Pregnant or fat?

One of the most funny moments for me about pregnant women is when they are a little over 3 months old and the belly begins to become evident. It makes me laugh because it’s a tummy and nothing else, big enough to look like you’re a little overweight and small enough that people don’t think you’re pregnant.

It is the precise moment when people look at the belly and do not know whether to speak or not to speak because they are afraid to screw up. It is what I call the pregnant or fat phenomenon .

I have been observing this phenomenon for months with my wife, because she is the pregnant woman with the least belly in the world. Well, I don’t know if she is the least, but I am the one with the least belly that I know.

With our first child, he gained 5.5 kg and the midwives threw him into a fury the day he went to give birth, as if he had been on a super-strict diet, when he put whole packets of cookies in one sitting (I can attest to that) . With the second he gained even less weight, since he did not reach 5 kg, however Aran was born at 34 weeks, so it is not a definitive figure.

Now 25 weeks pregnant, she has been complaining for months. At first she complained because she had a big belly and people would think she was fat . Now she complains because she has a small belly and people think she is fat .

The funniest thing is what I comment, the looks that go to her belly and the intention that is seen to want to ask: “Are you pregnant?”, Without daring to do it in case she answers: “No”.

And there are people who in the end ask, because there are people who seem not to care too much about screwing up (I have seen women asking women if they are pregnant and receive a no), but there are many people who do not and he is left with the doubt when he could be a little more subtle and say something like “hey, I see you prettier … you look more shiny … I don’t know, like the rounder face”.

If the girl is pregnant, she will surely confess, and if she is not, she will respond with an “ah, I don’t know”, and she will have gotten a compliment that, who knows, maybe even makes her day.

I don’t know if you remember your “pregnant or fat” stage, or if you remember it with special sympathy or with the same anger that it gives my wife, but if you want to talk about it, this is your moment.

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