Seven signs that tell you to change gynecologist

The gynaecologist is a very important professional for the pregnant woman. He is neither more nor less the person to whom we entrust the monitoring of our pregnancy and the birth of our baby. It must be a doctor with whom the woman feels comfortable and safe.

I do not doubt that gynaecologists are very well prepared from a medical point of view, but there is another facet not less important that has to do with the emotional and with the feeling that the wishes of future parents are respected, which is not always cover. We will discuss seven signs that tell you that you should change gynaecologist.

Makes you wait too long

With the gynaecologist who took my pregnant women, I had to wait at least an hour, something that made me quite desperate. I understand that the care of pregnant women can be very unpredictable (if one goes into labour, she must dedicate herself to it), but waiting too long seems to me a lack of respect for the patient.

I do not think that waiting means that a doctor is good and therefore highly sought after. It is a matter of quality of care. So if your gynaecologist makes you wait more than two hours every time you have a consultation, it is time to think about a change.

Doesn’t remember your name

It is normal that he does not remember the names of all the women, he cares for many pregnant women, but unless we see that he makes the effort and that with the passing of the months he already remembers it.

Personalized and close treatment is a fundamental point in the care of the pregnant woman. If it makes you feel like you’re just a medical record number, I’d consider looking for a closer professional.

Doesn’t inform you properly

The pregnant woman does not deserve a treatment of waiting two hours in the waiting room and a 10-minute consultation (tension, weight, rapid ultrasound and outside). A good gynaecologist should inform and answer all the questions that may arise to the future parents.

If it tells you to look it up on the internet instead of explaining questions about your pregnancy, it’s a bad sign.

Doesn’t know the details of your pregnancy

Again the personalized treatment that we talked about before. Because we can forgive you for not remembering your name, but not for forgetting issues related to the development of your pregnancy, such as whether you are expecting a boy or a girl, or have had any problems in the previous pregnancy.

I was able to make you feel like he’s not involved enough, and even a little insecure. Maybe it is time to change.

They don’t have the same tuning

It is crucial that you feel comfortable with your gynaecologist, that you trust him (or her) and feel safe in his hands. It will accompany you for nine months to end with one of the most important days of your life, the birth of your baby.

You must feel that he respects your decisions and that they are in the same tune as to what you want for your delivery. If not, find a gynaecologist who understands your requests before delivery.

Doesn’t listen to you

The pregnant woman is not a container that carries a baby inside. If you feel like you are only doing what you are doing (monitoring the baby’s progress) and not listening to your doubts or minimizing your worries, it is also a bad sign.

Order unnecessary evidence

If it is already pregnancy time in itself, concern over medical tests can make the pregnant woman more anxious than normal.

Of course, many are necessary and routine, but if you think it orders numerous studies to be carried out without medical justification, talk to your gynaecologist about it or change your professional.

You don’t have to settle for the gynaecologist who touched you if you don’t feel comfortable with him (or her). Surely there is a professional out there with whom you will feel more secure and understood. Has it happened to you? Have you changed or are you considering changing your gynaecologist?

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