vera.

Kinderkraft UNO crib

This crib has an anchoring system to the parents’ bed based on straps that is very simple and guarantees stability and safety. It has five height positions, allowing it to be attached to any type of bed.

The particularity of this crib is that it allows it to be folded and occupies very little space, so that it becomes a great solution for very small spaces or even to be used as a travel crib.

Chicco Next2Me co-sleeping minicot

It is a comfortable and practical crib valid until the baby reaches nine kilos, approximately. It is compatible in height adjustment with almost all beds (including those that have canopies or drawers), as it allows up to six different positions.

It is easily anchored to the parents’ bed and has an easily foldable side, even when the crib is anchored. It has four wheels with brakes and the possibility of reclining the mattress in up to two different positions.

Co-sleeping minicot Baby Sade Janè

It has telescopic legs that allow its height to be adjusted in up to six different positions, facilitating coupling to all types of beds. It has a side that is easily lowered and raised, so that it can also be used as a separate cradle.

It is a very light crib, with a reclining mattress and easy folding, so it is perfect to take on a trip. Sold with duvet, cover, bottom sheet and cushion.

Cotinfant co-sleeping cot

It is a white lacquered wooden crib with dimensions of 50 cm x 90 cm and three different possibilities of use: crib, mini crib and sofa. The side is easily removed without the need for tools, and adapts to any type of bed (sofa, tapiflex, side members …) by means of a belt fastening system with safety closure.

The crib has six different height positions, wheels with brakes and an anti-suffocation and breathable mattress. Its use is recommended up to 15 months, approximately.

Alondra co-sleeping minicot

This minicot allows the baby to sleep close to the parents’ bed during the first months of life. It is a crib made of scissor wood, lacquered in non-toxic varnishes and with full clothing: removable quilt with padding, pillow and anti-suffocation mattress.

It has plastic wheels with rubber bands to avoid scratching the parquet and easily move from one place to another.

Asalvo co-sleeping cot

It is a crib adjustable to five heights and with sides made of breathable textile, one of which can be easily raised and lowered, allowing it to be placed next to the parents’ crib and care for the baby in a comfortable way.

It has wheels and adjustable legs in three positions, 87 cm x 46 cm mattress and easy folding and transport in its transport bag. Sold with duvet, bottom sheet and cushion with cover.

Troll Co-Sleeping Cradle

It is a very comfortable crib with a practical and original design. The side barrier can be conveniently raised and lowered to facilitate the task of caring for your baby without having to remove it completely. It measures 90 cm x 40 cm.

Cozee co-sleeping cot

This crib has been specially designed to be used as a co-sleeping crib, although it can also be used as a standard minicot. It has a comfortable and practical design that allows it to be installed and folded in just a few seconds, and stored in the travel bag for easy transport.

It can be adjusted in height and can also be tilted. Its recommended use is up to six months. Includes removable and washable mattress and covers.

Co-sleeping cot Brevi Nanna Oh

Comfortable and simple cot that also functions as a rocking chair thanks to its tilting feet. It easily attaches to most beds using a textile strap system.

The side is folding and has a window with mesh fabric, very useful for the child to see around him and to contribute to proper ventilation. It is easily disassembled, being reduced to the maximum when it is folded and being able to be transported comfortably.

Cododo co-sleeping cot

Cradle made of beech and adjustable in 14 different heights, from the floor to the top of the bed base. Its side barrier can be folded into four positions, or it can be removed completely and placed as a practical lower shelf, without the need for tools.

When it is no longer used as a crib, it can be turned into a desk or a toy box on wheels.

Fillikid – Co-sleeping minicot

Co-sleeping mini-crib with easily manipulated side railing, which allows it to be converted into an independent crib with a single movement. It is five levels high, and adjusts to the parent’s bed with firm, easy-to-anchor straps, even on settees.

The crib is made of solid beech wood, lacquered in white, and supports up to 20 kg. It has wheels for easy transport.

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