Seven calculators and applications to find out what eye color your baby will have

Many parents wonder what color their baby’s eyes will be. It is very difficult to know, because genetic inheritance is very capricious. But it is possible to know the probability that our child has blue, brown or green eyes thanks to tools like the ones we show you below.

Most babies are born with blue eyes (or a vague gray color) because newborns take time to produce the pigment melanin, the substance responsible for giving the iris its color. It is approximately between six months and a year when they begin to define themselves.

What color eyes will the baby have?

According to Mendel’s laws , a set of basic rules about genetic transmission from parent to child, eye color is determined by genes, with dark colors being dominant genes and light colors being recessive genes.

Eye color is defined by genetic inheritance and by the color of the baby’s skin. Light skin, with little melanin, is related to light eyes (blue, gray or green), while skin with a lot of melanin is related to dark eyes (brown or black). But it is not an immovable rule.

We leave you seven tools, two online calculators, a table and four mobile applications, which will allow you to find out the color of the baby’s eyes, or at least the chances that they will inherit one color or another.

Baby eye color calculator online

Eye Color Calculator – TheTech

Screenshot TheTech Eye Color Calculator

The Tech has created this online eye calculator that, although it is in English, is very intuitive and easy to use.

You have to enter this link that will guide you step by step. First, click “Click to Begin” to start the process. Where it says “Your mother” we put the eye color of our mother. In “Your father” that of our father. In “Mate’s mother”, the mother-in-law’s eye color and in “Mate’s father” the father-in-law’s eye color.

Then, in “You”, we put our eye color and in “Your mate” that of our partner. Then options appear to answer if we have siblings “Siblings” with blue eyes (we answer yes or no) and green eyes (yes or no) and the same questions in the case of our partner.

We press “Calculate” and we will have the result. In the drawings of the eyes we will see the probabilities according to the phenotype and in numbers, in proportions, we will see the probabilities based on the phenotype and the genotype, taking into account the data of the parents and siblings.


Screenshot Predict’Eyes

It is very simple and fast to use. You have to enter the Predict’Eyes link to calculate the eye color of your future baby.

You will find six characters that represent your parents, your in-laws, you and your partner and by clicking on each character the eye color of each one changes.

Once you have finished, the probabilities that the baby has one and another color of eyes will appear below. The limitation is that it is reduced to four colors: blue, undefined, brown and green.

Eye color table

In this table published on the Instagram profile of Babies and more , we can find out the probability that our children have eyes of one color or another based on the color of our eyes and that of our partner.

It allows to have a result with a simple quick glance, however it is not entirely reliable, since it is limited to the eye color of the parents and does not involve the grandparents. The order of the father and mother is indifferent. In this sense, babies take the genetic load of the father and mother at 50, and it does not matter who has what color eyes. The odds will be the same

Baby Eye Color Predictor

It allows you to enter the data of the parents and grandparents to find out the probabilities that the baby has of having a certain color of eyes (green, hazelnut or blue), as well as other traits such as the color of the hair or the shape of the chin.

Newborn Eye Color

The most remarkable thing compared to other applications of this type is that it includes seven shades of eye color and the results are more accurate if, in addition to that of the parents, the eye color data of the grandparents are added.

Eye Color Calculator

It is in English, but it is easy to use and gives a very easy to interpret result. You just have to choose the eye color of the parents and grandparents between brown, green and blue, and it gives us the chances that the baby will inherit a certain eye color.

What will my baby be like and eye color

With this application you can get an idea of what your baby will be like. What color will his eyes be, what color will his hair be, how tall will he be, how much will he weigh, and what color will his skin be.

You will have to enter the data of the parents such as height, eye color, hair color, etc… We must clarify that they are probabilities based on the data that we provide from the parents and it shows a possible result of the baby’s traits.

Baby Eye Color Calculator

It also predicts your baby’s eye color based on eye color data from parents and grandparents. In addition, it has a smart choice that corrects itself if the combination is wrong.

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