Pregnancy calendar: from week 37 to week 40

Week by week and month by month , we have reached the last month of pregnancy on the pregnancy calendar . At this point, we are already talking about a full-term pregnancy because from week 37 the baby is ready to be born, although it is convenient to wait for the birth to be triggered spontaneously . Only 5% of babies are born on the estimated date of delivery, that is, the day of 40 weeks. The vast majority are deliberately born between weeks 37 and 40. At any time, when the child decides , the process that will trigger labor and delivery can begin.

There is nothing left to see your baby’s face, but watch out for anxiety. If you have already waited nine months, live the last weeks of your pregnancy with peace of mind in order to face the most important moment of giving birth with the best of attitudes.

As we have been doing throughout the entire pregnancy, let’s see how the baby grows week by week during this last month inside its mother’s womb.

Week 37 of pregnancy

In the 37th week of pregnancy (that is, 35 weeks from the moment of conception) the little one measures around 49 centimeters and his weight is around 3 kilos. It should be clarified that at this point the size of one baby with respect to another can have a great variation since each child has its own growth rate, both inside and outside the uterus.

The baby is fully developed, so in these last weeks he will be mainly concerned with gaining weight, and some do it with real impetus, increasing about 350 grams per week.

Surely, the baby is already ready to be born placed head down. In the last weeks the mother usually feels pressure on the pelvic bones, produced by the weight of the baby. Vaginal secretions are also more abundant, which indicates the proximity of delivery.

Lanugo, the fine layer of hair that covers your skin, is almost completely gone. Some babies are born with some hair, especially on the back, arms and legs, but as the weeks go by it falls out on its own.

Week 38 of pregnancy

At week 38 the estimated measurements of the baby are 50 centimeters and 3,200 kilos. Their little hands can already grasp, in fact they already do so with the umbilical cord that has been their toy inside the uterus.

The little one already has his head completely covered with hair. Some are born with an abundant mane while others are born with almost no hair. In any case, the hair color, as well as the eye color, is not yet final. The hair with which they are born tends to fall out during the first months of life, while the iris of their eyes, the part that gives them color, has not yet accumulated the definitive pigment.

Your intestines have started to produce meconium, the first stool that is normally passed by the baby after birth.

Its body is covered by an abundant yellowish substance called vernix caseosa that will make it easier for it to slide through the birth canal at birth.

It is very likely that the mother’s cervix dilation process has already begun, even without having had regular contractions. This is very common especially in non-primiparous mothers, that is, those who have already had a previous delivery.

Week 39 of pregnancy

At week 39 the baby measures 51 centimeters and 3,400 kilos. In the weekly check-up, the doctor will check the position of the baby. If it is in the breech position, the doctor may try to turn the baby through the external cephalic version , a maneuver that is performed to try to change the baby’s position to facilitate vaginal delivery. The truth is that few doctors perform it and in most cases it is assumed that a breech presentation is a safe cesarean section. However, vaginal delivery is also feasible.

Week 40 of pregnancy

At week 40 the baby measures 52 centimeters from head to toe and weighs about 3,400 kilos. You will notice that his movements have decreased due to the little space he has to move. Either way, keep doing it and if you notice that it doesn’t, you should see a doctor immediately.

The 280 days of your pregnancy calendar have already been completed . Your baby is ready to go out into the world, however some organs such as the brain will continue to develop creating millions of neural connections during the first years of life.

One of the typical concerns of pregnant women, especially in gilts, is knowing how to recognize the moment of delivery . There are several signs that indicate the approach of labor, such as feeling increasingly strong and regular contractions, the expulsion of the mucous plug, which is not necessarily a sign of imminent labor but indicates that the neck has begun to dilate. The delivery process can also begin with spontaneous bag rupture, but it does not happen in all cases.

The important thing is that you are attentive to the signals that your body and your baby give you and that you understand that the birth process is a physiological process for which women are perfectly programmed.

If it has not happened before, surely this week will come the much desired time to meet your baby. If you have not yet decided to be born, there is still two weeks left before it is born, since until week 42 it is considered a full-term baby. The doctor will perform frequent check-ups to monitor the baby’s condition until he decides to be born.

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