Everything You Want to Know About Rainbow Kiss

No, it’s not exactly the latest trend in lip makeup…

Maybe the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the term “rainbow kiss” is a makeup trend, a passion for skittles or even some summer cocktail. But you will be surprised to know that, in reality, we are talking about something totally different: it is about a sexual practice somewhat controversial.

In a rainbow kiss, a man and a woman usually participate, although there are variations. The act itself includes the exchange of bodily fluids – specifically, menstrual blood and semen – between the two members of the couple.

Although the idea of mixing menstrual blood in sex is repulsive for some, but as that acts involving menstrual blood can bring people closer. “Playing with blood brings people together because of the trust it takes to engage in that act,” according to a sex therapist.

Although others decide to venture with the rainbow kiss simply because it gives them pleasure to try new things. “Certainly, different sexual experiences can be fun and exciting, which is why there are so many variations in sex,” says gynecologist.

It’s important to remember that exchanging bodily fluids carries certain health risks, so caution should be exercised if not done with a trusted partner. “The key is to be safe and smart in our choices.

Rainbow kiss: what exactly is it?

A rainbow kiss traditionally consists of two people giving and receiving oral sex simultaneously, while one of them is on her period. “The goal is to climax together and kiss afterwards, mixing one partner’s menstrual blood with the other’s semen (which each will have stored in their mouths) during the kiss. “The combination of blood and semen is what creates the rainbow kiss.

How is A Rainbow Kiss Performed?

To do this, both partners have to be receiving oral sex at the same time, so you can start with the 69 position. One of the two people would have to be menstruating at that time. When one of the partners goes down, she will end up with blood in her mouth, while the other will end up with semen in his after her partner ejaculates. Both members of the couple can then kiss, creating the rainbow kiss.

There are some variations of this type of kiss, as in the case that this type of oral sex does not involve a penis and a vagina. For example, if both partners have a vagina, they may both be on their period, or maybe one of them is and the other isn’t, “but it still releases vaginal secretions that can be used in kissing.

The rainbow kiss can also be performed if both members of the couple have a penis. “They can exchange semen from oral sex in the kiss afterward.

Why people do Rainbow Kiss?

Simply because there are sexual partners who enjoy it or are aroused by it. “Some people believe that blood has an attractive factor on a sexual level. It can be a fetish and also points out that it could serve to strengthen the bond of the relationship. “It’s a different act, but in both cases it can be a demonstration of trust.

Is it safe to practice the rainbow kiss?

As for the health risks associated with rainbow kissing, they’re similar to the infection-transmitting risks that come with any type of unprotected sex : HIV, hepatitis, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis and chlamydia. “All of these can be transmitted through bodily fluids during oral sex and can be increased by exposure to blood.

That’s why it’s important to do a rainbow kiss only with a trusted partner, or with someone who has recently been tested for STDs. “Both you and your sexual partner should be up-to-date on STD testing. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea to try it on someone new or someone you haven’t discussed such issues with yet. “Sometimes our gums bleed when we floss and this can leave entry points for STDs.”

It’s important to be open and transparent with your partner, whether it’s a temporary or long-term sexual relationship. “If doing a rainbow kiss after having these conversations makes sense, then go for it.”

As long as you and your partner agree and take the proper precautions, there should be no problem.

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