Pregnancy Due Date Calculation

The pregnancy test was positive: You are Pregnant! Do you want to know when your baby will be born? We present you our due date calculator. In it, you can enter the date of your last menstruation and calculate the probable date of the birth of your baby

How to Calculate Probable Due Date

You must remember that the probable date of delivery is calculated by adding 266 days to the day of conception, if this date is known, or adding 280 days (40 weeks) to the date of the start of your last period if the woman has a cycle regular 28 days.

The pregnancy is established to last 40 weeks, although, in reality, the gestation is 38 weeks. These two weeks apart correspond to the period of time from the date of your menstruation to the day of ovulation, which usually occurs 12-14 days after the period, and which is, in fact, when conception occurs. For those who do not remember the date of the last period or have a regular cycle, the due date can also be calculated from the ultrasounds.

If conception has not yet occurred and you are looking for a pregnancy, you can also use our probable due date calculator! To browse, to program your relationships, to know when your future baby could be born …

Problems with conception? In addition to scrupulously following your gynaecologist’s advice, you can try alternative techniques: would you link acupuncture and fertility, for example? It never hurts to know what you have at your disposal to promote conception!

In addition, Get a personalized calendar with the most important appointments and exams of your pregnancy, on the dates that correspond to you. Don’t wait any longer and calculate your due date!

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