Sexy, Dirty Text Messages For Your Boyfriend

Are your hormones telling you to talk dirty and make him horny too? You know you want to and he is waiting for you to turn the mood on. But you do not know where to start from or what the sex chat rules are. We give 30 best, sexy and dirty text messages to send to your boyfriend and make him crave you like crazy!

You don’t want to miss this if you want to turn him on just through some playful texts. Dirty chats do go a long way to make your real encounters meaningful. Sexting helps your relationship stay solid even over a long distance.

Sexy And Dirty Text Messages For Your Boyfriend

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Sex chats are a mix of naughty, fun, dirty and even speak of kinks. Sexting is more like an art, you need to be creative and let your imaginations take a wild turn. All you need to do is bring your opening act with a bang and the rest will just follow.

Make sure to go with the flow and don’t interrupt it by talking about regular things. The whole idea is to bring out your sexy self and that is all that is going to take place when you go kinky sex chat with your boyfriend. The whole idea of talking dirty is to make your boyfriend get hard in his pants and make him long for you even when you are not around. He should also know, you don’t need a bed for seducing him, just sending sexy messages to him could be a great turn on.

Here are tips to seduce your boyfriend and drive him crazy.

Tantalising messages for your boyfriend

Chances are these would turn him on instantly and he would want more in messages and in real life too.

I’m not wearing any underwear. Seems like I lost them all!
I’m touching myself right now, at places you wouldn’t know
I feel like tearing my clothes off. Wanna help me?
My nipples are turning hard. Why would that be?
I masturbated thinking about you
I want you to touch me in my favourite spots
Want you to tear open your clothes
I am so wet and horny…. Why aren’t you here yet?
If only you were here to see me naked…
I am wearing your favourite lingerie

Dirty messages for your boyfriend

The touchy-feely dirty messages can make him crazy. If talking dirty while in bed works it works wonders on text too. Just try it out.

My legs are wide open. Care for it?
I want you to make me cum. Yes, make me cum
I want you inside of me, like right now
I want you to squeeze my boobs and bite my nipples.
I want you here with me, with not a piece of cloth coming in between
Your Shirtless body makes me want you all the more
I will let you do whatever you want. Literally
I will do whatever you tell me to. I promise. Just tell me what
I can still feel you body on me, your warmth on my skin.
I woke up in bed all wet. Must have dreamt about you

Extremely sexy messages for your boyfriend

These ultimate hot text messages are going to be the clincher. Chances are he would be turned on like crazy and the effect of these messages will be felt in your next session between the sheets.

I can’t resist it when you are inside me
Fuck me now
Even the thought of you makes me wet below the waist
I want you to kiss every part of my body, not missing an inch
Can you come to my place and unhook my black bra for me?
Can you guess the colour of my panties? Oh! I forgot I am not wearing one
I want to see how well you play your tongue between my gaps
I can’t wait to be together with you, naked.
I love the way you suck my nipples
I want to taste, touch and feel your skin on mine

Talking Dirty For The First Time?

Talking dirty is one of the finest acts of eroticism but often underused. Talking dirty for the first time can make you feel anxious, and it is natural. You never know how the other person is going to react! What may be dirty talk to you could be offensive for the other person and there is a constant fear of the other person thinking of you in not so good a light.

Sometimes, you may feel super awkward when your boyfriend starts talking dirty. You like the way he talks but are afraid that you will ruin the mood. Don’t worry, if you are new in the game, take this chance to up your game by sending him dirty text messages from here.

You might think that your asexual self will spoil the fun but the truth is that the art of talking dirty is no biggie. It is your subconscious mind that stops you from talking dirty because it thinks it to be awkward, wrong and weird. You fear being judged.

Talking dirty is far from weird or awkward. You just need to feel it from inside and convey your sexual self through texts. That’s how easy it is. A bit of imagination and indulgence is the recipe for talking sexy with a mix of dirty. Just bring out the best in you and your boyfriend will not be able to resist the distance and will moan for you. Dirty chatting is also great for a long-distance relationship.

Talking dirty is just a few texts and no lingerie away. Seducing him with dirty text messages is an easy play now that you have mastered the art of talking dirty. Remember, self-indulgence is the key and until you feel it yourself, you will not be able to make him stiff in his pants. Enjoy every bit of the guilty pleasures that talking dirty has to offer and seduce him till he is too hot to handle.

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